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'Why is Dalmiya in the panel?'

May 07, 2005 22:58 IST
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Readers' take on the newly-formed panel to select the new coach.


Ram Lanka

In a Team India that is studded with stars, the coach is forced to play their "yes" man.  Prospective coaches and border-line players have already started this soaping process.  Some day my India will have:
1.  Professional Selectors (Gavaskar, Mohinder Amarnath)

2.  Players in the Team based on present form and not on past records, affiliation, and advertisement value.

3.  A coach who will tell Sachin "No, you cannot play against Bangla Desh, your elbow has not yet healed", to Ganguly "Your fielding, batting, captainship/field placement need improvement. 
You don't fit our present plan, take a break", to Harbhajan "Your bowling is suspect.  Go back to the drawing board" to Pathan, Yuvraj and Dhoni "Stardom is momentary, talent is forever"
Many a good talent have been suppressed due to politics.  May it be Shivalkar, Goel, T. Shekar, Amol Majumdar, Sunil Joshi etc.  Some day, Indian cricket talent will reach the heights it deserves and is not occupied by stars who have advertisement value.


Sreenivasan.R ( )
The Indian Institute of Planning & Management,Delhi ( )

When i see this question then the biscuit advertisement 50:50 only i get to mind.

already they have done all duck going stunts. so now it is late and high time to select a coach.

already in the four 2 are gone and only two is more proper people running in the race. here dean jones and greg chappel are the competeting each other.

greg is calm and watching and dean telling is plans and trying to attract the team board and people towards him. both are close to the people there in the selection team.

so there is always a possiblity of self few point in the selction. lets hope that self view be good and towards india success. lets hope for the postive result


Srinivasan D

If we get a nice coach to india then also the players will not play they games.

First we should train the player how to play in the game {for Ex take the team like Aus how they r playing in the match}so train like them.


Amit  Bohra

I seriously think Kapil  Dev would had been a better option  than Ravi Shastri as he  would know what type of Coach an Indian  Fast  Bowler needs as there is  Mr Sunil Gavaskar & Mr Venkat to talk on behalf of the ba trsman  & the spinners respectively. Also as  he was a much better player than Ravi Shastri in his playing days

So I seriously think Kapil Dev would had been a better option them Mr Ravi Shastri .

Well lets see if Mr Ravi Shastri can prove me wrong by selecting a good coach who  can serve the Indian team well atleast till the 2007 Cricket World Cup to be held in West Indies with in 2 years time from now .



Seems like a nice combination of former players, commentators, international umpire and adminstrators.


Sunil Sharma

Dear Gentelman,
Please do not play politics by misguaiding the 125 crore people.
person like gavaskar,shashtri are not required in selection panel
person like Bedi, vengsarkar, k.srikkanth, are suitable for penel.
we have to keep in mind for next world cup.
no player should be allow for selection without playing in national league
who ever he may be, sachin,ganguli,dravid etc.
we should prepare to select 30 players instead of national team,
if a renowned player is not click, he should be send back.
please select honestly and do not waste money os 125 crore people and there faith.


Sujith Padannakra

The panel should be able to select the right guy if they have a selfless attitude in their decision making.

They should consider the positives of Mr. Wrights approach. There were no such noticeable controversy at all during Wrights entire 5 yr tenure.

He was able to go well with the team although there existed some difference of opinions between him and the senior members which is bound to happen with any team or with any individual for that matter.

Mr. Wright never said a word about it in public until he retired.

Wright was able to handle such situation very well and maintain the harmony within the team.

When talking about the success of Indian team, we forget the contributions of a Physical trainer and a Psychologist.

Whenever we had a good trainer we have succeeded.

Psychologist is important because that is one area where our player always had a problem - the attitude especially when chasing, they were always panicky in the recent past.

It has paid rich dividents in the past. Whether BCCI want to pay a high salary to a coach and cut all other expenses and think that this "right man" will do everything for them and expect the best results, it is up to the 5 or 6 wise men they appointed again to select the coach.


Kunal Gupta

Dear Editor,
Do we/rediff/indians hold a bais against cricketers like Kaif??
John wright had this to say in a cricinfo article
"The coach too does not have much say in selection. I don't understand why a player like Mohammad Kaif gets dropped. He is the best, as solid as wood, he should be included everytime." 
If we have a selection policy such as this, even BOB Woolmer will be failure for India.
We need to be honest in our approach be it cricket or anything else all this discussions are futile waste of time.
My choice for Coach is Sandeep Patil . He's got an eye for talent and he's produced results.


