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Readers speak out!

Last updated on: April 26, 2005 15:42 IST
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Neelesh(from hyderabad):

the appointment of mr. john wright has been totally wright as his name is. the wright has change the teams phase in his own wrights & written his own tunes on which the whole team succeeded..i hope my letter greets this dark horse a true legend a true black cap magician and bid a final farwell from this ever passionate country of cricket.

I may not meet you but i salute you for giving your soul n playin the best part in sorrows n happiness of india.what all you have done in this past 4 to 5 yrs has change the posture of every indian today,now we can say that we r not a cake walk..few subtle changes in the attitude may make our teams portrait more merrier..

may god bless you with all the happiness in life n you live like a legend on earth..may you will be gone forver from this country but u have left an ever lasting impression in our hearts..we have seen your calmness,your grid,your cool attitude,your heart throbing smile,your passion,your emotion...finally i wana say you that you are a once in a lifetime god who comes n blesses one an all..

farewell from ur most passionate n close fan



It is great to have a coach like Sir Wright, who taught is right. Your right attitude will lead you to success and that is what sir had.

It happens in spite of planning a lot you may loose a game at the end of the day but you are satisfied.

The team under right has learnt how to win matches.

I strongly believe sir John Wright was right throughout his tenure as coach. Let us all appreciate his commitment..


Pankaj Tripathi:

John Wrights tenure:  !!!

Induction of foreign coach, made one  point very clear!

Players from a particular zone don't get undue advantage. In his eyes all playing 11 or  non playing 14 were same.

The one good thing that happened to India team was put the team's interest before your own.

I wont Shy away from the fact that in the past majority of Team players used to play for the individual glory or retaining their seat for the next match, they would be contended to score a 50 in 100 balls,  and India happy with 214 as innings total.

John wright made sure that a player play for the team , whether he comes from Mumbai doesn't mean  he will be selected for all the matches.

Doing fairness to his Job as coach, I havee some critical points which I feel have to be addressed sooner then later in the best interest of Team.

I still think and believe there is  lot of partisan going on India team, I don't understand why a player like Agarkar gets chance in India team , and why isn't the Captain and Coach Vocal about it.

Why Can't we change the batting order to have Gangully come at  No 6 and Kaif promoted to No 3 or 4.

Test Team selection is my major concern. Player Like Kaif are all season players one catch they take may change the game, These are young and inspirational player, If a player is not performing (no matter he is Captain ) for so many games, we cant have him rediscover his Form at the cost of other bunch of  talented FOLKS.

This is the time Coach has to voice his concern and say let the Captain rest for few matches. Taking tough decisions in interest of team are the qualities one should look in the Coach.

I will write more from home computer, but I think the best achievement of John is He let the team play as a team.

There have been few eyebrows raised because of the performance but every team has their highs and lows.


Konda Reddy:

He made Indian Team believe in themselves that they can beat any team in the world and also win the matches abroad.

Highlights of his tenure.
1. Ind vs AUS 2001
2. NatWest Series 2002
3. World Cup 2003
4. Ind in AUS 2003
5. Ind in Pakisthan 2004

Couple of things I wish our team should've done to repay his service to them
1. Winning test series in australia in 2003.
2. Winning test and odi series in india against pak (2005)
3. Put a good fight in world cup final no matter what the result is.


Anand Sriramagiri:

Hello John,
Thanks a lot for your tenure with the indian team. Your sincerity was indeed something. I really have to appreciate you turning this sagging team of potatoes into a somewhat fit bunch. I also understand, there is only so much a coach can do. The only regret I have and maybe u too, is the middle order inflexibility. This indian team needs a psychiatrist behind them all the time. They play well only when they are fired up, like aus2001, WC2003 etc. Sports does not work like that. They are happy competing, but not winning. I wish, you had brought some competition in the middle order like the way, bowlers have. Also, really, couldnt understand why our pacers, when they enter the team, bowl at 140+ and then start bowling after a year at 120+. Is it due to coaching or laziness, now that they are in the team or injuries. Either way, as a coach I wished you had put more pressure on them to bowl faster, which is their job. Because as an opener you would have know, deviating the ball, no one can do better than a spinner. But a fast bowler's main job is to bowl quick and then use all other tricks like seam and swing. Anyways, I wish you continual success in whatever you do.


