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'Amitabh is the greatest entertainer of all times'

Wed Oct 9 16:52:08 2002
Name:Dr. Anil Thomas
City, Country:India
Your View:I think the best loved part of AMITABH BACHCHAN that he has managed to be a Human to the core, truly a gem among the grain of sands.

Wed Oct 9 16:56:34 2002
Name:M. Pavan Krishna
City, Country:Melbourne, Australia
Your View:Amitabh Bacchan is just superb. He is a legend by himself. Now i am 24 and right from my childhood he has been an icon for me. I always consider him as my role model. Be it the negative roles he played or the super cop roles, the way he acted and his dialouge delivery are unmatchable in Indian cinema. He has created a niche for himself in whatever he has done. His second innings on the television with Kaun Banega Karodpathi was brilliant. Here the average Indian got to see the real Amitabh not the reel Amitabh. The way he spoke to the audience, the way he conducted the show and what not. All that was marvelous. He is an asset to India and we all Indians are proud of this human asset. On this day when he turns 60 I wish him many many happy returns of the day and wish that he reach even greater heights and bring laurel to the nation.

Wed Oct 9 17:11:07 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your View:Undoubtedly, Amitabh Bachchan is a phenomenon, unmatched entertainer in Indian Cinema. Only Sachin's popularity has come close to that commanded by Amitabh. Dialogues from Shahenshah "Rishtey mein hum tumhare baap lagte hain", Deewar "Pehle us aadmi ka sign leke aao" stand out among the best Songs: Kabhi kabhi, jumma chumma, bala bhura (Aks) Best Dance sequences: Saara zamana (Yaarana) Worst Dance: Mere angane mein Best Fight: Deewar - Peter

Wed Oct 9 17:16:12 2002
Name:Srinivas Kasiraju
City, Country:New Delhi., India
Your View:Star of the Millenium No.1 actor be it action, comedy, thriller. No one can perform action scenes as he does and no can match the way he dances.

Wed Oct 9 17:16:40 2002
Name:Prakash Punekar
City, Country:Pune,India
Your View:He is a One Man Industry....

Wed Oct 9 17:21:35 2002
Name:Bharat Iyengar
City, Country:Bombay, India
Your View:The biggest of them all..Though B is the 2nd letter in English..he is second to none. They dont make them like him anymore.. Cheers to u aby baby

Wed Oct 9 17:25:01 2002
Name:Parul Maniar
City, Country:India
Your View:He is simply superb. He has always inspired me . Whatever he does , he has his own class. A real gentelmen of the century

Wed Oct 9 17:34:59 2002
Name:Avijit Chakraborty
City, Country:KOLKATA, India
Your View:The tallest figure in Indian cinema in any sense of the word, there is no adjective in the dictionary that describes him completely. He is a legend, a phenomenon and a character that commands respect. There will be no one to match his charisma or even come close to him. His deep voice and intense eyes made us go to see his movies always. He is the undisputed King of Indian cinema. A history caught live.

Wed Oct 9 17:40:47 2002
Name:Jayashree Acharya
City, Country:Bhubaneswar,India
Your View:He is an institution by himself

Wed Oct 9 17:50:24 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your View:He is the best.

Wed Oct 9 17:57:23 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Wed Oct 9 18:18:03 2002
City, Country:VARANASI

Wed Oct 9 18:21:57 2002
Name:santosh mohan joshi
City, Country:sangli
Your View:amitabh is the perfect role model for the youth of any generation

Wed Oct 9 18:26:25 2002
City, Country:sangli
Your View:he is the best entertainer. the best dialogues are in don and sharaabi. his best songs are in sharabi his best dance sequence are from amar akbar anthony, his worst dance is from laawaris.his best fights are in kaala patthar, the one with shatru

Wed Oct 9 18:36:34 2002
Name:Sunil Kashikar
City, Country:Mumbai, India.
Your View:Amitabh Bachchan is an icon for the Indian public, regardless of age. As a matter of fact, like wine, he has matured with age. Its not for us to judge his good or bad scenes, dialogues, songs, etc. We have to appreaciate him as a human being, as a host (KBC), as a patriarch of a close-knit family and as an example of what all of us should strive for under good time and bad.

Wed Oct 9 18:36:41 2002
Name:preeti shah
City, Country:new delhi,india
Your View:amitabh is undoubtedly the best,his dialouges are the best, even if he is not speaking anything,he says a lot. he is amazing. he is truly a personality,not just a actor.noone can ever match him a little,nomatter how many milleniums go on. there is & will be onle one amitabh bachchan.not even god can produce the replica. i wish him all the best for his long,cheeerful.successful his life ahead.i wish i could be associated with him in any manner.i had met him once,only wish is just to meet him once again.

