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Fashionable or Funny? 9 crazy runway designs

October 18, 2016 13:36 IST
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These awfully bizarre designs made high-fashion look so ugly!

Thank you Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 for offering so many breathtaking fashion moments.

But amidst all these, there were times when we wondered what a few designers must have been thinking while designing particular pieces.

Here are nine creations that certainly looked 'unwearable' and hideous, may we add?


IMAGE: Can't believe that this is what designer Pawan Sachdeva came up with when he gave sportswear a makeover.
Wonder what was on his mind when he designed this shirt and shorts in mesh. Boys, what do you think?

All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI/Facebook

IMAGE: A bathrobe or a suit -- it's hard to decide.
Question to designer Pawan Sachdeva, why would someone wear chappals (sandals) with a suit?

IMAGE: Is this a new way of dressing nurses? This dotted midi by Urvashi Kaur over a pair of cotton pants and top looked utterly shabby. Don't miss the over-sized footwear.

 Alice Rosario

IMAGE: Unlike the other outfits from designer Rehane, this one just couldn't impress us much.
Those yellow pair of shorts with a lacy hem is neither trendy nor comfortable to step out in. Tell us if you disagree!

Smita Lasrado

IMAGE: Did designer Pallavi Mohan imagine a porcupine while designing this bomber jacket?
So not creative!

IMAGE: Don't want to be mean but this ill-fitted outfit by designer Amit Agarwal with quirky designs seemed suitable for the clowns in the circus. Agree?

Alice Rosario

IMAGE: Looked like this floral shirt was making a peek-a-boo from underneath a striped skirt. If only designer duo Hemant and Nandita had matched both the hemlines, the shirt dress would have caught attention for all the right reasons.

IMAGE: Okay then! The striped flared sleeve shirt over a fiery red embroidered slit skirt was indeed stunning. But that little crop top worn over the shirt definitely spoils the show. 

IMAGE: Glad to see how designer Sanchita worked with floral designs on men's garments.
But the question is, are Indian men really ready for an outfit like this?

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