Ganesh Balaraman:

Dear Sir,

It was absolutely great having him as the national coach. A brilliant job in the last 5 years has made India reach heights they could have dreamt when John Wright took over as the coach. He as at once been inspirational, cool, thoughtful, rational and never went overboard with his public comments or actions. If it has to be said in one word 'Brilliant'. He will be missed a lot and of course he is irreplaceable.

Wishing him all the best for his future endeavours.





John Wright had done a good job as a coach of India for 5 years.

One thing always worries me.

India team had not given him a good farewell, which is bad on whole nation and especially on the Indian cricket team.

The man who didn't care for money and done his job perfectly, in return what he got from Indian team members. I think no need to tell the remaining part.

So much money is being spent on Indian cricket.

I can only say 'WISH YOU ALL THE BEST' for John Wright for his future.

Thanks & Rgds


Shardul Mehta:

I wrote about John Wright's tenure -- his legacy, if you will -- here:

I would very much appreciate if you could forward this to him. He has brought much pride and joy to me, as an Indian, and as a lover of the sport.

Thank you!




Hey John,

This is sathya from USA. I would like to start by saying good bye and wishing you the best in all your future endeavours. We will definitely miss you and you have set a high standard that your sucesor has to be real good to fill in.

1. For a country that judge everyone based on stats here are few: During the 52 Test matches  you have won 21 games, as many as nine of them away -- an unprecedented feat -- during which India lost only one home series, to Australia. It was also during his tenure that India reached the final of the World Cup for the first time since they won it back in 1983.

2. You created an approach to gel our highly talented and skilled individuals together. It was amazing how you managed to control these superstars. That shows how much they respect you as a coach.

3. You made these guys very fit, athletic and diet consious. Brought in a good Phyisio. The result was tremendous improvement in fielding and running between wickets.

4. You built this team with Saurov, kept your faith on guys like shewag, kaif, yuraj and more.

5. Improved india's test stature. But we didnot do that well in ODIs under you but I understand its the whole team that has to be blamed.

6.You were very tough as I understand from your players coulumns. Thats what these guys need. Toughness.

Overall you did a great job john. I along with my friends who live here in USA always debate on various topics in cricket,. The only two things we had agreed unanimoulsy was that India is a great team now and "John Wright and Saurov" are the couple who built it.

Thanks for making our team win.

Take care


Santhosh Raghunath:

Whenever there is going to be a conversation about India's prominent cricket coaches, John Wright's name will always be featured on the top three of the list.  With his contribution for the past five years, he has definitely set the bar high for the successors. 

Along with the Indian team members, many of the Indians regret the low performance of the team during the final phase of John Wright's tenure as Coach.  We wish him all the best for this future challenges and hope he enjoys his much deserved time with his family.  Thank you Mr. Wright! You were 'The Coach'!



Sunil Kumar:

Dear Wright,

Your leadership was the best of all. You had a good plan, integrity, leadership, passion towards having best Indian cricket team. Couple of times I seen you planning strategies in the VIP lounge along with the players. I never saw any coach doing that with such ease.

Thanks for leading India.


Smriti Padmanabhan:

hello john..
belive it or not u have got just as many fans as the indian team
does....because we think you are one of the reasons why india is the
team it is 2day barring their last performance i thnk the improved fitness was one of the things i noticed.

then ofcourse the players seem to be playing as a team india and not as a  group of induviduals.....for me it always felt like you
inspite of being unassuming  got most of the things done ....very
smoothly i must add...

