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Fight like a girl: Women wrestlers in action

Last updated on: September 06, 2017 16:43 IST

Women take it to the mat at an all-women wrestling event in London.

Take a look!

Women wrestling match

A wrestler displays her muscles as she performs at an all female wrestling event in London. 
All photographs: Neil Hall/Reuters


women wrestling match 

Fans cheer for the women wrestlers as they fight it out in the ring.


Women wrestling match

This wrestler looks like a fighter who is not going to give up easily.


Women wrestling match

A punch here, a kick there! Watch the women in action. 


Women wrestling match

The final nail-biting moments before the winner is declared.


Women wrestling match

Wrestlers rehearse before the match.


Women wrestling match

Wrestlers prepare their make up before an all female wrestling event.


Woman wrestler

A woman wrestler spends some lone moments before the match.


Women wrestling match

Wrestler Amy Samardzija, who performs as the character Candy Floss getting dressed up before the match. 


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