Wed Oct 9 18:37:07 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your View:He is the GR8test thing ever happened to Indian Film Industry, filled with amazing qualities of a Human Being, a Actor, a Host and no one can point his qualities or faults, coz he is proved himself, not once or twice, but time and time again, he is a phenomenon in himself, so as we cannot show light to Sun, U can't have another Amitabh Bachchan, can we?

Wed Oct 9 19:09:17 2002
Name:Pravesh Biyani
City, Country:Stockholm, Sweden
Your View:I had met Mr Bachchan during KBC. I introduced myself as a student named Pravesh. He replied "Main Amitabh". I was stunned after hearing that. How can a person be so humble? I mean whole world knows Amitabh Bachhan. Kudos the great artist.

Wed Oct 9 19:21:50 2002
City, Country:ahmedabad, India
Your View:He is undoubtedly the greatest entertainer of all times..He is my Idol..I love his unassuming yet enigmatic personality..his professionalism, his power and presence on screen!!WE would love to know him personally !!He is our all time big Hero!!because we love his resiliance- the fighting spirit against all odds 11 My fav. film of AB. is kabhie kabhie..fav. dialogues also from kabhie kabhie. his best song is also from kabhie kabhie..The title song...The best dance sequence is from Don-- Khai ka pan banaaraswala..The best fight sequence was from Aks..I would like him to play the gentleman kind of roles which he has always done..Let the rest of the pack try hard ..AB does not need to ..we love him anyways!and will contiue to do so

Wed Oct 9 19:41:16 2002
City, Country:Patna, Bihar, India
Your View:Amitabh is a Legend. This kind of character born once a millennium. We Indians are proud of him and we would be lucky that we see him alive a long long time. The best dialogues is in Deewaar in which he told his mom in last scene. Of course he is the best entertainer of all time. Best song in Sharaabi, Manzilen Apni jagah hain Aur Raste Apni Jagah. Best dance sequence in many more film.

Wed Oct 9 19:49:29 2002
City, Country:Hubli,India
Your View:Amitabh Bachchan is in himself a phenomenon which very few of us can understand. Words are insufficient in the Oxford Dicitionary to explain his persona. That 's the BEST WAY TO ACCOLADE A GREAT PERSON...

Wed Oct 9 20:17:26 2002
Name:Murali Bandaru
City, Country:Charlotte, US
Your View:This guy not only meets everybody's expectations, he sets a new higher level of expectation in everything he does! A great performer! Comparing with Hollywood, he is an excellant mix of 'Mel Gibson' and 'Tom Hanks'. I hope he continues to get and do more challanging roles that would also give him the critical acclaim that he is capable of receiving but due to lack of such roles he never really got much. Happy Birthday!

Wed Oct 9 20:18:10 2002
City, Country:new delhi, india
Your View:Saying that Amitabh Bachchan is a superstar would be inappropriate to a person of his stature. He is the most admirable, stylish perosn i have ever come across. If i had a son, i would like him to have the qualities of Amitji. One can learn so much about the art of conducting oneself in public life from him. the wat he handles the public & his fans is just mindblowing. When he enters the screen, one can not keep his eyes off him. The Big Man has such a magnetic personality. I think the best compliment that i can give him is that NO ACTOR HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO evoke so much heartfelt goodwill & genuine emotion from his audience & legion of fans as much as amitabh has. To measure amitabh's success in terms of the no. of hits would be wrong. I think one has to measure a person's greatness in terms of the goodwill he enjoys among the comman people. If we choose greatness by that regard, then AMITJI IS probably THE MOST LOVED & ADMIRED Indian after Gandhiji. India has very very few personalities that one can genuinely look upto & admire. Amitji is one of them. In these crazy times where the Indian youth are so desperately looking for an idol to admire, amitji comes across as a shining example. He is a living proof that no mater how difficult the times may get, if one keeps the aith & keeps working with sincerity, he will get success. May God bless this beloved of all INDIAN LEGENDS. amitji jiyen hazaron saal, saal key din ho pachas hazaar

Wed Oct 9 20:24:39 2002
Name:uday chowdhury
City, Country:Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh
Your View:Sir,You are all time great. you are just perfect.

