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Study UK: 'Can I extend my student visa?'

September 24, 2008 10:50 IST
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Do you want to study in the UK? When contemplating traveling abroad, there are a number of considerations you need to tackle before actually amking the move.

What are the average fees you can expect for a post garduate course?

Will you be able to work while you pursue your degree?

Are the universities you are applying to recognised gloabally?

What are the procedures for traveling with family?

To answer these and other related questions, Education UK experts at the British Council, Nim Bahadur and Sonu Hemanii, hosted a chat with readers on September 23. for those of you who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Sonu says, Hi!! Greetings from British Council. We are ready to take your questions.

Nim says, Greetings from the British Council. We are ready to take your questions

mohini asked, which universities offer best courses in international Marketing - post graduate? let me know their RAE ratings also if possible... when do we start applying for sep 2009?

Sonu answers, Hi Mohini Why dont you first do a search of institutions that offers you PG in International marketing. you can start for an institution search on  there are a number of institution that offers courses on International Marketing in UK. to know about the RAE ratings please go to .

ajeet asked, sir,what about the avg. tution fees for MBA in UK

Nim answers, Hi ajeet, the average tuition fees for MBA in the UK ranges from £7000-£15000

madhu asked, helo i ahve Law and MBA degree whast the opportunities to me in UK

Nim answers, Hi madhu, for more information about the study opportunities in the UK, please visit our website  

manikandan asked, Hi, One of my friend is planning to do an nanotechnolgy course combined with dental science from manchester university.what are the scholarship options for her?

Nim answers, Hi manikandan, for more information on scholarships please visit  

ajeet asked, sir,what about the avg. tution fees for MBA in UK

Sonu answers, Hi Ajeet your average tution fees for MBA will vary between £4000 to £30,000 per year depending on the institution you choose to study in UK.

srid asked, hi - i got admission in one of the universities in UK for MSc. I rejected the offer due to the reason for not getting job after completing the course in UK. Please let me know if i did was right ?

Nim answers, Hi srid, there are opportunities for international students to stay back in the UK to seek employment for upto 2 years as a post study worker (Tier 1 post study work) under the points based system. for more information log on to  

vidyarth asked, what is the scope for indian freshers doing an mba in the uk ? wat are the pre requisites ?

Sonu answers, Hi Vidyarth in UK many of the insitutions ask for a minimum of two years of work experience. there are a few of the institutions that do not require work experience. few of other requirements are IELTS, GMAT this may again vary from insitution to institution. to know more about the entry requirements you can get a free copy of guide to MBA from any of the British Council office in India.

kartik asked, I have three questionns for u. Firstly, I have bec preliminary certificate. Is it gonna help me to go to uk (on language skills part), Secondly, what is the procedure of entrance in london school of economics, and Lastly, which tests am i required to go to get admission in mba college of repute in uk.

Nim answers, Hi karthik, regarding the entrance rquirements for LSE, please visit their website  For MBA, you could take GMAT and IELTS

a asked, I am 1.6 yr expereince in Software company and have a masters degree from IIT I am interested in doing PHD in management from UK can u suggest few instuites

Nim answers, Hi a, you could check the website  for shortlist the institutions for your PhD. A research proposal is essential part of any research degree application.

BHARATH asked, I hv completed my BCom(CA) i wud like to do my MBA(International Business) can u suggest me any other specialisation in MBA??

Nim answers, Hi Bharath, there are various specialisation in MBA such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Strategic Management, International Banking, Innovative Management, Leadership, Empoyee Relations, IT Management to name a few

kim asked,  I have 4 yrs IT experience and wish to do an MBA in UK. Which Univ's offer a 1 year course, and what would be the total expenditure? Also what range of GMAT scores help? And what about job prospects in UK after completion of MBA?
Sonu answers, Hi Kim MBA from any of the UK institutions is only for one year. your total expenditure will include tution fees and living expense. The tution fees will vary between institutions. Again the GMAT score requirement will vary between the institution. Regarding job oppurtunities, under the new Point Based system tier three international students are allowed to work for an addition of two more years anywhere in UK. For advice on working in the UK:  

Ritu asked, I hav done autonomous MBA n pune uni affliated MPM, n m havng 1.5 yrs experience? Wt shd i opt for further studies in UK n hw? wt wil b the expenditure

Nim answers, Hi Ritu, for more information please visit  which provides an online guide for indian students interested in studying in the UK. The expenses will be your tuition fees depending on the course you choose(average £7000-£12000) and living expenses (average £6000-£7500).

