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10 traits every hiring manager wants in a new hire

May 03, 2016 09:14 IST
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A prospective employer wants to know what special skills you could bring to the organisation, says Dinesh Goel, co-founder and CEO, Aasaanjobs.

Traits every manager wants in you

The job hunting process in India is constantly undergoing a change with needs of employers getting more competitive and wider by the day.

Several institutes are tying up with corporate organisations to acclimatize their students to real world learning.

If you are preparing to sign up for the campus placement session this year, you need to think like an employer and understand whether you have the skills they are looking for in you.

And if it is a question of your dream job, these tips will put you on top of the game.

1. Quick learners

What every organisation's human resource team looks for, is a prospective employee's propensity for quick learning.

Quick learners usually have precedence over their competition owing to their ability to learn swiftly and developing expertise in various aspects of the job profile.

This quality often provides an individual to boost their efficiency and in the process, minimise the duration of any training involved, which an organisation may have provisioned for them.

2. Interpersonal and communication skills

Being able to communicate in a way that is comprehensible by any person(s) in an enterprise is extremely crucial, since it can make or mar probable business pursuits or acquisitions.

3. Ability to take ownership

Do you take initiative? Are you accountable for the work you do?

Completing a task to the best of one's abilities and effort, and taking responsibility for the same demonstrates ambition and higher degree of competence in an employee.

4. 'Never say never' attitude

Employers want to know if you are willing to take responsibility beyond your job profile.

A prospective employee should not limit him/herself to just his/her designation and responsibilities that come with it.

S/he should be motivated to take risks and challenge his/her creativity & dynamism by undertaking projects outside his/her comfort zone.

5. Problem solving skills

Can you finding creative solutions for complex issues?

Aspiring candidates should possess the ability to develop innovative solutions for any kind of barriers or administrative issues.

Effective management of difficult situations can facilitate efficiency at the workplace and in the process, restore the organisation's faith and dependability on such employees.

6. Sincere, hardworking and perseverant

These are key attributes of a potential employee.

An individual should be absolutely honest towards their work to acquire greater benefits.

Being tenacious helps them in eventually reaping the fruits of their labour, garnering appreciation for their work and earning respect for their work ethics.

7. Team player

Being an integral part of a team is crucial in furthering both personal and professional growth of an employee.

Exchanging inputs with co-workers on any project can improve communication and understanding between each other, which in turn, creates a positive impact on everyone involved.

8. Personal credibility and integrity

Organisations look for employees with strong principles who are honest about themselves and their work.

They seek out employees on whom they can put their trust in, i.e. the one's who can accomplish tasks without compromising the company's standards.

9. Likeability factor

Having a pleasing personality and friendly nature can help an individual gain trust and improve their communication with their co-workers and colleagues from other departments as well.

Being a team player helps. If you have achieved something that displays your skills as a team player, it can help you score in the interview.

10. Ability to multitask

If you can efficiently handle more than one tasks at a time, it shows that you can manage time really well and maximise productivity.

With advancements in every professional sector, the demand for skilled personnel is on the rise to simultaneously further organisational growth as well as the economic development of the country.

Brush up your knowledge of basic concepts, polish your people skills and present a positive profile to your future employer.

Lead image used for representational purposes only. Image: Western Connecticut State University Peggy Stewart/Creative Commons

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