Wed Oct 9 20:52:45 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your View:Hi, Amitji: You are the last superstar of Indian Cinema and your Towering personality is going to stay for ever. Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Wed Oct 9 21:02:03 2002
City, Country:Bangalore India
Your View:One Super star of Indian Cinema who will never be matched.

Wed Oct 9 21:09:04 2002
Name:Santosh Singh
City, Country:Singapore
Your View:Nothing is enough to describe his dialogues or songs or acting sequences. Anyhow as an individual I like "Neela Ashman" and "Kabhi Kabhi".

Wed Oct 9 21:15:52 2002
Name:Satyajit Nag Chowdhury
City, Country:Milpitas, CA, USA
Your View:I don't know what to say. You have been my inspiration, role-model and demigod all through my life as a kid, adolescent and adult. Your ability to succeed, to bounce back from abysmal depths to lofty heights again and again leaves me breathless ! I have carried your picture in my pocket while appearing for all major exams in my student life and I worship you with unrelenting intensity to this day.

Wed Oct 9 21:34:23 2002
Name:surya suleman
City, Country:mumbai,India
Your View:dear sir, I am fully agree that amitji is best entertainer of all time. "munche ho to nathulal ji jaise warna na hoon".Sharabi "mere aangne main tumhara kya kaam hai"Lawaris best dance sequance in hum kisi se kam nahi, sara shar mujhe hero bulaye best fight sequance amar akbar anthoney. i love amit ji....i have one website for amit ji as small birthday gift

Wed Oct 9 21:36:07 2002
Name:ravi basu
City, Country:chennai, india
Your View:respected sir, i think, you are the greatest man on this planet. nad believe you me, it is not a flatary, it is the honest openion i have ever made. with regards ravi basu

Wed Oct 9 21:37:52 2002
Name:Asif Naqshbandi
City, Country:Manchester, UK.
Your View:Amitabh Bachchan is a great actor and very charismatic. He has an on-screen persona second to none and he is also a great ambassador not only for India but also for the Subcontinent in general. As a Pakistani I have no qualms in saying that. It would be great if he visited Pakistan and perhaps worked in one of our television dramas. His Urdu diction is also perfect and he also speaks flawless English. I think he is one of the few Indians who is admired throughout the entire Subcontinent and anywhere else where Indians and Pakistanis live. I would love to see him do a biopic of Ghalib. I think he would suit the role perfectly! Happy birthday to him!

Wed Oct 9 21:51:45 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your View:A real life hero of the indian society.

Wed Oct 9 22:01:06 2002
Name:Taskeen Ahmed
City, Country:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Your View:Being an Indian I am proud of Amitabh's history of Film Industry. Since my childhood I am proud of his acting, dialogues & fight shots. still I watch his past movies which recall my previous cinema life in India. My best wiches & congratulations on his valuable birthday. May god bless him with health & happiness. As well as regards to his whole family.

Wed Oct 9 22:09:53 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your View:amitabh,a big legend. i used to call him Big B. the first movie of amitabh which i saw was "Deewar".& from that day i became a fan of amitabh. i dont know much about amitabh,but my only ambition is to meet him one day. i dont know whether i can? but i wanna b. & today i wish him "a very very happy birthday amitabh" i'm crazy for u swapnil

Wed Oct 9 22:46:15 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your View:KBC Host, BBC Star of the Millennium, Film Actor, Ad-actor, Poet, Writer, Singer, Social Service Worker, Entrepreneur, Politician are just some of his images not to forget the innumerable images that we have yet to see, coming up from his end. Amitabh keep going, the entire nation is there with you

Wed Oct 9 22:47:10 2002
City, Country:Great India
Your View:He is a wonderful actor. Unending chapter of Indian Cinema . Could any one tell me what is his actual Sir name,I am sure it is not Bachchan as it his father's nickname in field of Poetry.

Wed Oct 9 23:09:57 2002
Name:Sanjeev Majupuria
City, Country:Bhopal, India
Your View:Dear Amitabhji, I ,rather my whole family is your fan.You are the greatest.If ,I may dare to say something your father in law Dada Bhaduri i.e.Shri Taroon Coomar,always adored you.Being a journalist,I had interacted on day to day basis with him in Bhopal.As a tribute to late Dada please plan something.I know it is an unwanted suggestion.But, I could not repeat control my feelings on your birthday.Chhota muh badi baat "Khu raho abad raho,Bhopal raho yaa Ahmedbad raho."

Wed Oct 9 23:20:46 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad,India
Your View:He has given entertainment a new meaning.