George asked, Sir, Mr. X goes to UK on study visa and successfully completes his PG in a year, immediately he gets one year contract job in the same University. My 1st question is…. can he get extended his visa for another two years in one go. My 2nd question is …..during next two years is he eligible for student concession on air ticket for the 'to & fro' journey to home town? Please reply.

Nim answers, Hi George, students are now eligible to stay for 2 years under the Post-study work category. for more information on eligibility criteria and what it entitles, please visit  

biker asked, I have completed my Bcom in march2008 am i eligible to do my MBA...

Sonu answers, Hi Biker First you need to find an institution in UK that accepts student without work experience as many of the UK insitutions will accept students who has atleast two to three years of relevant work experience. you can do a search of institution on our educationuk website which is  

mohini asked, which universities offer best courses in international Marketing - post graduate? let me know their RAE ratings also if possible... when do we start applying for sep 2009?

Nim answers, Hi mohini, UK education has a world wide repulation for quality. You could check the RAE ratings from which ranges from 1 (lowest) to 5* (highest). You could start the application process a year in advance. If you are also looking for scholarships, then this is the right time to start applying. For more information on scholarships visit  

MainHoonNaa asked, hi there again...4 years of Study and 2 years of the student eligible for permanent residence in UK or something similar ?????

Sonu answers, Hi MainHoonNaa... if you wish to pursue your undergarduate in UK the duration of the course is for three years except for scotland which has a duration period for four years. Postgraduate course in UK, the taught masters are for one year only. Under the new point based sysstem a student after completing the course can work for two years in UK. For advice on working in the UK:  

Jayesh asked, i am intrested in PhD.

Nim answers, Hi Jayesh. Generally the qualification required for PhD is a masters degree or an MPhil and evidence that you know something about research procedures. Some experience on working alone on a research project is useful. A research proposl is essential part of any research degree application. This should be short (perhaps 2 page) summary based on research in your field. For more information, visit  

suman asked, for work permits to job in UK .. any body can help ? 

Nim answers, Hi suman, please visit  and  

Gurinder asked, Is it not too expensive to do course in UK, isn US or Australia better option. UK also has very strict rules to settle down after studies.

Sonu answers, Hi Gurinder thank you for your message! If you plan to do your PG from UK, the taught masters are only for one year unlike other countries where the PG courses like MBA, MSc are for two years. So you pay fees only for that one year. The qualification you recieve from UK is recognised world-wide. Under the new point based system a student is eligible to work in UK for two more years after completing the course. asked, Which is the best MBA college for specialization in Strategy?

Nim answers, Hi sauru_pat, please visit  which has a searchable course database. You could also visit  and  to find information about the courses

arun asked, HI , My query: I have done my engineering in computer science with 71%.Aftre that i did my pos graduation diploma in software development and management from symbiosis centre for information technology with 2.46 / 4 CGPA. I have a work experience of 1 year 6 months as per today.What are my chances of making it to good colleges like LBS, insead , oxford

Nim answers, Hi arun, you need to check the entry requirements of the individual institutions by visiting their websites as entry requirements vary between institutions

sammy asked, Hi,I will be completing my law degree(5 years)on November 2008. what will enable me to study LLM in U.K

Nim answers, Hi sammy, there are two intakes in the UK - September (main intake) and February (second intake offered by some institutions). You could check our website  to find more information about the course of your interest

ln asked, Iwant to study hotel management in uk. please guide me

Sonu answers, Hi In thank you for your query. you have to first find out which are the insitutions in UK that provides you with hotel management in UK and this you can search on  you have to short list the institutions based on the entry requirement, fees, location, facilities.

AlokT asked, Any university in UK for doing Masters in supply chain management. How much is fee & how much can one earn while studying

Nim answers, Hi AlokT, you can do the course search by visiting . Students are allowed to work part time upto 20 hrs per week. You will not be to able to use this for visa purposes

ajeet asked, i'm looking for a part time job along with MBA in UK.i have 2 yr exp. in IT field,so how much i can earn along with my studies.