Yeah with Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri andn Venkat in the team, I think India will find the right coach.


J. Chandhrashekar

Its a pity that the most admired sport in India is in shambles now. Our board will do these things in the last minute which inturn affects the teams morale. Its high time our Entire Board is reconstituted, and it should have people who have played cricket and not with those who doent know a b c of cricket.

Above all no indian player should be given as god status, it should be purely on the consistancy and even the salaries should be on a pro rata basis.

When the team fails, deduct their salary for non performance, which is there on every field and surprisingly, in cricket alone, even if the team fails very badly, teh players will be given full salaries and with all benefits, which should not be done.

Infact the players who endorse advertisements are paid tons of money, and you cant expect winning attitude from them, because they earn more in advertisements than playing cricket. This is profesion for them, but except for a few in INDIAN TEAM the other entire bunch of cricketers are not fit to play in ourteam.

Our board is best known for bargaining, and if this is the case we will not get the best. There is a proverb which will come like "THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD WILL COME FREE OF COST, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT". If u want the best coach, the board has to pay for it. 

We as Indians pray that atleast from now onwards, let the team have right people who can bring back the lost glory.


Denis Nazareth

What surprises me is the time lag between the John Wright's resignation and the appointment of the committee let alone the new coach. 

Didn't the BCCI have enough notice to act upon much earlier instead of leaving everyone including the team's preparation for the next fixture in limbo. 

I have been following Indian Cricket team since the days of Pataudi, Wadekar, Bedi, Kapild Dev etc, especially when they visit Australia and find it shocking that the BCCI seems to work on short term plans and short term utility players rather than long term results, unlike the Aussies here.

Learn from your past mistakes and ask friends for advice if you cant do it yourself, Australians have a pool of talent and ready to offer for people who deserve it. 

Integrate your coaching and training with the Aussises who are the best in the world, although I still enjoy barracking for India.


Kalyan Kumar

I earnestly hope that the BCCI the richest cricket body in the world selects the best coach without much emphasis on the monetary aspects of the selection process, unlike the last time around - with due respects to John Wright.

In a primarily capitalistic world where Telecast rights, Sponsorship Money run in to crores of rupees the compensation paid to the team coach should not be the major criterion in the selection process. The BCCI Mandarins with primarily business and trading background should very well know that a true blue businessman always hires the best talent in the world and expects the very best results.

In another article "Wright should have been retained: Dungarpur" posted on, and we have also heard a countless number of times in the last few years that Greg Chappell was asking for a huge sum of money and that put off the BCCI from selecting him as the coach the last time around. The fact of the matter is it is an acceptable norm in this day and age for a prospective employee to ask his employer for a compensation that he believes he rightfully deserves.

It is definitely arguable if a coach discusses monetary issues with the players - his pupils so to say.

I strongly believe that Bob Woolmer is the best coach in town, however since he is not looking for employment I hope which ever gentleman the BCCI selects as the coach would turn out to be a better coach than Bob Woolmer(this discussion is not about the cricket teams).

A supremely talented batting line up like ours with a fairly decent bowling will excel with any coach who has a stable tenure.

I believe Greg Chappell would be a great coach - his macro aproach to coaching is great. (If for some reason he is not going to be the coach for the BCCI team I strongly believe he should be appointed as an advisor/consultant for the Cricket Board, he is a great systems and processes man with a wealth of experience as a part of the establishment so fondly called as "Cricket Australia", and equally important he has played cricket at the highest level).

Assuming that Greg Chappell is appointed as the coach for the team I would like to add that he should have the benefit of an associate/assistant coach who has the interest and expertise towards a microlevel approach towards coaching.

The associate coach say for example could be following up with a cricketer on his speed at running between the wickets. Someone who can bring in new ideas for improving the running between the wickets. If need be the associate coach would go and have a chat with the trainer who coaches Indian athletes for Asian and Olympic track events.

Likewise who can consistently remained focused on issues like the number of no balls a bowler bowls in his quota of 10 overs in a ODI. Or on matters like fielding.

Leaving the Senior Coach with the job of:
i) being responsible for the performance of the team in a any given series.

ii) on issues like which player bats at what position and if there is a need for a specific player to be promoted up the batting order.

iii) Issues at the overall team stratagy.

iv) Goal setting for each player divorced from the team goals, for example a bowler would take so many wickets in a series, bowl so many maiden overs and such.

v) It is a no brainer that if Virendra Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid bat well the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Mohammed Kaif would end up with little runs to their credit. The job of the coach would be to judiciously manage the inherent contradictions that are so natural to a team sport like cricket, again for the overall benefit of the team and at the same time not to the detriment of any player.

vi) Is is anybody's guess that India's top Elevan dont need a school teacher, but a friend who has been there, done that and seen it all. A person who can simply listen to the players point of view probably over a cup of tea.


