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How important is money to you? Take this test

November 30, 2020 09:24 IST
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Where are you in your relationship with money?

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

It's not every day that we willingly give into the chords that tug at our soul. But when we do, it is imperative that we give in.

Mind coach, NLP trainer and zen lifestyle expert Anu Krishna's book The Secret of Life – Decoding Happiness is a first-of-its-kind self help book to encourage people to look into their minds and understand emotions better than run away from them.

Doing this, according to Anu, will only help people lead better quality lives besides being happier and healthier!

With nine chapters representing different dimensions of your life, each chapter holds a treasure trove of factual data with a third person's perspective penned in as a story.

There are DIY exercises at the end of every chapter that helps you commit to change that happens from within.

Presenting an excerpt from the chapter on money -- the connection that we have with money will define how it moves into and out of our lives.

My Connection with Money

Part I (Factual)

You spend the night as the images come back and with numbers and bills in tow.

Your precious little daughter’s school’s email requesting you to pay that exorbitant fees for the next semester clash with the monthly instalment for your home.

And then, you have warned yourself that taking that overseas assignment for a year even at the cost of living away from the family could be the answer to all the despair that you are feeling.

That voice in the head comes back and says: Money is such a struggle to hold onto! I am not wise at planning my finances! I perhaps don’t deserve all this.

Part II (DIY Awareness)

Certain beliefs about money can attract it or it can elude us.

Where are you in your relationship with money?

Do you feel unsettled or do you feel happy with its presence in your life?

The only way to answer these questions is to ask more questions.

Let us play the Number game. No one is looking, let’s be honest…

(1 being the least, 5 being average and 10 being the highest)

How important is money? Take this test

 Part III (Fiction)

"Well, enough about me. How’s it going as the Brand Manager of Smithly Delicious?” said Becky.

The name of the restaurant always made the two laugh; for it reminded them of their escapades at Smith & Co.

“Well, it could not be going any better. I feel like I was born to do this, you know. They are so kind. My boss, Gabriel is so wonderful! Today at lunch, he was hinting at a promotion!” chirped Helen.

“Gosh, that is so great Helen! So, you’re going to be making like, how much…like, 40 grand per year?

“Oh, way more than that! Ever since Smithly Delicious entered a merger with Belle Appetit, profits have been soaring, and we all know what that means, don’t we?”

Becky’s eyes glimmered as she smiled at her best friend’s joy. But as Helen went on and on about how great her life was and how she was going to move into a posh locality, Becky’s eyes lowered.

What was she feeling?


She could see herself inside her mind, flapping her hands in disgust at the human emotion. She was not supposed to feel jealous of her best friend's success!

But Becky knew that money was the bread and butter for the world around her. And if she left Smith and Co., she would not have bread and butter, let alone the fine things in life!

Becky always dreamed of buying her parents a mansion in Florida, for she always felt a pinch of guilt when they reprimanded and blamed her for their misfortunes.

Becky resented her parents, but also deeply yearned for their validation and love.

“I have to go now, Helen! My cute little poodle Riley must be waiting for me!”

Helen accompanied her friend to the entrance of the park, but as she waved at Becky, she knew something was wrong, for Becky just did not seem happy.

Part IV (DIY with 5 sub-sections)

Affirmations Section: Money moves smoothly and rapidly into my Life.

Hey, here is your very own DIY Affirmation Sheet!

Let your statements be short, in the present tense, punchy, and in the positive!

For example: I am abundant with money.

Part V (Changed State)

Wow! Aren’t you so proud of your journey so far?

You know, it is pretty tough to have a conversation about Money with yourself, and guess what, you did it!

Don’t you feel complete and secure from within now?

Visualization: Now close your eyes and visualize that you are flooded with money.

Make the scene bigger, brighter and colorful; step right into it and feel it and live it.

Be in that zone and feel awesome from within; smile and live your beautiful life!

Excerpted from The Secret of Life – Decoding Happiness by Anu Krishna and Nitika Krishna with the kind permission of publishers Notion Press.

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