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'Legends are born on occasions'

May 17, 2005 15:32 IST

Readers wish one of India's bowling greats, Bhagwat Chandrasekhar, on his 60th brithday.


RS Iyer

"Ek din rahe jayega maati ke mol, jagge me raha jayega chandra tera bowl"

sung by Mukesh, favourite of the legend Chandrasekhar




Thanks for providing all the good work to Indian cricket.

GOD bless you.

A Kannadiga.



Dear Chandra,

I belong to the generation who followed your exploits on All India Radio. I have been following your cricket from the time Tony Lewis led his English team to India in 1972-73. Suresh Sariah and Ananth Setalvad would narrate your exploits on All India Radio. I was a kid of 7 in 1972. You were, and still continue to be one of my heroes. In fact, the spin quartet, the magnificent Tiger, Eknath Solkar, Gundappa Vishwanath were and still continue to be my heroes. I somehow cherish the India team of the 1970s a great deal. On the auspicious occasion of your Shasti Poorthi, here's wishing you many, many, more, happy returns of the day.



Dear sir,
I humbly wish you a memorable 60th birthday to you and pray many more birthdays to come for u. I wish our present Indian team have a great spinner and a team player like you now.



Dear Sri.Chandrasekhar Ji,

Myself and my friends wish you HAPPY RETURNS on your Diamond Jubilee Birth Day, your 'Sashstiabthapoorthi'.

We pray God Almighty for your peace and happiness today for all the days and years to come.

Cricket was an art, science and game in your days; now it has become business and gamble. Hope the game of cricket will be revived soon.

Today is also the birthday of Dr. Edward Jenner who invented small pox vaccination and saved people from small pox. It is nice that today is the birthday of two great people.


Subrahmanya M S

Hello Sir,

Hutttu Habbada Hardika Shubhashayagalu
My father was great fan of your fan and of course me too

No words to describe your success and contributions made to my beloved motherland.


K Jayaprakash

Dear Chandra,
You are the symbol of determination,courage and success. Happy birthday to you and all the best.


Ravindra Varigonda


I never saw your bowling, live. However, I hear about your skills as a bowler from my parents and grandparents. In addition, from the cricket books I read, I have learnt that you are great human being besides being a great bowler. WISH YOU A HAPPY MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY sir.


Rajesh Ramaswamy

Hi Chandra,

May you live longer for us to be proud a True Legend lives amongst us.

Wishing you the very best.


Kunal Kumar Kundu

Dear Sir,
Being so young to you, I can only wish you a very very happy and fulfilling life ahead of you.
And, of course I would like to thank you for giving us so much pleasure as kids watching you in action. I still remember those days when virtually all of us were aping your action and trying like hell to get the living daylights out of the batsmen while being totally unsuccessful in our endeavour.
Even now I get those goose pimples when I get a chance to see you in action during your heydays.
Happy Birthday to you sir.


Abhijit Das

Have a great Birthday!!!!
Though, I am only 18 I have heard legendary stories about you from my dad, who was an avid fan of you........
You are the Best....


Neha Kaul

Respected Sir,
I am just a common citizen of this country and I am very proud of being an Indian since I have indians like you to look upto.
please accept my kind regards and wishes for your birthday.
May God give you all happiness and peace and fulfilment.


Sathya Prashanth

Dear Sir,

Cricket has many stars like Sachin,Lara and Shane Warne. But there can never be another genius whose indomitable spirit transcends every obstacle on the face of earth. That genius is You.

The only sad and regrettable part is i never got an opportunity to see you play, in flesh and blood.

May God shower upon all the blessings and give the original No.11 batsman an opportunity to complete a well deserved century.


David Raja J

Legends are born on OCCASSIONS.....

A simple, small wish but with a loving heart to  the Great Man - have many more wonderful years filled with Peace, Happiness, Fun, DIVINE BLESSINGS for ever.

I learnt a lot from you Sir, just looking at you....

Thanks for it.


Waseem Qureshi


Many happy returns of the day.

I  was a kid when you took India to those famous wins.But,by the time I started understanding the game in the mid-seventies,during the Englishmen's visit in 1976 and our visit to West Indies,New Zealand and Australia imeediately,I used to pray and wish that Bedi would give you the ball whenever the wickets were not falling.

You were part of my earliest memories of my favourite game when it used to be so undiluted, uncorrupted and un-commercialised.

All the best.Thanks for everything.


V Archana

Happy Birthday to The greatest Spinnner of Indian History.Also Thanks to rediff for posting valuable information which was very inspiring.Long Live Chandrasekar and may India produce many more greats like him.


Suresh Narayan

Dear Mr. Chandrashekhar,

Wishing you a very happy birthday.

It is nice to know that REDIFF has devoted a special page in your honour on your 60th birthday. You will also be pleased to read the articles by your colleagues from the spin quartet, Bedi and Prasanna. Ajit Wadekar's article on the 1971 tour of England is also dedicated to you.

I am sure millions of budding cricketers who read about you are inspired by your achievments. Life has not been a bed of roses (given your health problems) for you but on your 60th birthday, I pray to God to give you a contented future and hope your difficulties will diminish over time.

I have seen your bowling 'live' only on Black and White TV in the 70s when I was a child but I have vivid  memories which do not fade (how you used to start your run up walking  slowly  to bowl your menacing deliveries). You will be a role model for your cricketing abilities, your personality and your determination to succeed in the face of all odds. Your popularity amongst your peers and the respect you comanded both on and off the field bear testimony to your greatness.

Here's saluting the greatest spinner ever to set foot on earth! Here's wishing the gentleman of cricket a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and best wishes for the future.


Aroop Jain

Dear Mr. B. Chandra,
Many Happy Returns of the day.
I was maybe 5 yrs old when i had met u in a party thrown by Jutice Uma Shanker Srivastava in Lucknow and had shook hands with you. I still remember that. It was just great meeting you and had been a gr8 fan of yours. I still remember the proud u did to the nation by winning the match against England. That time TV was not as popular and we used to bunk class to hear on Radio about our team performance.
I again like to wish a Many Happy Returns of The Day. May god give u all the happiness.