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'They are Dadas in India, when they go overseas...'

June 13, 2023 07:15 IST
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IMAGE: Rohit Sharma suggested a three-match WTC final and also asked for the WTC final be moved to another time and venue. Photograph: Kind courtesy Disney Hotstar

Sunil Gavaskar hit out at Indian Captain Rohit Sharma for suggesting a best-of-three finals for the ICC World Test Championship.

'No. This has been decided for a long time, you know even before you enter that first match of the cycle that the final is going to be just a one-off. So, you have to be prepared mentally,' Gavaskar said on India Today.

'Just like you prepare for the IPL, you don't say best of three. Everybody can have a bad day, or a couple of days, but before the first ball of the cycle you know what it is. So, you can't be asking for a best of three. Tomorrow, you may say best of five,' Gavaskar added.


After India were beaten by Australia in the WTC final, Rohit told a post-match press conference on Sunday: 'I would like to play the 3 Test match series for the WTC final. We worked hard and we fought, but we played just 1 game. I think a 3-match series would be ideal in the next WTC cycle.'

After the team's 209 run loss, Head Coach Rahul Dravid was questioned about the declining batting averages of Indian players while playing in overseas conditions. Such a drop in averages is a common phenomenon for any team playing away from home, Dravid stated.

Gavaskar was quick to respond to this, saying: 'It doesn't matter what the others' averages are, we are talking about an Indian team now, the Indian team's average is falling, something has to be done.'

'The batting has been the one which has caused us problems every time we go overseas. Why is it happening? That is something that we need to look at. Why is it happening that our batting, which bats so well in India, you know, they are Dadas in India, when they go overseas, some of them falter, not everybody falters, some of them falter,' Gavaskar said in a discussion on Star Sports.

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