Shashikant Puthran

Dear Sir,

As per my opinion Shri Kapil Dev should be included in the commitee for select the coach.


Piyush Sadhu

I think abovementioned panel is capable of selecting the right man to replace John Wright.but still there is a need to include sourav ganguly,rahul dravid in the pannel.

i think its also important to take a opinion of current players.coz finally new coach has to work with this players only.


Madan Nayak

The new Indian Coach will be a person of Mr. Jagu's choice.all other members of the committee are in his pocket

Otherwise does Mr. Jagu have qualification to be in the committee. Only 3 Members should be in the committee & They are Mr. Gavaskar, Mr.Shastri & Mr, Venkatraghvan & They should have authority.

K. Chandrasekhar

I am great fan and follower of Indian Cricket. Before we go into the capabilities of selection panel, first of all it is a great releif that ATLAST BCCI has started taking action on something which should have been done three months back.
About the selection panel,
1. Why is Mr. Dalmiya in the panel, Just bcoz he is Ex.President? then why & how come BCCI gave such a nasty farewell to our Ex.Coach who did miracles with our team, leave farewell, they did not even bothered to take his views. bcoz had they taken he would have been in the panel. He is the person who knows the strengths and weakness of each one of our players and had been in the panel he would shared his Notes/Homework with the new coach and that will certainly help the person who is going take his position.
2. S. Venkataraghavan, Sunil Gavaskar & Shastri - No Problem they are all very Senior and Knowledgable Cricketers whose ideas will certainly help the panel in selecting the coach.
3.  Ranbir Singh Mahendra & S.K. Nair - No Problem they can be in panel as they are present Office bearers.
Let's Look Forward to some Good things happening to our Indian Criket Team.

Thomas Devasya
New Delhi
This is the best team to select our national coach. If Kapil Dev also included in this team it would more better.

Two of the best cricket brains from India like Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri's inclusion will keep the interest of the players and the whole cricket fans in India.

All the best to the selection panel. But my personal choice for the coach is Dean Jones.

Because he was a good player and he knows Indian cricket  and our culture better than others, except Boycott.

Once again all the best to the selection panel.



I  feel this panel will do a competent job in choosing a coach who is suitable for the "blow hot -blow cold"Indian team.

For me  ideally the coach should have been a tough no-nonsense type of person like Clive Lloyd or Steve Waugh but alas...


Rajshekhar Malaviya

There is no argument about Gavaskar, Shastri, and Venkat.
But then, what contributions Mahendra, Dalmiya and Nair will make to the decision is anybody's guess.
Would have been better if just the first three were on the committee, with the possible addition of Mohinder Amarnath.
And, Wright should have been around as well, to do a hand over to the next incumbent.

Narayanan S

First of all the formation of this panel should have happened before the pakistan series.The board should have acted immediately ,when wright said that 'it is my last series'.
The new coach should have worked with the team during the pakistan series.It would have helped him get inputs from wright and have a idea on what is to be done.
Its too late for selecting a coach with a tri-series coming in august,a new coach should be given time to settle down with the team.He should have time with the team and know about everyone.
No point all our comments are like blowing horn in a deaf man's ears.When we have people like dalmiya and mahendra heading the BCCI , future seems to be very BRIGHT???


Srinivasan Rangarajan

Australia's dominance in both forms of the game is due their ability to win matches under any circumstances.

In Adam Gilchrist batting at No 7 (I think the best No 7 ever to play in the history of the game) they never look under any pressure.

Also credit should be given to Steve Waugh's leadership qualities, if not for his resilience against India in the Sydney test, Australia would have lost the test series.

This makes them the most formidable force in both forms of the game.


Sachin Manchanda

Yes. Dean Jones must be the new Indian coach now.


Tapas Guhamajumdar

Dear Sir

I feel Greg Chappel is the right choise.He is far superior player and the coach in comparison to others.Anyway I have got full confidence in Gavaskar and Company.Still I feel please include G.R. Viswanath in the committee to make it an ideal one.

Thanks and wishing all the best to Indian team and india.



