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Parkour daredevils challenge social norms in Egypt

Last updated on: July 26, 2018 08:49 IST
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This could be Egypt's first professional all-women parkour team.

Once a week, a group of Egyptian women gather at an abandoned park in a Cairo suburb.

They run, climb walls and jump around while challenging the country's conservative social norms.

Their training focuses on building strength, but their aim is to prove that no sport is restricted to men.

Dressed in their tracks, T-shirts and sneakers, these women have been training every week for the past six months.

'It is natural that people did not accept it, because they were not used to it,' said Zayneb Helal, one of the players, in an interview.

'They did not accept the idea that girls could play sports, let alone on the street,' she added.

But these young women continue to train despite the stares they get.

Scroll down to see their inspiring pics.

It is unusual for women to train in public, and the players often get curious stares. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters


Mariam Emad from Parkour Egypt practices her parkour skills around buildings on the outskirts of Cairo.

Mohamed Omran, right, is the coach at the all-female Parkour team.

Omran feels that more women will start training once the sport spreads.

In Egypt, Parkour is practised by men, however this is the first all-women team.

Using scarves to cover their head, the players begin their training.

The sport has no regulatory body in Egypt, and it needs more time to evolve in the country. Nonetheless, this is a good start!

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