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Can you do this JIGSAW puzzle?

April 09, 2020 11:09 IST
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Can you put the Colosseum together?

Are you one of the those travel bugs?

You know, the kind who passionately makes travel plans and saves every penny to see India and the world?

Even your computer screen saver and phone wallpaper are amazing photos from your favourite travel destination.

The lockdown, though necessary, must prove particularly challenging for your free spirit.

Or you may just the kind who likes solving jigsaw puzzles.

So here's a quick tour of the Colosseum -- the ancient amphitheatre in the centre of Rome -- in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Chait Goli/

How to play

If you are on a desktop, all you need to do is click on a puzzle piece and drag to the correct square.

If you are trying to solve the puzzles on your mobile phone or tablet, please press on a puzzle piece and drag it to the correct square.

Remember, if you are on the wrong square, the piece won't stick; it will go back to its original spot.

If you need help, just use the Show Hint button below the tiles. When you click it, it reveals the image.

To continue playing, please click the Hide Hint button.

Go on, try this jigsaw puzzle.

Have fun and remember... stay indoors, stay safe.


Created by Ashish Narsale/

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