Ian Chappal A Right Coach For India


Niren Shetty
Selecting a National Team coach is not a Joke. Out of the panel members Except for  Gavasker none of them were a coach before. Even Gavasker was a little bit of batting coach. I would have liked a Panel with former coaches to select the coach. You go to a Marketing Manager to select a marketing guy and to select a techi you go to a Technical Manager not to a commentator,umpire or a Politician.

BCCI even should have considered getting former and current international coaches.I would have a liked a Panel comprising John Wright , John Buchnan, Duncan Flectcher,Anuhuman Gaiakwad,Hanumanth Singh to name a few...but who cares ?


Satyajit Mitra

I believe a committee that selects a coach for a national side should contain the following ingredients

1. The Board president to tackle the financial and managerial side.

2. The coach that is about to leave so that one can understand what he did to make the team better and to identify the areas that need to be worked on.

3. The captain and vice-captain of the side, understandably, a certainty in the side, and have a vision as to where the team is going and what they need in order to get there.

4. Two ex-coaches who have coached the same national side previously and have the best winning percentage/maximum test wins to their credit.

5. Two ex-captains who have led the national side and have the best percentage/maximum test wins to their credit.

6. An honorary member who is currently the coach of the best contemporary national side out there.

Such a panel would have the respect of captains and players alike. Identify problem areas and identify the right man for the job.


Pravin Sharma

Dear Sir,

In my opinion,Venkat is the only right choice in the panel other than Mr. Dalmiya. Remember not so long ago, cricketer like certain Rohan Gavaskar making to the International level. Vow!! Shastri talks well in a predefined way as were his cricketing skills. He has no track of self improvement in either discipline. Poor us, we have to bear his pedestrian commentary. I will not waste your time by discussing Mr. Ranbir Singh Mahendra or Mr.Nair. I hope a stenographer can take all notes and pass on to Mr. Nair to declare the decision of panel to working committee for rubber stamping. What a waste of time!!!

Mr. Dalmiya, although political is a shrewd man and deserve place in the panel because of his understanding of team requirements and his bold decisions to move Indian cricket in right direction. I am sure his political leaning will be checked by other panelist by secretly voting after discussion on all the candidates. Be it confronting ICC or misguided individual from other countries or introducing physiotherapists, coaches, sports psychiatrist. He has a proven record that he does carry the organization forward though not dynamic will help in finding the right match for Indian cause.

Mr. Wright, should have been in the panel too for no one knows better than him. He knows what failed, what needs to be fixed, and who would be the best guy to do it. Reports suggest he has bias toward Moody. I think he may be right and Moody has proven track but how would the players react to a young coach needs to discussed in team before interviewing the coaches. In my opinion Mr. Rahul Dravid needs to be included in the team as panel member too. He is also the one who can see from inside. For he is considered neutral and a fighter, who wants to succeed and improve no matter how tough it gets.

To get more opinion Mr. Anshuman Gaekwad, Mr. Wadekar, and Mr. Mohinder Amarnath should be included as well. All are fighter and have shown self improvement to a cetain level in their disciplines, not mentioning thier coaching background.

I hope "the power to be " reads it and for good of the cricketing fans makes a wise decision. I hope admitting a mistake and correcting it publicly will not need a coach or panel.



In my opinion, the right person to do the job for India will be the one who has seen it and done it all of being the most competitive and knows what goes in to get on the top.
My man for the job will be Steven Waugh.
The man who the world admires and takes into high regards for what he has already done for his country and what he can still be capable of ( for India ).
what Indian team needs is to get rid of their worst enemy - Complacency,  and who else can be the right person to help Indian team with this and drive them home.
I suggest, with Steven waugh as a Team Coach and Rahul Dravid as the Indian Captain, will bring in a new energy that the Indian team needs desperately. The Dravid-Waugh duo will take the lead from the Ganguly-Wright and will do the justification to the talent we have.

Sunil Bhanot

Only if Dalmiya is kicked out from the selection committee.

The man knows nothing about cricket.


Suvendu Samal


Here is what I think....

Whatever might be the profession, what many believes to succeed, one need to have the determination in the right earnest combined with the willingness to put the hard work required, of course they should have the basic requirement for the profession. Be it playing a game, putting up a strategy or writing a computer program.

So there is no doubt in my mind the person who is having more these qualities should be the coach.

By saying the above, the biggest question is how can we scale the contenders for these qualities and should not we consider some other factors as well.

First of all let us list the contenders in coaching knowledge and experience wise:-

1. Greg Chappel
2. Dave whatmore
3. Tom Moody
4. Dean Jones

The list above is from the speculation from the media about the persons who are running for the job.