Sonu answers, Hi Ajeet thank you for your question. As a student you are allowed to work twenty hours per week during your term period and full time during your vacation. you will not be able to use this for visa purposes.

nmenterprise2007 asked, Hi, What do you think about Cass Business school (City University)and specially the Banking and Intl. finance course

Nim answers, Hi nmenterprise2007, you could check the research ratings from and also students ratings from  

NN asked, I am a Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Fianance with 2.5 Years of Experience.... How do you see me fit in any of University Courses and then work-permit??

Nim answers, Hi NN, you could choose the course which would be useful for your career advancement. Visit  to get more information on higher education opportunities in the UK. On completion of studies, students are eligible to stay back in the UK for 2 years under the new Post Study work category.

Sovy asked, I wish to study medicine in UK, equivalent of MBBS here. le tme know how where to start and what will be the total cost.

Nim answers, Hi Sovy, visit  or  or  for information on courses. You may wish to go through the information sheet on Medicine which can be downloaded from  

sai prasad asked, hi I am presently working in IISc. in CPDM department. It has been 2 yrs since i have joined here. I wanted to pursue futher education in product design and manufacturing. can u please suggest me good universities providing this course in UK? Also the funding?

Sonu answers, Hi Sai Thank you for your question. you can do a course search on  to know insitutions in UK providing the course you are interested. UK education has a world wide reputation for quality. There are two formal rakings available: Teaching Quality Information  brings together key sources of official information about the quality of higher education in UK universities and colleges. It is maintained by the Higher Education Research Organisation (HERO). Check this for the National Student Survey (NSS). In this final year students rate the institution at which they are studying on a number of different criteria such as level of academic support they received and the learning resources available to them. It enables students to make comparisons between institutions, between different subjects within the same institution and to make a more informed choice about where they will study. Research Assessment Exercise  The RAE provides quality ratings for research across all subjects. Ratings range from 1 (lowest) to 5* (highest).

vinodpawariya asked, hello sir .I am a graduate of Delhi College of Engineering 2007 Batch with 55%.I am currently working in Libya .I have also published project work in an international conference cum workshop in Hongkong Jan 2007. I have gmat score 620 I want to pursue Mba from UK.Please guide me . Which university matches my criteria . I want to start in Sep 2009.

Nim answers, Hi vinodpawariya, visit . You could check the entry requirements by visiting the individual institutions website. For AMBA accredited programmes, visit . You may wish to go through the information sheet on MBA from  

vasu asked, Hi. I am 35 now i completed my masters in 1998. Can i get admission into further studies and how will be the stamping chances

Nim answers, Hi vasu, yes you can get admission for further studies in the UK. The UK believes in lifelong learning concept. As long as you satisfy the immigration rules, stamping should not be a problem. For more information on visas, visit  or  

shahid asked, Good evening sir,i applied for my student visa long will it take for the British high commision to issue the visa?

Sonu answers, It will take around two weeks time for them to process your visa.

MGHOUSE asked, hey, can i do a part time job on my student visa in UK

Nim answers, Hi MGHOUSE, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during vacations. On completion of studies, you could stay back in the UK for 2 years under Post-study work category

mrashishkumargupta asked, what is the minimum work experience MBA colleges look for ?

Nim answers, Hi mrashiishkumargupta, minimum of 2 to 3 years of work expereince is required. You need to check with individual institutions on this. Some institutios will also ask for GMAT score.

Santosh asked, Hi there, could you please tell me about the best university in UK for Masters in Chimistry. I have completed bachelors in bio-technology.

Sonu answers, Hi Santosh thank you for your question. There are a wide range of courses available at the masters level in the UK. More information on Masters Courses is available on:,  There are two formal rakings available: www. brings together key sources of information about the quality of higher education in UK universities and colleges. Also Research Assessment Exercise  The RAE provides quality ratings for research across all subjects. Ratings range from 1 (lowest) to 5* (highest). We advice that you research these resources. These will be definitely helpful for you and assist you in making a decision. Also consult  for information on admission requirements.

Raja asked, Hi, I am working for the past 2years and now need to study in UK. How do i proceed ?

Nim answers, Hi Raja, visit  to proceed

au asked, financial requirements necessary for doing a mba course?