...i was hoping the day wnt come when you may have to leave....but i
guess it has...i as an adrent indian cricket fan wish to thank you for
all that you have done...... you have definitly left india in a much
better position than when you arrived..

i will  always pray  and always wish for your good health and happines



He has done a great work and has been the main model in building the team India. Now, as his tenure as coach is over BCCI should look the same foreign replacement for the team, instead of looking some foolish and mean people from our country.

I wish him good luck and may GOD bless his family.



In his 4 years John Wright brought professionalism , accountability , class and dignity to a team that had failed to show any of these in 70 years. I thank him for that and wish him the very best in whatever he pursues from here on.

Cheers and thanks,


Ramki Srinivasan:

I will keep my puns with the "right" word to the minimum.I think every cricket fan should be indebted to Mr Wright for all he has done over the last 4-5 years.I think he has (along with Saurav) done more for Indian cricket than any other person (Yes and I include Sachin,Gavaskar and Kapil Dev).Finally after 60-70 years we have a winning team and one that wins consistently.(434 wickets and 34 centuries do make us proud but a winning team makes us prouder)
Maybe the last season has not been too good, but for lifting the Indian fan from the depths of cynicism (because of the match fixing scandal) Wright deserves a lot of thanks.I stopped watching cricket in 2000 and Saurav and Wright are the reason I am a cricket fan once again. Bravo!!!!




As a passionate Indian fan, I would like to commend your stupendous
performance as India coach over the past 5 years. You have brought in
professionalism and work ethics which were non-existent in Indian cricket. I completely agree with you regrding selction committee reform. There is no way we can have eleven quality players unless we do away with zonal politics. As a keen follower of India's cricket team, I think we have the mechanism in place to be the best side in the world. But we need a hungrier side. Many players in this team have been battle hardened to such an extent that they take losses in their stride rather than show the keenness to get back at the opponent.

This, I humbly feel is why Australia are world beaters. Have you seen them come back when they lose even 1 game, leave alone the series? The killer instinct is missing in our side, too many players are resting on their laurels. I think someone like Steve Waugh could provide that mental edge that we are lacking as a team.

One thing you did really well....
1. Build a great fitness regime, tuned the team to a work ethic and brought in professionalism, One thing you failed at doing....
Could not build a second string team which can give the seniors a run for their money. Why then, would Yuvraj Singh, who I think is a very arrogant cricketer, remain in the team after consistent failures.





You were the eye-wrench the team needed to get out of rut they were
in. there have been some great places where you took them especially in
the areas of fitness,fielding ,effort and psycho advice. Unearthing new
talent (very important for the coach) and honing Ganguly's captaincy
were wonderful. Wish you the very best. i speak for myself. will
remember you.


Deepak Kulkarni:

I think john tenure was good for india.He improved fitness of the and unified the team.
during his tenure the overseas test record improved and india reached their highest
position possibly in test rankings no mean achievement given india's poor record overseas.
I think he deserves more due than is given.He has been the first coach to have given
full committement to the team and game in india thats what i think.I think for the polictics in
indian board john might have done better if given a free hand and continued.These are my own
views. He initiated change in indian cricket and will be able always remembered for that.
(Anyway good luck to him)


I wish to say good luck to John wright in his future endeavors.
Thank you for memorable games


Kartiq Subramanian:

John Wright was the best thing to have happened to Indian Cricket (India). The Indian team under him was unlike our other Indian teams for all the good reasons and we need to appreciate Wright for this. Every critic and cricket writer has mentioned about his contributions and how he made India a cohesive unit. But for me it was his professionalism and the grace with which he carried of this job that makes John the man. Yes I agree, Buchanan and Woolmer are doing the same job professionally as well, but its an altogether a different story to manage an 'Indian team' rather a BCCI team that plays for an Indian audience. Though there were a few dissappointments with the performance of our team, I dont think this is the time to discuss them. John deserves a great send-off and I hope he gets one.
Thanks John and take care.



