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This model is smiling but...

March 24, 2022 13:30 IST

You've seen the magic that happens on the ramp.

Now see what happens when the models are not under the arclights.

Please click on the images below for a better look at what happens backstage during the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week.

IMAGE: Life at fashion weeks is fast-paced. With back-to-back shows, it is easy to lose track of time.
All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week/Instagram


IMAGE: Lovely earrings and a beautiful profile. 


IMAGE: A closer look at an embroidered jacket from Rahul Mishra's collection, The Enchanted Garden


IMAGE: Flowers don't always bloom in a garden, as this outfit clearly shows.


IMAGE: Anjali Lama plays hide-and-seek with the camera.


IMAGE: Fashion weeks are not only about styles and trends for women.
There's a lot to inspire men as well. 


IMAGE: The fitting sessions are long, but the models wait patiently. 


IMAGE: Designer Gaurav Khanijo adjusts his design to ensure it fits well. 



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