Wed Oct 9 23:29:15 2002
City, Country:India
Your View:Millions of Indians turn 60 everyday. What is great about Amitabh turning 60? Did this affect our economy or growth positively? May be negatively.. some crazed fans probably took time off to celebrate his birthday with no gain for themselves nor their family. Why do Indians have such a craze for film personalities? There are too many issues in our country that needs attention both in their personal and social life. What we need is focus in our lives, day dreaming and star gazing just will not pay. Granted Amitabh Bachchan has done his job right. He may be awarded for his best performances but not for living his life. I apologize if this hurts some of your feelings but these are my views...

Wed Oct 9 23:31:19 2002
Name:Nikhil Sequeira
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your View:I think Mr.Amitabh Bachhan is 1 person which nobody would like to hate.He is loved by everyone and he is one of the kindest persons.And when it comes to acting,he rules the acting world.I like the way he says the KBC welcome note.I like him in all kinds of roles.I liked him in the emotional drama role in 'Anand'.He gave Bollywood cinema a new look with his acting career.I am A great fan of Amitabh Bachchan,and i always hope that i will meet him 1 day.I am always waiting for an opportunity to meet him.I wish him the Best Of Luck and hope that he gives us nore of his Immense Indefinable Hits.I pray to God that he has a more wonderful career ahead and that he remains happy all the time.May god Bless his Family too who have given him support throughout his career.And at last HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE ACTOR!!! AMITABH BACHCHAN

Wed Oct 9 23:44:25 2002
City, Country:india
Your View:Dear Amitji it is my lifetime dream to see u or shakehand with u during my life.I never forgot those days of darkness in your (My) life & by which all struggle and and very gently u come out from this chakraview, it give me a insperation 2 survive in my life and i also doing the same thing which u had done. i hop,my dream comes withonly your good wishes 2 me. On your 60th B'day, me & my family wish u a very happy & prosperious day.

Wed Oct 9 23:56:30 2002
Name:Ashani & Anwesha
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your View:To Our Source of Energy, Wishing you a Happy Birthday is not the only aim, but to send you a message that, don't waste your energy to a time which is positively declining, don't devote your voice to deaf ears. But I don't mean that there isn't any ear left to hear your voice, no eyes left to inherit the warmth. My only request is, please discriminate. Hope to meet you in the place where the priorities are fixed according to the hierarchy of attitude. With heartfelt feelings which we share in your moments, not only happy or sad, but whatever you feel throughout your existence. Ashani & Anwesha Bhattacharya

Thu Oct 10 00:04:29 2002
Name:Anish Dave
City, Country:Las Vegas, USA
Your View:Amitabh Bachchan is not only a legend, but a great legend. One of the most charismatic persons ever born upon the face of this earth, Amitabh is like a demi-God for me. It is one of my wishes to someday at least say hello to him and I pray God to provide me with such an opportunity.

Thu Oct 10 00:12:40 2002
Name:Vijay Dinanath Chauhan
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your View:Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan. 1978-I remember seeing you in the dark dingy theatres of mumbai, my body completely wet with sweat...but my mind and my heart filled with and unknown excitement of watching you on the screen, kicking butt-literally!! It was an experience that cannot be put into words. You live such moments. I could never manage to have a hairstyle like you because of a strict father, a bad barber and an unco-operative school. I was once beaten by my teacher for tying my shirt like you did in Deewaar. Imagine me, wearing a tie and my shirt in knots!! It was truly hilarious. I know it your birthday and I should not say anything against you...but I feel that my Amitabh never grew up with me as an actor. He kept entertaining kids of my age. Somewhere I lost touch with that Amitabh and kept going back to his old films. I wanted Amitabh to give me a reason to go back to theatres but all I got was some mindlessly stupid films. How I wished Mukul Anand was alive! But KBC changed all that.I got connected to you again and I saw a completely different Amitabh in KBC...the intelligent, heart warming Amitabh that I was looking for as a grown up man of 31 years. I felt happy that i got you back after years of patient wait. Now lets hope that you carry on the same face of Amitabh on to the big screen and give us reasons to visit theatres all over again with the same exitement as a 12 year old. Wish you the very best for your future.

Thu Oct 10 00:48:29 2002
City, Country:canada
Your View:He is the best actor ever born on the face of earth and you can't even compare him with anybody .He is par excellence.He is best in every act ,may it be romantic scene or an emotional scene or angry young man image.What can you say about a man who has captured the attention of millions of people all over the world.I totally agree that he is the best entertainer of all dialog is from shole"agar kisine hilne ki koshish ki to bhun ke rakh doonga ".Best song from 'sharabhi'--'intehan ho gayi intezar ki' Best dance "khaike paan banaras wala" Best fighting sequenceIn Deewar when he locks the door and challenges.