Best wishes for ur Future Coaching work. put Indian Team in the Right way....
I guess nobody other than you Mr.Wright would have guided India in the Right way.....though it was a disappointing end to ur tenure with Test Series Draw and One Series Loss to Pakistan...
The most Positive point during your tenure I have noted is "THE TEAM SPIRIT" which was quite Non-Existent prior to your arival....
I just hope .....your departure shouldnot be the turning point for Indian team to SLIDE downwards....
Well Now Its Just Hopes and Wishes....
well done Mr.Wright...
best wishes.


The Amin Family (London):

Just wanted to say I think John Wright has done a fantastic job for the Indian team! The professionalism he instilled into the team will be his legacy along with his passionate appreciation of the Indian cricket fans and how much they deserved a team that doesn't give in to defeat too easily.
As well as what be brought to the team, it was the way he conducted himself throughout his tenure that should be admired and appreciated.
Thanks for everything John and all the best for your future!
Best wishes,

Uthaman.S (USA)

My Opinion:

He did really good things as per his assignment, but the thing he missed to
do is that he failed to appraise Captain Sauvrav Ganguly's individual
performance and correct his lack of confidence in his batting of past few

This i felt his biggest mistake as a coach during his tenure, which costed
lot of loss in winning matches againt many countries.




I wished John became an Indian and stayed back !! its hard to think of the Indian team without John Wright. His contribution to the team has been immense. He brought in a positive attitude in the thinking process of the team although it doesnt show at all times. India will go from strenght to strenght from here onwards, despite the poor showing against Pakistan. India is not an easy team to coach, what with being a collection of diverse people with various languages etc. One must understand that the India team can never develop the ethnic/cultural killer instinct as we see in others..what we can however have is a pride in playing for the country and giving it the best.

Wish John Wright every success and happy reunion with his family.


I would just like to mention one incident that illustrates John
Wright's contribution to Indian cricket.

I left India for United States for high studies in 1996.  As I
became world-wise and aware of the high standards of professionalism
in the West, Indian Cricket went through its own upheaval and the
sordid match-fixing saga.  I had basically become disillusioned with
the Indian Cricket establishment and have basically come to conclude
that Indian Cricketers are incorrigible losers without even an iota of
responsibility and conscience.

John Wright (Saurav and the boys do deserver kudos) was able
rekindle the extinguished passion for Indian Cricket- that resulted in
the Late Nights in front of TV, following the fortunes of the Indian
Cricket Team.

Be it the heroic effort in World Cup or scintillating display in
Australia, John Wright brought in a sense of earnestness,
accountability, professionalism and more importantly instilled a
passion for the best in the Indian team.

Their effort in making it to the World cup final or the committment
displayed by the Indian team in training hard to adjust to the Bouncy
tracks of Australia emplify the impact that he has had on the Indian

John Wright taught the Indian team the lost art of Winning. The
attitude and the intangibles associated with it are invluable.  The
Indian team seems to have lost their way in the last few days . But
hopefully they will get back to their old winning ways.

Good luck to John Wright in all his future endeavors.


Kurt Francis:

John Wright in my opinion has been an excellent coach for India. Togehter with Sourav Ganguly they formed an irresistible combination. John being the unassuming  backroom operator and Sourav the number one front man and strong leader. It takes a lot to conquer Steve Waugh but the Wright/Ganguly combination inflicted such a defeat that he still has nightmares even today A reverse mental disintergration so to speak.People should remember that when they run the rule on John Wright or Sourav Ganguly.

John Wright is the ultimate coach.


Santanu Dutta:

I am curious to know as to whose decision it was to "put down the shutters" after Sehwag got out in Bangalore?  Did you have any say in the matter?
You have done much for Indian cricket and we thank you for that.  Wish we could give you a sendoff on a more cheerful note, though.  Someone once said that the British left India as they found it -- in chaos.  However, it cannot be denied that in the interim they did build the platform from which sprung modern India.  I hope the platform you have built will prove of similar value.
Best wishes for your future.


