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The Harley Davidson Fiasco :-) :) :)

By Juie Merchant
January 18, 2015 17:20 IST
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Can you imagine having the privilege to own a Harley Davidson Street 750 and Harley Davidson Superlow and not knowing how to ride it? Weird right?

Harley Davidson Street 750 and Harley Davidson Superlow

Well, you can laugh your hearts out because that's exactly what happened with the Gujarat cops! In an attempt to mimic the treatment meted out to VVIPs abroad, somehow the government of Gujarat got it into their heads that they needed to purchase high-end, powerful and flashy bikes as part of the convoy for Vibrant Gujarat.

These bikes were to marshall foreign dignitaries from one place to another and the cops were to be seen zooming around astride these bikes.

But all their lofty aspirations were put on hold only because they realised they didn't know how to ride 'em. What's funnier, though, is the realisation hit them after spending a big chunk of the taxpayers' hard earned money.

And this just gets weirder: they came to know about the weight and the high cubic capacity (size of the engine) of these bikes only after purchasing them.

Harley Davidson Street 750 and Harley Davidson Superlow

One would logically look at specifics BEFORE making such purchases rather than jump into the fray which is actually not meant for them!

When asked by the media as to why weren't these bikes used, well you can only guess the answer: "these bikes are heavy in weight and are of a large Cubic Capacity" and by their own admission "we cops aren't equipped to ride it because we need proper riding training."

Why buy it in the first place, you would ask and even if they did, wouldn't it be apt to get training first?

Or they could have just approached the very many motorcycle clubs in Gujarat to teach them to ride these bikes.

Well, what can we say when common sense fails to prevail at the right time! :P

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Juie Merchant