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Readers response

July 15, 2005 15:56 IST

Readers respond to former India cricketers' comments on Sourav Ganguly

Sumit Bhatia

Yes, Ganguly will regain his lost glory.

There is lots of cricket left in him.

He is the person who gave the new direction to Indian Cricket Team. Infact he is the person who is responsible for converting Indian Team to TEAM INDIA.

He is the most successful captain, has almost 10,000 runs in ODI's.

I think the problem is that he is felling little bit pressure from the rules of ICC. While the team is fielding, his main tension may be of completing of the overs in time, but not who should bowl or other thing.

ODI is changing day by day. ICC has to do something in Time Quota of completing the Over.

IF any body think that Sourav has the problem in rising deliveries, then ask them if he has this type of problem, then How can he score almost 10,000 runs in ODI.

He needs only a single inning to come back. Lots of great players like Sunil, Sachin Tendulkar had face this type of form.

I have all the blessings and wishes with Sourav to get his form back.


Sachin Pathak

No.. He has lost him form.

He should Retire.


Prathap Nair

Am sure a player of Sourav's kind is too great to be spoken upon about the techniques and form.Id agree with all the comments of the former captains.Ganguly needn't be taught to bat. He knows his form,talent and responsibilities.I think the first thing we need to do is keep the media shut.They pour down too much of undue pressure on him.After all hes a human being.

I'd agree with someone who said he would advice Sourav to keep his eyes open and ears shut...probably thats the best cure.The Indian cricket I would say has never seen a captain as good as Sourav.He has taken lots of efforts to shape this team young and talented.People are full of praises when he scores and all curses when he doesnt....apart from being a player hes a great captain as well...Hes aggressive and charging always.Probably all that he needs is support from the cricket fans and the nation.That would bring him to form faster.Its more to do with his mind and psyche than anything.

Come on Sourav...You are always the best !!!!!


Neeta Pimpalnerkar

yes he will

time & again he has proved his critics wrong......he will do it again!!!


Krishna Chaitanya

I am not a great cricket fan , but i love Ganguly hitting sixes . Every one in their life will have up and down's . It is not fair to point a  person's ability at the bad hour ...He will definetaly shower his bat with some delightful Hundreds .. All the best for him ..


T R R Swamy, Kuwait

Yes, Saurav will regain his form and there is no question of changing him from the leadrership.Also if you ask members of the team ,you will have a unanimous decision for him as captain.So let us not do blunders by changing him,on the contrary,Mr Greg can correct him and the whole side behind him will see him taking India in the world cup to success.

Saurav,come on ,prove critics wrong!


Parth K

drop Ganguly for few games.Reduce some of his  commertial assignments and let him concentrate on willl be OK...



Dear Rediff reader,

He was a Good player once up on a time (Before ICC Allowed one Bouncer/over in ODI), but I personally feel he is not fit to play the modern days cricket (Aggressive Cricket).

So let him retire from all form of the game because now he is having some good name from the cricketing fans all over the world.

I don't think he will regain his Form; basically a player who can play good test cricket can always be a Good Cricketer in both of the Game. But ganguly is not at all eligible to play Test Cricket. (Don't saw about his Previous Record, in that case I would suggest Srikanth and Sidhu to play for INDIA for another Couple of Years). So which says clearly he is getting old and this is the time for him to say good bye to Cricket.

Simple Example: Look at the way How Anil is performing in Test matches at the age of 33. (In fact his previous records also very clear he is a Match winning player, so we need the player like Anil not like Ganguly.

So this is the time for BCCI to say god bye to this man and look for Youngsters (See how Australians Ignored the Michael Bevan in fact every crickets and cricket governing body know about his skill and ability to Play at any kind of situation, but now a days he is not playing for Australia because Australian selectors are looking for future team).

But our BCCI Selectors are looking player's old record. So What ever we say that won't be use full for INDIAN Cricket team because they will never look for the Public Opinion. They have already some player list registered in there mind so they are simply announcing it as New team but at the end of the day it will be a OLD team contains the players like yuvraj, Harbajan, Zaheer and Use less Nehra als.

So at least in Rediff they should publish all the reader commands as one article, so that ganguly will come to know by any other means.



I don't think he will regain.  Its not the case with one or two seasons.  He has been failing for almost a couple of years.  Leader should not have this long performance break, it will affect the entire team's performance.

Even if we rightly recollect his big knocks, we hardly find any match-winning or match-saving ones.  All his good innings ended with a draw in the tie.  It is hard to believe for hard-core fans of Ganguly, but they have to accept the fact.  Look at Dravid and Tendulkar, they won or saved matches many a times.  Does Ganguly have this record in his bag?

When he was the captain he always acted like the boss, not as a part of team.  He never consulted other senior players on critical field decisions.  Of course he was the Indian captain for too long period, but all of us know how.  Thanks to the Godfather he has in the powerful hands that controls BCCI also.

Cricket in India is not a sport alone, it is an enterprise.  It involves hundreds of crores of rupees.  I am not referring to the illegal betting scam.  This money is public money that is being circulated through TV rights.  TV channels come forward to pay huge money towards telecast rights.  This is the money collected from the advertisers who recover the cost ultimately from consumers... you and I.  So whose money is going to Cricket?  It is our money.

In enterprise there is no room for endless waiting to someone's form to come back.

Ganguly... time for you to call it a day.  Remember, you are not alone, even Dravid and Tendulkar should also go once their services to the game are over.

Go gracefully, before you are asked to do so.

I take this opportunity to highlight one more issue on Indian cricket.  Why are the players down with fitness problems too often?  Did we have this problem earlier?  Did we ever see Kapil Dev, Gavaskar,  Vengsarkar or Viswanath to sit out of the game due to fitness problem?  They may have missed a game or two due to health problem, but not due to fitness problem.

Today we are behind the white-skinned physiotherapists, is it justifiable?  Is there no difference in the body flexibility and other physiological aspects between the people in India and people in other countries?  Can you find a better physiotherapist than Kapil Dev?

Let the game be a game, Dalmiya does this message reach you?



Saurav Ganguly will regain his lost form.It is just a matter of confidence and the tour of Zimbabwe will help him to regain his touch.India needs Saurav Ganguly to fire and that will boost the entire team.



I too agree with the former players.Ganguly is presently undergoing a lean patch and will take not much time to recover.He has played many good games in the past.It is just that he has to shut his ears to criticism and concentrate on correcting his technical flaws.Then he will become alright.