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'A bad patch can't be for 2-3 yrs'

July 16, 2005 18:48 IST
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Readers respond to former India cricketers' comments on Sourav Ganguly.



Give the guy a break!!!!

He is not god but only human who has, by all means, surpassed expectations as a captain and a player in the game of modern cricket. there is no doubt in my mind; the tiger will roar again.... eye of the tiger!!!

Cmon, Sourav, korte hobe, aar ak bar!!!



I am a great fan of Bengal Tiger.

I think Ganguly will come back soon with his glittering form .As far his captaincy is concerned no other captain i've seen like him.

The main reason for his bad form is that once a person told him that he(that person) has find his weakness but which was not untill that time ,this made him worry about that and he forgot the rest of his ability .this was his biggest fault becoz all that was just a mind game that player ever used to discourage his opponents.

once Ganguly realizes this he will again begin to play his natural game.because he can hit any ball from any direction at any time at any speed to boundary.

all that Ajit wadekar has said that he should rectify his technique . i would like to say- yes but only those techniques which he has added in his book during past one or two years.

I would like to suggest to Ganguly that he should again start to hit big sixes.

my best wishes are with him.


Waiting for the roaring of "Bengal Tiger".



I know for all former cricketers it is not easy to say that he cannot attain glory. There are reasons. One should not forget that Shrikant had to appologise Ganguly in past for criticising his place in the team.

Fact remains that if we play him for 5-6 tests or 10 one dayers without looking at his performance he will definitely score 1 or 2 times ( Likewise anybody can score if given similar opportunities) It is evident from he way his game is progressing it is extremely difficult for him to make a come back. Only option is to work really hard both on technical problems as well as on mental attitude.




Yes i think it not fair to think that Ganguly's time is over. Remember his great contributions to Indian Cricket. He is the person who encouraged most of the youngsters in the team and made them stars.How can we forget his old convincing innings for India even when Master Blaster Tendulkar was at his best. Form out is temperory and time can change the things. India need this captian for more matches.


Riyaz Khan

Dear ganguly please try to forget last series. you are my ideal. I can't forget your action when you hit six.please please try to come back.


Rajat Gupta

He's done...toast.  Time to fill that spot with an alternate, long term prospect.


Rakesh Mathur
Windsor, Canada

With the help of Greg Chappell, he is bound to regain his lost form. Greg will definitely make him work hard on his weak points and in a very short time Ganguly will be solid like a ROCK. All the best DADA.


Tajinder Pal Singh

Yes, He will regain his lost glory. Because he is good player and always thinks about win for his team and he has great team sprit which will help him to come back. I think everyone has some ups and downs in his life and it's a part of life. If this is a bad time for Ganguly then we should stand by him because we need this genius player and team leader in our team. I wish that he get his form at earliest.


Pradipta Kumar

It was a good article. It is good to see that the Great Masters of Indian Cricket has backed Ganguly. I think the so called experts (whose main aim is to show their face on TV and criticise anyone for the sake of criticising) who has been criticising Ganguly in the past months should see what performance they had given when they played for India.



Dear Editor,

It is a pity the pundits don't know what is a bad patch?  You can't run with a dismal show for over two -- three years and claim it one bad patch.  He may be a good captain.  What good is it to have a good but non-playing captain?  It is time we showed him the way out.  He is far from rectifying as shown by his performance in the county.



Arindam Roy

Yes definitely. A batsman with his caliber will definitely return in form. No one can forget that he had scored almost 5000 test runs and almost double in the shorter version of the game.  He is always a big match player. So I think it is just matter of time , he is playing well in England this summer. This part of the time ball seams a lot in England, still he is scoring runs which is a good sign for him and as well as Indian cricket.


SL Joshi

No. Gangully is finished is difficult to gain confidence in this stage i.e. at the age of 33


A Baranwal

Hi, Can't we do away with Ganguly? Is he the only ace player who can shoulder our cricket team? Is it that in his absence Indians will never perform on field? Is his skills so rare that we need bytes of space to worry over Ganguly's poor performance? SHOULD NOT WE TREAT IT AS A TIME AND OPPORTUNITY TO TEST NEW RISING STARS TO REPLACE HIM OR FOR THE SAKE OF BACKUP? If yes, why this worry over this man?


Mihir Bhattacharya

Definitely he will regain.  My only request to some of the media persons to show a little bit sympathy on him.  Ganguly has contributed a lot for Indian cricket.  He has made a point in Indian team that performance and positive approach are the only criteria to be in the team.  The regional quota system is also vanished in selection process during Ganguly's regime.

Many of us were shocked to bear a particular television channel during Pakistan's tour to India when almost every day Ganguly was termed as "aajka mujrim".  I saw how nakedly one of India's former captains was critising Ganguly.  I felt pain when I saw some of our very prominent personalities in Indian Cricket were participating on the above show.

Donn't worry.  Prince of Kolkata will again come and show his old glory.


Will Ganguly regain lost glory?

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