Leaving Dean Jones all other contenders are very closely matched as far as knowledge and experience goes. So let's leave out Jones here since we cannot risk by taking a person, who does not match the other contenders in the basic qualities required for the job.

Greg Chappel:-

The whole cricket world accepts that Chappel is the best coach as far as basic understanding of the job and way of nurturing a young talent goes. But somehow I feel he is not the right replacement.

Take a small example, recently Sachin Tendulkar's Son met with Chappel in Mumbai and the media reported their conversation. Chappel ended the conversion saying "But I had started playing in the backyard when I was three. And, by the time I was five, I had pretty much started expressing my style of batting." upon the inability to express his way of batting from Arjun Tendulkar.

I can understand it is  very light hearted meeting , but I feel the situation like above brings the character of a person.

This is what I think about Chappel:-

1. It will be very difficult for him to accept his mistake sometime, which is a common trait for many great guys.

2. The common tendency to give example your own way of achieving thing than to speak how it can be achieved or mentioning the reason why it could not achieved. Sometimes a first few lines you speak to a person at a problematic period matters most.

3. The money is the first criteria for him as mentioned by the previous interviewer. I can understand money plays a big role, but it is always better not to talk about that. When anybody goes for a job interview he knows at the minimum, how much he can expect.

So it is better for him to talk about his abilities, his strategies etc than making it clear that the fist priority is money. This also makes another thing clear that the person is very proud and sure of his caliber, which makes him refuse to any negotiation.

Not a good trait for the would be coach of India, where the dressing room will be full of superstar. Here we need a good negotiator who knows pretty well to achieve what he wants through negotiation and well-planned speech to motivate.

4. Can be he that much dedicated during the off-season to work with the second string players or some times with certain academy or state? The answer is not certain by seeing his bigger personality and for sure if he gets the job after a salary negotiation.

5. There might be another problem of hogging the limelight more than the captain or players.

This is what I think about Dave Whatmore:-

1. Is he committed enough to his job ? The answer is no, by going through his comments and quotes in the media while he is having the job of coaching a national team.

2. He has already achieved by taking a team to the highest honor by winning the world cup. So the question is there enough hunger to repeat the feat. Cannot be answered easily. But we are not at a position to take the doubt along with us.

He definitely scores on other criteria.

The obvious choice to me is Tom Moody:-

1. He has never coached a national side, but is having enough experience and knowledge of coaching, which will make him very much hungry for the success.

2. He speaks little and does a lot. Quite obvious from the comments and quotes in the lead up to the selection of Indian coach and his achievement as coach and then director of cricket, at worcestershire.

3. Being an integral part of the successful Australian side for quite a long time to gain enough knowledge for adopting a strategy.

4. He can be approachable by each and every member of the team from the word GO.

5. He is young compare to others, which will make him to sweat out with the team members more often to demand more from the team.

6. The major factor is he is more hungry for success than the money at this point of time.


Karthik Raj Raja

The reality is that, the BCCI - is very much confused on the selection of a new Coach!!! Though it has many options (within and outside India) to choose from? They are yet to finalise the selection panel?

I would ideally go for a foreign coach. Becoz, indian's are not aggressive by nature. Rather, somebody from Australia or Newzealand - would be…

However, its very clear that, Dean Jones and Greg Chappell are the front runners for the position. However, Jones has expressed his interest - in making this indian team - an interesting team - in future..

Its a good sign. But, what do our selectors have to say? Ultimately its, there call which matters the MOST???


Pandya, Pankaj

It is good to have a foreign coach after experiencing various home coaches compare to John Wright. It brings more professionalism. But the main problem of Indian Cricket and team is just one superb nock and no one will touch you for the years. The best example is VVS Laxman. Just one calcutta nock gave him a new birth in Indian Team and then after he was able to survive for the years with a poor or average performances. Now its a time to introduce a contract system for all players just like NBA in US. In US in NBA , players gets choosen based on their College level performance fortunately we have a lot of Home cricket like Ranji Matches. Why cant our coaches and selectors make a fresh lists of candidate after each season. Why we retain the same old team even if its loosing. Cricketers in India makes a decent amount of money in terms of Endorsements and Match fees. No one will have a finance problems after even set out for one or two seasons. There must be an end of Favoritism.

Then only Indian Cricket will improve otherwise after few years, people will loose interest out of the game which has already begun.

- A Rediff Reader and Cricket fan from US.


Vivek  Sharma
Will we?

