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'Sachin is done with his career as of now'

January 11, 2006 12:13 IST
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When we asked readers if Sachin's record would be eclipsed in our feature on top Test century-makers, we received many, many responses. Monday onwards, we began posting the responses. Check them out.

Responses 1: Watch out Sachin, here's Ricky!
Responses 2: 'Sachin will never be beaten'
Responses 3: 'Sachin will hit 50 100s!'
Responses 4: 'Sachin is past his prime'

I think Sachin is done with his career as of now. I think he became self-complacent with his achievements and not at all striving to do better, compete, analyse his game with other top batsman and remain still the best with new innovative shots to his blade.

I think Lara and Ponting are the best. Though Ponting is racing ahead, Lara will eclipse first and then Ponting provided Tendulkar does not strive to do better and be a dominating force.

Ponting -- still young and in excellent form, with more than 20 centuries in the last five years -- has a very good chance to score more centuries than Sachin. Sachin has slowed down completely in the last few (five) years, and seems to be content with his number of centuries in Test cricket. On the other hand Ponting seems to take the number of centuries very casually, and moves on. Sachin was very happy with his 35 centuries record.

I wish I am wrong with my predictions. I want Sachin to get into a good form, and score many more centuries.
--Raghu Neelagiri

Trust Matthew Hayden to beat Sachin's record of highest Test centuries.
-- Prakash M Pai

Ricky Ponting
--Pragya Jain

Ponting is a threat to Sachin's record. He is emerging as the contender for breaking the world record for number of Test centuries.
--Vishweshwar Reddy

No, never. I wish. Sachin is a true legend. God Bless.
--Vishal Parkar

Yes, it will be eclipsed soon by Ricky Ponting.
--Vijay Bhaskar Rao

If Ricky Ponting continues his blazing form, no sooner he will cross Sachin's record of most Test centuries. Well done Ponting!! Setting new standards in batting!!
--Vamsidhar Govindarajula

There is a possibility that Ricky Ponting may break the records created by Sachin Tendulkar. But in the last five year Ponting has played almost twice the number of Tests compared to Sachin. Moreover Tendulkar was in a very bad physical situation because of his tennis elbow injury.

If there is a way Rediff can convince the BCCI to schedule more Test matches every year like Australia, then Tendulkar will have a much higher chance to set a record which can be untouchable by recent players, even Ponting.

We hope the BCCI schedules more Test matches every year instead of ODI matches.
--Uttam S

Most definitely by Ricky Ponting. In the form he is currently in it may well be in 2006 itself, else latest by 2007!!!
--Vijay Manickam

Ricky Ponting
--Tulsi Singla

Yes, Sachin's record can be broken. The guy who has the best chance of achieving that feat is Ponting.
--Sunil Anaokar

The possibilities are there for Ricky and my assumption is a 50: 50 chance. Ponting and Hayden have played a lot of innings when compared to Sachin and it all depends on the number of matches they are going to play in the near future. I believe the chances are very slim.
--Sunil Kumar

Yes! Four persons can break his record: Lara, Ponting, Hayden, Kallis.
--Sunil B

The Prince of Cricket Brian Charles Lara can break Sachin's record 35 Test centuries. Lara is fitter than Sachin. In the last five years Lara has been playing better than Sachin.
--Samir Dey

Sachin's record will be soon eclipsed by Ponting.
--Dipesh Goyal

Sachin Tendulkar's record will undoubtedly be eclipsed by the following batsmen:
Brian Lara: Before the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
Ricky Ponting: Before (or just after) the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
Jacques Kallis: Next three years.
Matthew Hayden: Next three years
Andrew Strauss: Next ten years.
Mike Hussey: Next ten years.
--Deepak Bhakoo

Ricky Ponting will break the record in 2006.
--Bhavesh Mavani

I feel if Sachin hits at least two centuries in the coming Pakistan series,it will be difficult to surpass his record.

Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara or Matthew Hayden are the main players who can eclipse this record.
--Neeraj Mehta

Sachin's recent achievement of 35 Test hundreds will be eclipsed either by Ricky Ponting or Matthew Hayden.

Please check how many Tests were played by Sachin, Ponting and Hayden in the last five years. Sachin was marred by his elbow injury that is why he has scored less centuries. Let the master come into flow. I do not think the record will be touched in the near future. The master is still on the roll.

Do you think at 34 years 69 days Matthew will last another five years. Sachin at 32 years 257 days has a lot of cricket left in him to better his record and make it unreachable for others at least not in the near future.
--Anuj Nagpal

Sunil Gavaskar's record as the top Test centurion stood for some 20+ years, but unless Sachin plays a top-notch game for at least four more years and scores another 10 to 15 hundreds to finish in the 45 to 50 range, the record won't be his for too long.

He has had some major fitness issues, but regardless of what the experts say, I believe his 'reduced aggression' in the past few seasons has helped neither the team nor his personal stats.

I hope he will rediscover his old touch with the Pak tour.

However, in ODIs, it is hard to imagine anyone coming close to his record (38) tons any time soon!
--Madhusudhan Nagiri

Ricky Ponting, who is at the peak of his form, will break Sachin's record of highest number of Test centuries.

Ponting may also go on to break Lara's record of highest Test runs.
--Mudit Mathur

Ricky Ponting has got a great chance to eclipse Sachin's record.

I strongly believe Ponting will score more hundreds to surpass Sachin's record, because Ricky is more consistent these days than Sachin.

Also, I have never seen Sachin leading from the front and win a match for India like Ponting did in the recent Test and also in the World Cup 2003 final.

Ricky Pointing will surpass Sachin's record shortly.

I think Brian Lara is the only candidate who can beat Sachin's record. He is the one who is close to Sachin's record among current players.

There is no competition/threat to his position from young talents in his team whereas Ricky Ponting (I think he is the next probable) is playing for a country which doesn't favour a player having an excellent record in past but whose current form is bad. Ian Healy is a good example when he wanted to retire playing his last Test on his home ground but he was not allowed to do so.

Inzamam is too far from the record and the Pak cricket board has a bad name for spoiling careers through internal politics. But he is a good player no doubt. Brian has always surprised with his performances/returning from bad form.
--Ashish Kumar Mishra

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