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Study abroad tips: How to win a scholarship

December 20, 2015 10:10 IST
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"There are several schools, including IVYs, which would give financial assistance to all eligible candidates based on their paying capacity (proven) is they secure admission. This can be full tuition, part tuition, or even full tuition plus living expenses

"Most schools have access to several funds and can offer, each year, 1000s of dollars to international students.

"Maximum one of my students from India received was 25,000$"

Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra shares advice on how to pick the right international education.

In an online chat with readers every Friday, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra offers advice on how to pick the right course and career abroad.

For those who missed the chat on December 18, here's the unedited transcript:

KShah: Hi my son is in class X. He wants to pursue undergraduate in Germany either in Mechanical or Aeronautical.

He is learning German language.How he should go about in next two years. Which exams he should give?

NNS Chandra: Learning German? Interesting. Your son seems to be determined.

What he needs to do now, most importantly, is to be a good student.

Enjoy high school at the same time.

Learning about technology is a good thing. Interning in industries is definitely going to help him.

Participating in international science and Math competitions and exams can help him.

narayan padmanabhan: Sir, my daughter will be completing her BE in BIO TECH in 2016.

What are the choices available for either Jobs or Further studies.

NNS Chandra: Opportunities are many in this new and exciting area. Mr Narayanan.

How is she doing in school? Is she ready with her Statement of Purpose. That is a good place to begin the discussion in what are the next steps.

nambiar mavila: Thanks yes sir, I have always given him the freedom to select. He is planning for his CAT exam. My suggestion was to try for GAIT, which he is bit reluctant. Kindly advise.

NNS Chandra: Sure. Please ask him to write to me with what he is thinking, I will reply in detail

ac ashok: What would you advice for automotive PG courses please?

NNS Chandra: Which university in Australia you are considering for your automotive PG Ashok? It is true, now Australia got some good back ground in the industry, it is wise to consider Australia.

Are you really interested in subject and its application and build a career around that? Did you try Europe? Germany got several top schools.

nambiar mavila: Sir, my son has passed out with distinction in Electronics and Telecommunications BE in India.

Selected through campus interview and working for medium sized company. What are the future options for him ?

NNS Chandra: Congratulations Nambiar. You should be proud of your son's achievements.

I would argue to trust him with his future. These days young men and women have their on opinion and ideas, right?

But please tell him to keep his focus on academics while working.

While enjoying his freedom and independence, let him spend sometime preparing for GRE, looking at different career options, clearing ToEFL. And so that way when times come to decide whether to do a global masters or MBA he would be ready.

AMITAVA SAMAIYA: My son is in class 12. He wants to study medicine from the UK. What is the procedure and cost of education in UK?

NNS Chandra: Amitava, I am sure you understand the admission cycle for most UK Med schools, for this year has already started.

Application process in simple, apply with your grades and SoP (it is a comprehensive application), take exams. Cost can be anywhere between 40 to 55 K USD. Per year. Total cost I meant, tuition, living, travel, etc

Swati Kundu: Hi what are the possibilities of getting scholarship at undergrad level in US? Is SAT subject must for this?

NNS Chandra: Coming back to core point in question my answer

There are several schools, including IVYs, which would give financial assistance to all eligible candidates based on their paying capacity (proven) is they secure admission. This can be full tuition, part tuition, or even full tuition plus living expenses

Most schools have access to several funds and can offer, each year, 1000s of dollars to international students.

This offer would come with offer. Maximum one of my students from India received was 25000 $. So to my answer is an yes.

But depends on your grades, GPA, standardised test scores.SO A good score in ACT/SAT AND SAT II is going to help you in getting closer to a good scholarship

How you are doing in GRE/GMAT ..this is very important

Your SOP, your essays, your application, what I meant is how you are arguing your case infront of ‘reputed B School” through your application, through your interviews etc etc.

deepak wagh: Dear Sir, My brother completed BE (IT) in current year. so lets plan for next upgrade study ?? what's you suggest right now..

NNS Chandra: I am not sure I got your question right, Deepak. Is that you are mentioning and asking about your brothers master studies?

deepak wagh: Dear Sir, my brother just completed B.E. (IT). so lets plan to go next master study..... what's you suggest about this ?? it will be in india or abroad

NNS Chandra: Oh alright Deepak. Now question seems to be more clear.

Your brother have several options to pursue in India. Good schools, great programmes.

Did he write entrance exams or pushed in any applications in India? Looking at international options, there are opportunities in Europe, North America...etc

Please ask your brother to send me his grades (GPA for his engg program), statement of purpose, and start working for GRE if he has not done that already. I can give him specific directions based on data.

dinesh agarwal: Dear Sir, my daughter would be competing her 12th Science CBSE in March 2016.

She is interested to pursue BBA course in Germany or UK. Please guide on possible options and requisites for securing admission in a good university. Thank you.

NNS Chandra: Studying BBA abroad is a good idea, Dinesh. Germany is booming these days. Lots of academic opportunities. Same cannot be told of England, yet some amazing institutes.

The starting point of securing an admission is of-course good grades. And then in Europe SOP matters a lot. Where is she with her scores, grades? Started on application? SOP?

UmaSankar Mohanta: Dear Sir, My son will be appearing 10th ICSE in Feb'2016. He wants do Engineering in Mechanical/ Aeronautics in abroad. Please guide.Uma Sankar, Bangalore.

NNS Chandra: Wonderful Uma Sankar. Really appreciate his interest in aeronautics. Now is the time he must start preparing for university.

Building leadership as a habit, engage in community and challenging himself intellectually.

At this stage what a driven student would do is appear for international competitions like AMC, SIN. Please ask him to email me; I can help him to enrol in several programmes.

ravindra budhkar: Dear Sir, my son has done B.E. in IT (2012) & PG in Advance Software (2013) and wanted to go for MS in Management Data Science.

He has also GRE and TOFEL in 2012. Please guide whether to pursue in India or abroad. What are the better options in Universities abroad.

NNS Chandra: What is this PG degree you are mentioning, Ravindra? From which University?

Can I know what his GRE score is, please?

There are lots of options, globally, from Techs Tech to Imperial for masters in data science.

Please email the academic achievement so far, gpa and gre scores so that we can make masters decisions based on data

Santosh Menon: How would you rate the South Dakota school of mi Es and technology for undergraduate engineering?

NNS Chandra: SDSMT is a specialist school focusing more on a specific trade. This is not a typical liberal arts school, but more focused school.

The school has been quite successful in the past to maintain the record of high salary and carer opportunities for its grads.

Are you applying from India or from USA, Santhosh? Are you planning to stay back in USA after finishing school?

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