Has Indian selection committee ever done their best? Are these the best 11 players in India? They are good but NO WAY the best.

BCCI does whatever they can in what little time they have after spending enormous money in indecisive and worthless meeting after meetings in 5 star hotels, dealing with internal politics, blame games and what not.

Inconsistencies, lack of best effort, enormous money, chalta hai attitude are synonyms of BCCI and I say that now no body cares. Public and media memory is short term and biggest advantage for them.

I strongly doubt that they will find the best coach in what little time they have after other so important above mentioned works.



Jagmohan Dalmiya can be replaced by any former Indian Cricketer


Suresh Pillai

The committee formed by BCCI is capable of finding the right cricket coach for India . Sunny,Ravi & Venkat are extremely capable cricketers and had captained India earlier .

Dalmiya  & Ranbir Mahendra needs to be in the panel to decide on the economical as well as handling other conditions like inclusion in selection committee etc by the aspirants .

I would have loved to see John Wright also part of the committe since he knows Indian cricket more than everyone else and his inputs would be extremely valuable ..

Also the views of Saurav,Sachin and Dravid also needs to be considered before making the coach decision .

Having said this , I personally feel that Greg Chappell would the ideal coach for India considering his background in coaching ,cricket acumen and for being an aggressive individual .



Steve Waugh can change our attitude to perform like Australians.


Sonchhatra, Ketal S.

It might sound bitter but the bitter truth of Indians is - they like somebody to tell them what to do. Of course, you won\'t listen to your fellow Indian.

Therfore, the future of Indian Cricket depends on selecting an outsider as a Coach.

Be it that way - doesn\'t matter if the Coach is a Foreigner. In the end, all it matters is: WINNING THE GAMES ! I give full credit to John Wright as a Coach.

He helped us reach great heights. Indian Players don\'t have discipline like Australians or any other non-asian team.

The players should WORKOUT every single day - build strong to bowl fast and hit hard. Practicing few days before series is not the way.

They should be dedicated to do their job 365 days. If they get so much attention and money: it is their duty to die on Cricket field for millions of fans like us.

Soldiers in India are not appreciated like Cricekters, yet they die when time comes. Discipline, dedication, hard-work, team-work, and strong leadership might change the fortune of Indian team.

Cricket Fan !




Shastri and Gavaskar were good players but more on negative and defensive side respectively. These things come from their nature and I don't think we want these things in our future coach. Also they bring lots of politics with their task.

Also apart from coach, our players need to be changed. We should keep players rotating, thats the best way to build a bench-strength, which is key to sucess.

Look at Australia, apart from Ponting, no one is assured of his place in team. Even Gilchrist has Haddin on his neck. Build competetion in the team by rotating them, thats the best way to bring out best in them, which will be ultimately good for Indian cricket.

Cheers !!!



Remove GAvaskar and Shastri. Both are corrupt and partial decision makers..

Both are curs to Indian cricket


Subhajit Dasgupta
Texas, USA

What Ravi Shashtri is doing in the panel? He neither was a good cricketer nor is an official. He is a total opportunist and plays politics big time.

Indian cricket is backtracking in the same situation where it was 5 yrs back. The BCCI president is a big junk.

He was the team manager during the Australlia tour in 91-92 and Saurav has gone on records accusing him as the worst person he has ever seen in his life.

The pannel is a great bullshit. They should have included current senior players and John Right and the coach should have been decided before Right left India.

These empty headed board officiials are only here for making money and nothing else. Selection of Ravi Shashtri proves that.

He never wants Indian cricket to move forward. One should slap him on his face for being double standard.

We don't have dearth of great cricketers and tacticians, that we had to select him for deciding our coach.

I can't stand the inclusion of a spineless person like him (He, Ramiz Raza, Arun Lal fall into the same category, Spineless Opportunist).

I guess they will end up in selecting someoene who will ask for least salary irrespective his capability (though BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world).

I am now confirm that the next few years are going to be worse for Indian Cricket....

Fans get ready for some crap.


Rajesh Dwivedi

The committee should have been in place by now. But that's the way BCCI has always functioned. Get somebody from outside. No Indian coaches please.

Team India will otherwise become groups India.



Yes, I think Gavaskar and Shastri role would be crucial and very, very important for making a new coach to Indian team.  These two really know what our teams needs at the moment - we cant simply argue about this.   

Team has a lot of potential, but, how can we utilize them ?  we dont want to see India losing 4 times in a row to any team in the world - no excuse for team for making a  huge mess what we witnessed recently with PAK. 

Best regards


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