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How to prepare for your university interview

By Coutesy
May 24, 2015 09:00 IST
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Your body language and confidence will help you sail through your upcoming university interview.

How to prepare for your university interviewYou are a bundle of nerves as the day of your university interview draws near.

The fact that you have managed to come so far is a testament of your potential.

If you want to perform brilliantly on your D-day, it’s important for you to understand the expectations of interviewing committee early on.

Here a few tips which will help you put your best foot forward:

1. Interview is not an interrogation session

The university interview is a golden chance for an applicant to stand out from the rest and impress the committee of his/her candidature.

Do not perceive this interview to be an interrogation session where the interviewer is asking you grilling questions and you are submissively replying to them.

It should be a two-way engaging and meaningful conversation.

The committee is not just interested in hearing the right answer but wants see if the applicant is bright and quick-witted.

2. Come across as well-prepared

Know the programme that you intend to pursue well and be clear of your motivation behind joining a particular programme.

Try and bring out your passion for the course and support your answer with correct information.

Keep yourself abreast with latest happenings in the field.

When pitted against any question regarding your career plans, make sure that you have a well-laid out persuasive career plan in place.

If you don’t have your facts together, you will be bowled over by set of unanticipated questions.

3. Remember your SOP

There should be no disconnect between what you pitched to the committee through your essays and what you say now.

Also be prepared to answer any question concerning your academics, projects, internship and work experience.

4. Be sure of yourself

Confidence will go a long way in ascertaining your success in the interview.

During the interview process, you may come across some unusual questions which are designed to check your thinking abilities.

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions but make sure that you answer them with prudence and composure.

5. Don’t be overconfident

Being confident is one thing and being overconfident is quite another.

Over-confidence leads to negligence.

Flaunting your academic achievements and professional milestones will not guarantee you an admit.

Genuineness and humility always works in your favour so let your accomplishments talk for themselves.

6. Overall preparedness

Body language is more important than you may think.

Neat appearance, trimmed haircut, fitting attire and a positive attitude is all you need to add to your body language.

Try to keep a pleasant tone, audible but not loud.

The tone of your voice can make you sound confident, mature, honest, spirited and prudent.

Make sure your speech is clear, and your responses are succinct and to the point.

7. Ask questions

Asking questions shows that you are proactive, genuinely interested and enthusiastic about the programme.

Asking questions are encouraged in the interview, but do not ask illogical questions.

Seek information which are not readily available on university websites or related blogs.

You might also want to ask questions on the ways to better equip yourself for programme.

8. Mock interview sessions

Take a couple of mock interviews with your counsellors or seniors from the same college.

By working on the feedback received from them, you will become more relaxed and well-armed for facing the real interview.

While you should try and rehearse before the interview, make sure that your answers are not mugged up.

Facing university interview can be a little intimidating but a detailed understanding of the process, coupled with good preparation will help you stand in good stead.

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