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'He has a few close friends. He likes it that way'

Tinnu Anand

Most people do not know he is a very charitable person, a very privately charitable person.

He would not like it to be known that he helped someone. But now that the person is not alive any more, I don't think I am bound to keep my mouth shut.

Filmmaker Khwaja Ahmad Abbas had introduced him to films. When he was very, very ill and had no money Amitabh took me aside and gave me money to look after Abbas. He made me promise I would not tell anyone that he had done this.

He didn't want it mentioned even to his family that Amitabh had provided for Abbas. That brought tears to my eyes. That to me is a very great gesture.

People don't know he has a great sense of fun. Like when he has any new person working with him, he loves making them uncomfortable. He tries to be friendly but at the same time, he enjoys making the person uncomfortable. I have worked with him so often that I see through it.

I don't think anyone can really claim to be a really close friend of Amitabh Bachchan. There are so many things people don't know, even I don't know. He has a few people who are close and he likes it that way.

He has been extra kind to me, very charitable. He has given me 24 wristwatches. He loves wristwatches. I don't think there is any shop in the world which has as many watches as he has. I keep eyeing his wrist every time we meet. He keeps covering his wrist, saying. 'This is not going to be yours.'

Tinnu Anand spoke to Lata Khubchandani


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