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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » Can you trust your co-worker based on his/her star signs?

Can you trust your co-worker based on his/her star signs?

Last updated on: February 09, 2017 09:31 IST
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Management guru Virender Kapoor's latest book delves deeper into the career capabilities of people based on their star signs. Have you read the book yet?

Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/

The star sign you are born under gifts you with special talents and traits that are unique to you.

But with the strong merits, also come weaknesses, that, if not managed well, may get the better of you.

Virender Kapoor's latest book 12 Abilities of Extraordinary People lists the traits that are essential for career success and analyses them based on your star signs.

Besides educating you on the merits of your star sign, the book aims to guide you to work on your weak areas.

We bring you an excerpt from the book on the importance of integrity and what it means for different star signs.


I am very honest and can seldom tell a lie. If someone accuses me of dishonesty, then I am often left aghast that how can someone mistrust me.

Money is not my first priority, instead if given an option I will always opt for fame which is dearer to me. People close to me know that they can rely on me any time and I will always be ready to help them in any way I can.

Take Care:

  • You are very open and frank. This makes you a likeable person among all.
  • Since you always are truthful, people find you to be quite trustworthy and dependable.
  • Sometimes when you borrow money or something from someone, you are not too prompt to return it. This may not be because of cunningness but it is due to your child-like nature or lack of responsibility. Take care of this particular thing because this can land you in trouble at times. People may think you are not a reliable person just because of this reason.


In their work, Taureans are industrious and good craftspeople. They are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious within a set framework of obedience to their superiors. They are at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility, where there is little need of urgency and even less risk of any sudden change.

Taureans come with a dependable strength that can move mountains.

As a Taurean, I feel I am very capable in handling emergencies, where I have an instinctive understanding of what to do and how to do, but under normal circumstances, no one can force me into anything without giving me due time for thought and consideration. I can assure people with prompt help in the times of need.

Take Care

  • You are very reliable and dependable. People, therefore can easily bank on you.
  • Sometimes, you are a little slow in reacting to situations. You should work on this to enhance your strength.


You are basically an honest person, who is quick witted, articulate each situation with a lively and active attitude. You are capable of 'multitasking' and can handle jobs that require a person to juggle with a number of tasks at the same time. In fact, this often excites you and keep you on your toes which you enjoy. You, therefore are an excellent manager material in today's competitive world where there is much more to do than people can usually handle.

Coupled with the quality of multitasking, you also have a very good wit, enough intellect and often a restless mind that keeps you always on the go. You are a true thinker and can become very innovative in all the tasks that you undertake. Since you have a friendly nature, versatile outlook and are pretty clever with your actions, you are a highly dependable person under all circumstances.

Take Care

  • You are a highly moody person. If you can keep your mood under check, you can be an asset for any organisation.
  • You have the ability to solve riddles because you can look at both sides of the coin. This makes you a very worthy and sought after person. Your managerial skills also act in your favour.


Dependability is core to my nature, and I have it in ample quantity. I am dependable under the most trying circumstances too. I could be trusted to be steady and reliable under any given situation, under almost all circumstances. I do not falter in my steps and approach.

My integrity towards the cause that I undertake is unshakeable. I give my heart to yield the results when I take up a work. My friends can rely on me through tough times. But no one should try to take advantage of my generosity and dependability.

Take Care:

  • Money and top position are the hidden motives beside your dedicated concern towards the task.
  • You are protective towards others and make a nest where ever you go.
  • You are patriotic, homely and sometimes clannish in your approach.


I am very dependable and trustworthy. If a task is given to me, I will execute it properly and to the best of my ability.

My friends can always depend on me for livening up their day. I am very responsible and therefore people do trust me with work.

People around me can depend on me for their work without me asking them for anything in return. I am always ready to help those I know in whatever way I can.

Take Care

  • You must be careful that people don't take advantage of this helpful nature of yours.
  • You are sensitive to personal criticism and this may upset you to the extent that you may leave a job half way through. You must guard against this as it may leave a negative impact on your character.


