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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » Dia, Kajal, Mini Celebrate Handlooms

Dia, Kajal, Mini Celebrate Handlooms

By Rediff Get Ahead
August 09, 2021 12:56 IST
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Take a look at how celebs celebrated National Handloom Day 2021.

Each of them had a special message for their followers on handloom and why we must all support Indian textiles.

IMAGE: Dia Mirza shared a pic of her dressed in a Raw Mango Varanasi silk brocade sari on her wedding day.
'There is so much to love, respect and treasure about our Indian handlooms,' she wrote.
'Have you ever witnessed our master craftsmen/women at work? It is easily one of the most spellbinding processes.
'The precision and fluidity with which those hands and feet move so perfectly synchronised with the rhythm of the loom creating poetry in motion.
'These craft forms are ours to celebrate everyday.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Dia Mirza/Instagram


IMAGE: According to Keerthy Suresh, 'Wearing the art of handloom is not just a responsibility, but also an honour.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Keerthy Suresh/Instagram


IMAGE: Kajal Agarwal Kitchlu shared this pic and wrote: 'To India belongs 95% of world's handwoven fabric.
'We have rich weaving traditions with a multitude of variety, styles and techniques used.
'We end up producing only 15% of handwoven fabric for consumption.'
'Are you wearing the right clothes?' she questioned. 'Make informed choices.'
'Buy more handloom products over fast-fashion and support our weavers. Let's help sustain our weaving traditions.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kajal A Kitchlu/Instagram


IMAGE: Looking gorgeous in a handloom sari, Prachee Shah Paandya has a message for all.
'A handloom can weave your identity,' she shares.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Prachee Shah Paandya/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Not a fan of celebrating hashtag days but #NationalHandloomDay is a must,' shared Mini Mathur who wowed in a white kurta and blue bottoms.
' To wear a locally sourced piece crafted by an Indian artisan who uses her magic fingers to sew on a button or embroider a flower is way more special to me than a Lycra dress or a crepe gown.
'I buy pieces I can keep, rewear without any fear of being caught by the 'again' brigade.
'Let's celebrate all artisans, keep them in business and not allow them to turn into building labourers due to lack of demand.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mini Mathur/Instagram

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