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'How to pick a good international university?'

September 12, 2015 11:23 IST
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"Leaning on to established ranking process can give a person a direction while searching for a university, but do not completely depend on ranking but on your research."

"Cost of a good programme in different Universities would remain more or less the same.

"But if you are doing your programme in a less expensive city or a location your living cost could be lesser."

Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra offers advice on how to pick the right course and college.

'How to pick a good international university'In an online chat with readers every Friday, international education consultant NNS Chandra addresses queries and offers advice on college admission, eligibility criteria, related entrance exams and more.

For those who missed the chat on September 11, here's the unedited transcript:

pallavi sharma: What is better - Certification Courses in Marketing from Stern University or Part Time MBA in marketing from Stern.

I already have 10 years of work ex in Marketing and I am an engineer and MBA.Please share the approx cost for both.

NNS Chandra: Advanced Professional Certification courses in Stern has the same course content that of an MBA. A Stren MBA is gerat to have.

Cost for both should be between 2000 and 2500 $ per credit. I am positive 3 credits make one course in Stren that means 6000 around for a course.

Ramesh Channan: What the criteria for PG course and any placements will provide and above all which university we prefer whether they recognised by world wide and govt of india- Rohan

NNS Chandra: Can you rephrase your question please, Ramesh.

Are you looking for a list of university which is recognised in India and abroad.

Manian: I am an Indian and have done my graduation in NUS with a good academic records and had scored 329 in GRE.

Planning to pursue MS in computer science in one of the best colleges in US, I have worked in MNC bank for three years in IT.

I have participated in competition and won awards and recongnition. What are the chances are getting into a Ivy league colleges with scholarship

NNS Chandra: Wow. Excellent Manian. It seems you have all what it takes to be in a top university.

What kind of competitions/awards are you referring to -Have you got your SOP together

ShuBham Verma: Hello, I am presently in Cl 12 Sci in Don Bosco Liluah.

I don't want to do engineering but at the same time I love computer and want to do something with it.

What options do I have for future studies in India and abroad?

Also, how is BSc MSc from Xaviers kolkata in computer science for future prospects and high package job? Thanking you, Subham Verma.

NNS Chandra: Liluah - interesting. Never been there, heard a lot about it. Verma - do what you love to do. Enjoy what you do. You should be fine.

What do you mean by I love computers - Are you gamer, developer. Do you write programmes?

You have a several options for driven computer enthusiast. I will be more specific once I have additional info on you.

Try competitions. Email me I will guide you to competitions.

Namrata: Hi. I want to do PhD in law in u.s or u.k. want to know the procedure of admission how to choose a scholarship duration of course etc

NNS Chandra: Namrata, successfully completing your research and defending your thesis and achieving your PhD would take on an average 4 years in North America.

Doctoral candidates are generally paid. But one can always apply for additional funding.

balaji: Hi. My daughter is trying to go for next fall to US for MS probably in universities located in West coast area. Her scoring is GPA 9 PLUS & GRE 320.

To what extent the aid is permissible as per US standards. Is the aid restricted to just first sem or it continues based on her performance.

NNS Chandra: Her grades are good enough. Graduate students (international students) - it is challenging to secure aid in US Schools. There are no rules or guide lines.

If she has done some significant things or have significant achievements that is a possibility. All fundings are based on firm condition of performing.

Vinu Murthy: I have heard that some universities also interview candidates for admission? How can I prepare for the process. I intend to apply for a PG course in Fall 2017. Need your help

NNS Chandra: True. Many universities are moving in for interview as a selection criteria.

With advent of new technology and delivery systems even video interviews are becoming common.

There are several books and online content available on the subject. Please email me if you need any specific help.

Aprosh Aarsiwala: How to pick a good international university? What factors should one consider. Pls advice

NNS Chandra: Great question Aprosh. I will always start my search for an university with the program/course content which I am look at.

Then I will look for academic rigor in there. And of course cost, location, country etc come.

Leaning on to established ranking process can give a person a direction while searching for a university, but do not completely depend on ranking but on your research.

davinder singh: Sir, my son has opted for Architecture. Can you please guide about job prospects in comparison to B. Arch. vs B. Tech in computers globally?

Can he go for higher education abroad later ? Which tests he has to appear to get admission and good scholarships? Thanks.

NNS Chandra: In my opinion, Mr Davinder, it might be a good idea to let him choose what he wants to do.

Do not worry too much of job prospects now, even though I can relate to your worry as a dad myself.

I assure you that if you are good and successfully complete any of those course your son should be fine. And it is rarely an apple to apple comparison to look at BArch and BTech from same lens.

dinesh: Can you pls suggest some low cost options to study MBA in US and Canada?

NNS Chandra: Generally cost of a good program in different Universities would remain more or less the same, Dinesh. But if you are doing your programme in a less expensive city or a location your living cost could be lesser.

Some schools might offer funding and that can bring down your cost. If you email me the details and your back ground I might be able to be more specific.

Amit srivastav: I am planning to learn a foreign language. But I am confused -- Spanish, German or French -- which would you recommend?

NNS Chandra: If you ask me, Amit, I would say Spanish for sure. It is a growing language in numbers. In America Spanish is becoming a popular language.

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