Virgos are always happy to lend a helping hand. Forever helpful, a Virgo friend will give you a hand whenever you need it and often even when you don't need it.

Home and family weigh heavily on me, and I may give up any opportunities to respect these obligations. Family is both a bond and a burden for me. Often, there is a lack of closeness and warmth between family members. Positive feelings between me and my parents can be a cause for concern sometimes. I may love them very much, but it's difficult for me to show or express my feelings towards them.

I am dependable because my approach is always based on common sense and a realistic and analytical assessment of the entire problem.

I am generous and very solicitous about other people's affairs. I guard the secrets of my friends with equal fidelity. I am affectionate and devoted to the family. As a friend, I am always loyal and dependable.

I am willing to plan, organise and help you whenever you need it, without fail. I am extremely caring, going to great lengths to do nice things for others. I tend to show people I care by doing concrete things, like cooking dinner, rather than using hollow words.

Helping others makes me feel good and I am likely to seek a career in some field of service for the same reason. I have a nurturing attitude toward my family and towards those I consider under my very broad protective 'wing'.

My great tolerance and understanding helps me to succeed in many of my endeavours related to people. In handling personnel affairs, I am bound to succeed for I love to help others in whatever way I can do it.

Take care:

  • Your faults lie in your domineering tendencies, interference with other people's affairs, and the freedom with which you criticise the faults and shortcomings of others.
  • You can maintain a cool head even in a situation involving crisis. This is a plus point.


Anyone who is my friend can definitely depend upon me. I am always a good friend and I do not mind going out of the way to help my friends.

This is the quality that I am often praised for. It is not only about helping friends, but I like to make everyone around me happy—so I will always take that extra step to ensure that everything is fine in my family and my office.

My integrity, however, can be questioned under strain and pressure as I can end up doing something that can be often termed wrong on moral grounds. Generally, people know that I am pure at heart, so they stand beside me even if something goes wrong at times.

Take Care:

  • Since you are not dishonest as such and can be relied upon, you must make efforts to project the fact that you are a dependable person.
  • You are a friend that people can bank on you. This is your strong point.


Scorpios keep their cool and their equilibrium on the surface. Below the surface may be another story, and they are unlikely to easily let you in.

They maintain their integrity at very critical times with no sign of fear evident on their face. Scorpios are widely known for their intensity. They are determined folks who absolutely throw themselves into whatever they do -- but getting them to commitment on something is rarely an easy task.

They are very dependable if they take any task or involve themselves in any work. They put everything into the work that they commit to.

They, themselves often have a strong fear of betrayal. They seek out commitment from others, and feel the need for such a partner who is willing to give up something or the other for them. However, once committed, they can be the most loyal and protective partners around.

These expectations from others, many-a-times make a Scorpio become less focussed on the target and their energies are therefore wasted in pondering on 'what will I get in return'.

Above all, the Scorpio represents the Phoenix -- that ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes of youth that fire that never dies but merely rises above and continues to change into something else. Their sensitivity, together with a propensity for extreme likes and dislikes, make them easily hurt, quick to detect insult or cause injury to themselves (often when none is intended) and easily aroused to ferocious anger. So, they are dependable only if you are extremely loyal to them.

Take care:

  • You are a very loyal friend and a co-worker, you can even give your life for a friend. Highly dependable, you would be the first one to drag your buddy to safety, even braving bullets in a battle field.
  • You never forget anyone's kindness. But you can be quite revengeful if someone hurts you or even tries that.
  • You even go on to the extent of planning a revenge. You must guard against this as vengeance is not advisable.


At work, if I am not allowed to make choices about how I will do my work, I won't be able to give my best. I rely very much on myself and my opinions, and if my employers give me a free hand, I'll do a great work. By nature, I am a rebel against the society as well as authority.

But I can be relied upon as far as doing my task is concerned. I want a lot of interaction with my family, my friends, and my relatives, but will never want to be dependent on them for any of my work. I would definitely like to take their suggestions though.