Thu Oct 10 00:48:36 2002
City, Country:houston,USA
Your View:i have always maintained that he is the ultimate and the best thing that ever happened to indian cinema, though i feel that he should be choosy in his roles. nobody is even close to what he has achieved. a man like him comes along only once in a millenium..he is truly ...timeless.

Thu Oct 10 00:50:19 2002
City, Country:DELHI,INDIA.
Your View:AB is justmarvellous,above par .he,s the best entertainer without any second thought. best said lines are basanti tum to kuchh bolti hi nahin ho. best songs r teri bindiya re(abhimaan),koi gata(alaap). best dance no. is shava-shava(k3g).worst one is mere angne mein(laawaris). best fight sequence is from khoon pasina-with tiger,&,in aks-the water fall sequence. we all want to wish him a VERY HAPPY B,DAY.MAY GOD BESTOWES UPON HIM ALL HIS VERY CHOICEST BLESSINGS.he,s been blessed by god,have wonderful parents,loving family,and,a whole lot of positive qualities.he has such a magical voice that we all ,d die for,along with a very honest expression.he,s someone who deserves the very best of everything. though i want to write too much for him,but just failed to do so,as i have no words to explain what kind of a magical phenomenon he has on,s something very real,very honest,&,very seems as if he,s smiled for us only,he,s laughed for us,and,so on.. we all r very proud for him,because of him.he,s truly someone beyond comparison.even my baby(3yrs. old)is a die hard fan of him,his voice,and shava-shava. we wish him success in all his future endeavours.i,m really stuck here for words to describe his enigmatic personality. MAY HE GET EVERYTHING WHATEVER HE WISHED FOR!! HE,S THE BEST !! once again A VERY VERY HAPPY B,DAY!!

Thu Oct 10 01:23:36 2002
City, Country:Pune,India
Your View:"Amitabh Bachchan" ...These 2 words should be used as future adjectives to describe every great deed. Dialoques: 'Ae Kancha,sala bandook bhi dikhata hai aur peeche bhi hatata hai'.Songs-Mach gaya shor,Rang barse,Apni to aise,Neela Asmaan,Jumma Chumma,Mere Anganeme.Dance(Best)-Mere Anganeme,Pag Ghungroo,Jumma Chumma,Eir bir phatte,Sona Sona. Dance(Worst)-Saara Zamana Haseeno ka,Nananana nare.Fights- Agneepath's-with Shettys to save his sister.Khuda Gawah's-encounter with Vikram Gokhale,Hum's-Killer run on dock. ........Real Superstar!

Thu Oct 10 01:26:10 2002
Name:Nick shah
City, Country:Atlanta , U S A
Your View:He is the best ,the greatest,the one and only.AMITABH is AMITABH.One word to describe him LEGEND and always will be.

Thu Oct 10 02:40:54 2002
City, Country:Detroit, USA
Your View:I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, my favourite film star. It is but natural for people to think that Sholay or Deewar is the best Amitabh film to date. I would like to place my bets on a film that wasn't as flashy but truly remarkable. "Mein aazad hoon", a Tinnu Anand directed classic is what I believe to be his career best movie till date. This is one film which is devoid of glamour and hype associated with a star of Amitabh's stature. It truly depicts the natural talent of essaying a role of passionate comman man and sending a powerful message to the society. Amitabh excelled in this role as a true artist gifted with precision and perfection. The virtues like being spirited, compassionate and having integrity to one's beliefs could not be potrayed any better. I wish to see Mr.Bachchan in such a lively role yet again!

Thu Oct 10 02:56:36 2002
City, Country:los angeles,us
Your View:Amitabh ji is a world famous name,even a small child can figure it.there's no word to say about the legend ,but everyone would really like to say they want to see him in real,not in tv or movies.would like to talk,laugh& say hats off to his work& his lifetime achievements.though i stay far from india still we never feel bored to watch old hindi bachanji's movies,it's a pleasure to have to have a gr8 actor as amitabhji.india should feel proud about this actor.his best dialouges in trishul,his best dance in don,his best sequence for fight is zanjeer,he's the best entertainer from 80's till now & forever.Wish u many Happy returns of 60 years. rashmisudhindra us

Thu Oct 10 03:46:42 2002
City, Country:uk
Your View:He is the best and the most talented actor, he along with sachin tendulkar has made india really proud. In his long career he has given so much entertainment and so much happiness to us i hope god gives him a long long and a very healthy life and i hope he continues to act for many years to come because i just cant imagine indian films without the big b hes a true legend, have a great birthday amitji

Thu Oct 10 08:42:40 2002
City, Country:danbury, usa
Your View:i m one of his all time fans, i love his acting and also very much inspires from his personality.Realy he is one of the greatest actors ever produced.

