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This article was first published 6 years ago  » Getahead » 5 lessons Rajinikanth's Kaala teaches you about life

5 lessons Rajinikanth's Kaala teaches you about life

By Divya Nair
June 08, 2018 14:23 IST
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Kaala, says Divya Nair, sets a fine example of a leader who inspires his team and never gives up on them.

Rajinikanth in Kaala

If you haven't seen the movie yet, be warned there are spoilers ahead!

When you go to watch a Rajinikanth film, there is a good chance you'll come home a wee bit wiser.

Whether his latest Kaala goes on to become a blockbuster or not, it has already had its impact on me.

Here are some takeaways that apply to real life too.

1. Black is not always evil

In the film, Rajini is mostly dressed in a black kurta and veshti.

In contrast, the anti-hero played by Nana Patekar (Haribhau), who is a politician in the movie, is dressed in white.

Nana even introduces Rajini as Raavan to his grand-daughter.

But when Nana makes fun of Rajini's black attire, the latter explains why black is not always evil.

His character's name, Karikaalan, is inspired by a god who protects his people.

Nana, on the other hand, wears white, which is symbolic of purity, but is an example of all things evil.

In real life too, we are told never to judge a book by its cover. What you see may not always be the truth.

You must learn to value people for their actions, not for their backgrounds or their attire.

2. Know your priorities

In the film, Kaala finds himself in a distinct dilemma when he meets his former love interest, Sarina.

They were separated by circumstances and the two can't conceal their feelings when they meet again.

But Kaala is married. Sarina, too, has moved on in life.

They have dinner together where Kaala expresses his feelings, but also sets his priorities.

He chooses to remain loyal his wife Selvi, who he says trusts him blindly.

'For her, I'm the world, the only one.'

He tells Sarina never to broach the subject again and walks away.

In life, we often find ourselves at crossroads.

The shorter road is always more tempting, easier to choose.

But the longer, harder one, if it's the right one, is what you should choose.

3. Never betray your tribe

In the film, Kaala is presented with a choice of living a peaceful life with his family if he gave up fighting for his people. But Kaala sticks it out despite losing his loved ones.

'My people need me,' he says. 'This land needs me.'

In many ways, Kaala sets a fine example of a leader who protects his team, inspires them and never gives up on them. Even when the circumstances are not always in his favour.

4. Instill the right values

After losing his loved ones, Kaala has a warm conversation with his grandchildren.

One of them is scared they will also die soon. But the other one says she's not scared because no one can touch Kaala.

Kaala tells the kids that the battle isn't theirs. They are young and shouldn't let this fight affect them.

He tells them to be kind and considerate to everyone. To share and to love.

Such a profound thing to say when your heart is full of vengeance and death is knocking at your door.

It speaks volumes of the kind of values one must uphold, the precedent you set for the future.

5. Believe in the truth

Kaala faces his toughest opposition from the people he loves -- his son and former love interest. But he never holds it against them.

He knows that truth will eventually find its way.

When you stand up against injustice or to uphold the truth, you may have to walk alone. Maybe even fight your loved ones.

But you must never give up. For, in the end, truth alone triumphs.

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