Nim answers, Hi au, financial requirements is mandatory for any course programmes including MBA.

viren asked, Dear Nim, I completed my 12th in year 1998, after that I complete one year diploma in HR. From last 9 years I am working as Executive Officer in HR department of one of the best known Hospital of North India. Further I want to do MBA from Uk, to get higher post in my Hospital. Am I elegible for MBA with diloma and 9 years exp. ?

Nim answers, Hi Viren, you may check with the indiviual institutions regarding the eligibility.

rohit asked, is it possible to work part time with the One Yr MBA course from UK, as the program requires lot of efforts?

Nim answers, Hi rohit, students are legally allowed to work part time upto 20 hours during term-time and it is upto the studnet to make use of the opportunity. As you rightly said, since courses are for 1 year, it will be highly intensive and you need to concentrate on studies first

Arjun asked, Need to know abt Post graduate study Scheme

Nim answers, For more information visit  

kishore asked, HI, I am working as a Sr.Software Engg having sal 7Lakhs. I have 3+ years of experiance in telecome domain. Do you think I should go for Full time MBA or Part-time MBA? I am intrested in management, so I want to take it as my future career. So can you suggest me something related to this? I M BE in Comp Sci with 71% 2005 passout.

Sonu answers, Hi Kishore thank you for your question. Masters courses in UK are for one year and the entry qualifications is a Bachelor's degree (preferably in a related subject) and an English proficiency test (either IELTS or TOEFL). Besides looking at a good academic track record, UK institutions will ask you for two references and a Statement of Purpose. More information on Masters Courses is available on:  and  Sessions begin in September/October. There are some with intakes in January/February as well. There are no specific application deadlines for most institutions; however you should send the applications as soon as possible. All the best.

masoom asked, hey what about sponsorship details no answer for it

Nim answers, Hi masoom, you could bring in anybody as a sponsor. They need to provide a sponsorship letter and also provide financial evidence

Alok asked, My Daughter is doing her final year in Mech. engg. She wants to do M.S. in supply chain management. which universities in UK have this course, & appx. cost etc.
Nim answers, Hi Alok, you could search by visiting . Avergage fees would be roughly about 15 to 18 thousand pounds including living

maneesh asked, how is university of abderdeen for bsc computer science

Sonu answers, Hi Maneesh University of Aberdeen is a well regarded University.

biker asked, IS work experience mandatory for doing MBA in uk???

Nim answers, Hi biker, most of the institutions require minimum of 2 to 3 years of work experience, but there are also few institutions who take fresh graduates

kunal asked, i am 30 yrs i want to go UK for higher studies please advice

Nim answers, Hi kunal, there is no age limit for higher studies in the UK as UK believes in lifelong learning concept.

masoom asked, only blood relative can sponsor? is it true and who r included in blood relation?

Sonu answers, Hi Masoom thank you for your question. Any one can sponsor you , you will have to produce a relationship proof when you are applying for your visa.

shobhit asked, i wanna have a scholarship at any of the uk university, how to go about it?

Nim answers, Hi shobhit, for more information on scholarships, please visit . You need to plan atleast a year or 15 months in advance if you are planning to apply for scholarships. You need to check the eligibility criteria before applying

au asked, tests required to apply for mba in uk

Nim answers, Hi au, GMAT, IELTS and work experience. Please check invidiual institutions on entry requirements

vasu asked, can i bring my spouse to U.K while i'am on student visa. ?

Nim answers, Hi vasu, you can bring your spouse while you are on a student visa. She could apply for a dependent visa. For more information visit  or  

vahini asked, Have IELTS score of 8.0 Can apply for Oxford -2009 session

Nim answers, Hi vahini, please go ahead and apply. You could check the entry requirement from the Oxford website

shahid asked, sir,my course commencement date is 9th october and lecture commencement date is 16th.last date for registration is on 30th there any chance for rejection just being a late application?

Nim answers, Hi shahid, if you satisy the immigration rules, then there should not be any problem. You need to apply for visa asap, preferably 4-6 weeks in advance.


Nim answers, Hi Danish, visit the information sheet on Law available at  

Nim says, Hi all, this is all we have time for, today. All the best for your higher studies. Until next time, goodbye.... thank you all for participating

Sonu says, Dear all, thanks for taking part today, I hope I have been able to give you satisfactory answers to the questions you have all asked today. Good luck with your future studies and I hope this has helped you all. Until next time... Thanks!!

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