Overall, I see life as a challenge, but also as a grand adventure in which I must play my part fearlessly. Nothing much will hold me back, and even when the odd adversity arises, I will see it as part of my learning curve and accept it with a smile. I suggest myself to take suggestions from others also, which I usually do and try to implement them if they are beneficial and suitable to me.

I am adventurous and love taking exciting assignments that often involve risks. I can be relied upon in performing jobs which have a fear factor or a risk factor embedded in them.

Take Care:

  • You will never run away from a fight and this is your greatest asset.
  • When in difficult situation, you try to manage things on your own and seldom ask for help from others. Therefore, organisations can depend on you to perform on your own.
  • You are good natured, happy go lucky and therefore can fit well into any organisation.
  • Since you are optimistic and refuse to take life too seriously, people sometimes may think that you are casual about your work. You must guard against this because you are not 'casual' in that sense.


Capricorns are reliable workers in almost any profession that they undertake. They are reliable, trustworthy, and independent and utilise their calm and reserved nature to accomplish great things in life. But most of the Capricorns suffer from sudden mood-swings which make many people question their dependability.

I am the major finisher of most projects started by others and I quickly become the backbone of any company that I work for. I have a great respect for authority but when I reach to high ranks, I may not be willing to listen to other's opinions on things that I am directly responsible for.

I expect my underlings to be as self-disciplined as I myself am, and to perform every task undertaken to the highest standard because I appreciate quality work. Essentially, I feel I can depend only on myself and no one else. This remoteness of spirit is often misunderstood by others; it has been described as cold passion by many.

Take Care:

  • You are very dependable because of your sense of responsibility and a drive for achievement. This is your strong point.
  • Sometimes, you expect too much from your subordinates and don't trust their abilities to do the task that you have assigned them. This needs to be improved upon as trust is important while working
  • with a team.
  • You become the most reliable person in any organisation, who would invariably deliver the required results. This is a great plus point.
  • Your superiors always find you to be a useful person and would often readily make you the leader of a project in action. You are as good as indispensable for any organisation that you work for.


As an Aquarian, I am very patriotic and dedicated. This trait of mine brings a sense of maturity and responsibility in me. I am always comfortable in working in a team.

Thus, I am reliable, genuine, righteous, sincere and trustworthy in my conduct. But at times, people take an advantage of my good nature. Thus, I should think twice before anyone approaches me, and try to properly evaluate the person who is approaching me and find out his motive for the same. I am very honest, industrious and progressive. If I am convinced about something, I can give everything for that cause.

I am very supportive, especially for the right things, deeds and missions. I may be rebellious, outspoken and also rude sometimes, but I am always prepared to listen and accommodate other people's point of view if and when required. I will always go out of my way to help people and can be relied upon. I care deeply for my friends.

If Aquarians find someone worthy of their friendship or love, then they can be that best friend who is always ready to sacrifice everything.

Aquarian sun sign is therefore, true blue and loyal.

Take Care:

  • Since you are outspoken and sometimes unpredictable, your superiors may take it in a negative sense.
  • Sometime, you become idealistic which may go against the interest of the organisation.
  • You can work best in groups, so look for such opportunities where team work is involved.
  • You may express lack of integrity in broken promises or being secretive at times.


Pisceans have integrity as one of their major characteristics. True Pisceans can easily claim that they always value integrity, no matter what the circumstances are. I have the virtues like honesty and impartiality to add to my list of traits. Integrity is one of those qualities which all of us treasure.

For me, honesty is a way of life. I am a person who expects other people to have integrity and honesty—the lack of which in others, at times, disillusions me.

I am known as a person of integrity and I take pride in this as it's an important requirement of Pisceans who want to be liked and respected by all.

As a Piscean, I value these old fashioned virtues a lot as these are becoming fairly extinct today.

Take Care:

  • You always feel that the world is a good place to live in and everybody here is good and honest.
  • You aren't much bothered about rank, power, leadership or even money. This means you are not greedy -- usually integrity falters because of greed.

Excerpted and published from 12 Abilities of Extraordinary People with the kind permission of Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt Ltd.

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