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'Dream More. Learn More. Do More'

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: March 08, 2022 11:32 IST
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Ahead of International Women's Day, we asked women across different professions to share their career learnings and life advice for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

Radhika IyerRadhika Iyer, yogini, mountaineer and philanthropist, founder, Raa Foundation and Anahata Organics

Hey woman, you can begin now.

No matter where you come from, you are meant to create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

Hey woman, surge through the biases and emerge like a phoenix, leading, illuminating and showing the way!


Jennifer MulchandaniJennifer Mulchandani, content creator, branding consultant and millennial mom

It's easy to fail.

It's never easy to put on those big girl pants, tie your hair in a bun and pick yourself up once you fall only to try harder, smarter and with more vigour the next time around.

For us women, it's always going to be harder.

But that only makes success taste sweeter.


Soha ParekhSoha Parekh, founder, WorkLoft

Coordinating and connecting with people along with improving on your interpersonal skills really helps improve your professional life.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that teamwork and transparency is very important.

We should try to think about getting everyone together so that all employees progress and grow in the right direction.


Anita GolaniAnita Golani, founder, iORA

An entrepreneur's journey is like sitting on a roller coaster ride. It has its highs and lows.

Some decisions can change the trajectory of your company, so you're either on the right path or you need to pivot.

It's important to understand this fact and not get disheartened and take failures personally.

There are no failures in business, there are only learnings.

My motto has always been: Do not take permanent decisions based on temporary setbacks.


Anubha JhawarAnubha Jhawar, sommelier and tea blender, founder, CelesTe

Have a never say never attitude; ensure to be heard.

Focus on positives and surround yourself with motivating people.

Never compromise and be a team player and carry the people who supported you together to your path to success.


Akshita GandhiAkshita Gandhi, artist and philanthropist

Courage and conviction is nobody's monopoly.

Yes, women don't always have it easy and yes we are fighting a century-old patriarchal system, but remember you always have a choice.

If you choose to put on your horse blinders, choose to remain solution and growth oriented and keep standing up.

Irrespective of how many times you fall and do it better every time, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Remember, complacency is a disease and if your dreams make you spring out of bed every morning, choose them.

Every single day, mediocrity and balance can be over-rated.


Dr Khushboo ThakkerDr Khushboo Thakker Garodia, homeopath, trichologist, nutrition and stress management expert

Own your career, create your personal definition of success and do not under-estimate the power you have.

Nobody cares about your career and success as much as you do, so focus on what is success according to you and work towards it.

Your definition of success may be different from others and that's alright.

You may face challenges, delays, setbacks, but always keep your eyes on the final goal.

Remember you are more powerful than you think, so exercise that power -- it is a part of being a leader.


Dr Vanshika GuptaDr Vanshika Gupta Adukia, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation specialist, founder, Therhappy

I truly believe I can only lead by example. No work or designation is too big or too small.

If you are leading a team, you should be beyond capable to perform the very skills you demand of your team to the best of your capacity.

Highs and lows are part of every career graph. In order to see a trough of success, one has to go through the failures as well.

Change is the only constant, so always be prepared to learn new skills, unlearn ideas that may become outdated with time and be open to criticism. It's the best way to keep you on your feet.

There's always scope for improvement.


Rashmi ParekhRashmi Parekh, poet and author

Leading change doesn't make her antagonistic,
Being self-assured doesn't make her narcissistic.
If a strong personality is the mark of a leader,
It should never matter what the gender.

Don't weigh her down with antiquated expectation,
Her desire to succeed isn't a transgression.
Her ambition and compassion working hand in hand,
Can command legions and can lead lands.

The world needs to open its eyes and see,
Oppressing women leads to a regressive society.
Daughters must be given opportunities to soar,
Treat all genders equally. No less, no more.

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