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English Quiz: Complete these proverbs...

Last updated on: November 28, 2014 21:43 IST
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A quiz on English proverbs. Test your gyaan, folks!

Complete the proverb: An onion a day...

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Remember the time in school when you were pulled up for coming late for a competition and the teacher said: 'No use crying over spilt milk.'

Teachers would come up with proverbs at the drop of a hat, it seemed.

Check how many you got right in this quiz on English proverbs...

1. Complete the proverb: A friend to everybody...

1. Is an evil to somebody
2. Is a friend to nobody.
3. Is an enemy in disguise.

2. Complete the proverb: Never quarrel with...
1. The neighbour's dog
2. The one who can't speak
3. One's bread and butter.

3. Complete the proverb: A handsome shoe...
1. Is a priceless investment.
2. Often pinches the foot.
3. Will never feed you.

4. Complete the proverb: The longer you live...
1. The more you suffer.
2. The more you see.
3. The sooner you'd want to die.

5. Complete the proverb: An onion a day...
1. Keeps the mosquitoes away.
2. Keeps everyone away.
3. Keeps the germs at bay.

6. Complete the proverb: Be not a baker...
1. If your head be of butter.
2. If you cant stand the heat.
3. If you don't know how to knead

7. Complete the proverb: The nearer the bone...
1. The softer the meat
2. The sooner you'd want to finish it
3. The sweeter the meat.

8. Complete the proverb: Be swift to hear...
1. Fast to act
2. Smart to act.
3. Slow to speak

9. Complete the proverb: If you lie down with dogs...
1. You'll get up with fleas.
2. You'll become one too.
3. They'll teach you how to bark

10. Complete the proverb: A little knowledge...
1. Is better than nothing.
2. Adds to the confusion.
3. Is a dangerous thing.

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