Thu Oct 10 08:51:35 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,Maharashtra
Your View:Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata hai and all his dialouges in the movies are the best. His best dance is Mere Angane Mein Tumhare Kya Kaam hai. His work in Satte pe satta is the best comedy

Thu Oct 10 09:12:43 2002
Name:Paresh U. Bhiwandkar
City, Country:Andheri (W), Mumbai, India
Your View:AMITABH BACHCHAN, the name says it all. No one has to say anything more than this. I feel abroad if anybody asks you where are you from, just say - from MR. AMITABH BACHCHAN's country & that is enough! No one can miss this LEGEND! I do agree that the adjectives used (Legend, Icon, Phenomenon... list would go on) are fulsome, but nothing can describe him completely. He is always something more than 'that'. Now about the questions asked alongside... YES!! He is the BEST/ GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME! Best dialogue: SAMUNDER MEIN TEHERNE WALE KUVON AUR TALABON MEIN DUBKIYAN NAHI LAGATE, YEH THODE UCHE LEVEL KI BAAT HAI (Sharabi). There are many more. There are many dialogues where no one can imagine anyone else saying those dialogues. He's got the STYLE. You JUST CANNOT pick one of his dialogues. It is very difficult. Best Song: NEELA AASMAN, RANG BARSE (Silsila), AANKHEN song (while the titles are on), JIDHAR DEKHOON (Mahan). Best Dance: Jumma chumma, Oh all of them. Worst (??) Dance - This should have been FUNNY Dance: Main Jaadugar, mera naam Goga (Jaadugar). Best Fight: DEEWAR fight in the godown/ docks. No actor does FIGHTS (and Sharabi/ Bevde-ka acting) BETTER/ REALISTIC than him - so you guessed it right - ALL are great fight sequences. Once again I would like to state that this space is too small for us (Amitabh fans) to fill in about him. There should have been more. Last but not the least, please convey: Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, KING!

Thu Oct 10 09:29:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your View:Amitabhji is special gift for all indians, he is dashing angry man, who had us such a good films that ever can give us, he make us proud, that he is born in india we love amitabh bachahan, just love you

Thu Oct 10 10:10:55 2002
City, Country:New Delhi, INDIA
Your View:Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the name itself spells magic. I feel that he is perfect combo of good personality and great mind. Some of the virtues he has like sincerity, never say die attitude, discipline, professionalism, humility etc continue to inspire the present generation and proves a point that there is no shortcut to success and no substitute to hardwork. He is both a good artiste and fine human being. These qualities are quite rare. He is best entertainer, best dialogues, songs, dance, fight sequences are many. I wish him long life full of success and joy. May God Bless him abundantly for all the smiles he brings to us. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. JAI HIND

Thu Oct 10 10:15:14 2002
Name:Alok Kumar Chaudhry
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your View:Amitabh, so much has been said that there is nothing else to say except that people like him are born only once in a century.Mr. Perfection

Thu Oct 10 10:23:17 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India,
Your View:yes amitabh is best entertainer all the time due to his performance. his best dialouges, from kabhie kabie, Deewar,sharaabi, agneepath, Kaalia. His best songs are from the movies kabhie kabie, sharaabi, silsila, kaalia etc.,the best dance sequence i liked is in kaalia for the song "jahan tere ye nazar hai". The best fight sequence from Deewar where he fights with 4 gundasin yard and Agneepath where he fights for his Sister escape. Above all i like the Big B for his acting and as a person. and wish him a very happy birthday. Long live the legend

Thu Oct 10 10:34:13 2002
Name:manjit singh mehta
City, Country:jabalpur
Your View:Amitabh Bacchan is best of all the actors , what to say about him is that he is the only man who is bold, innocent, angary. he is fit in every character , I think it is god gifted to him . One few people in this world have such a talent sprit.

Thu Oct 10 10:44:00 2002
City, Country:TAIPEI---TAIWAN

Thu Oct 10 10:45:23 2002
Name:kalpesh patel
City, Country:MUMBAI


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