Prashanth Anreddy:

John has been the best thing that has happened to Indian Cricket.
Image a series draw against Aus in Aus, a series win in Pakistan. Look at the number of away wins!! Has this ever happened before in Indian Criket history. If we failed during anytime in his tenure, it was because of the inability of the players to learn their lessons, and ofcourse, the blame should always be levied against BCCI - the most pathetic and unprofessional lot one can ever find.
Its so ironical that a 'foreigner' had to teach our players the pride for playing for India, and that they owe it to this cricket crazy fans, and how a good performance (let alone a victory) brings joy to a common man in India, and how they owe it to them.
I love this man. He has been truly fantastic. I have personally learned something from him - not sure if the concerned people have!!!
You cannot easily find someone like John in this era. Its not wrong if someone asks that this should be the size of his paycheck before being appointed, because they are professional. But the fact that John did not care for that and instead asked what shopuld be his and the BCCI's vision should be, speaks volumes about this unassuming gentleman.
Three cheers for him!!!



Dear Editor,
John Wright was a great coach.
All the very best to him in his future endeavours.




Thanx god we had him as our national coach rather than those buffoons and idiots like anshumans,wadekars etc whose only job was to get one odd victory on cyclotron kind of pitches in india through non spinners like kumble's


Balaji Ramaswamy:

Hi John,

Thanks for the wonderful yet thankless (from BCCI) job that you did.

Your contribution would be that you made a team out of 11 players and gave importance to fitness and fielding

I wish you had left on a happy note (if only we had won the series against Pak) but one of the things I found lacking was that you still didn't do much to instill the fighting qualities in the team. Maybe, it is not because you could not, but because we Indians cannot absorb that quality.

Good job once again and wish you success in your chosen career and life.

kind regards,


Suganthan Sivagnana:

The only thing John Wright did wrong is staying with this morons for 5 yrs.


Rahul Chopra:

I wold like to say that John was wright for the Indian team. He is the only one with pure sincerety & dedication has  brought some decipline in Indian team, no back bitting,no dirty politics,no ego clashes.
He has given the players a vision , made them more dedicated to the cause & i sincerely believe his tenure will be the defining peiod for Indian cricket.
If the mail reaches Mr John Wright i would from the bottom of my heart thank you  for all us cricket crazy Indians.

Devaraj Shetty:

Well as rightly said ,WRIGHT has transformed indian team in to an well disciplined work froce with lot of attitude change ,like attitude to win, attitude to accept defeat, attitude to chase, attitude to set target so on......

But it is quiet un fortunate that Indian team is no more the same team which we have seen a year back ,it is a coincidence that at the time of giving farewell to WRIGHT the team India is doing every thing WRONG.




Deepak Chopra:

john wright the right man for the Indian cricket team.
the best coach for india.


Rajesh Dhawan:


I really appreciate all that you have done for Indian cricket. You have made the Indian cricketers think differently than they would have done 5 years back. It is sad to know that a true professional like you is leaving Indian cricket.

However, I will like to wish you all the best in your future pursuits and wish you and your family a great time ahead.



Dear Mr. John,
First of all, thank you for serving the Indian team. I feel, under you the Indian team reincarnated itself to be one of the best teams in the world. But you deserved a better farewell, which you are Boys(!!)
didn't give you. I really feel ashamed of it.

This team is certainly capable of doing big deeds. Most importantly it still somehow i feel has not changed it's strategy in running between the wickets. They are a bunch of amazing stroke makers, no doubt. But other than Kaif and Yuvraj, the other gentleman are not running much often.

Other than that the killer instinct has gradually gone down and where has the "Huddle" gone. You are going out at a time, when the team is heading where the players don't have an idea. It's every Indian fan's wish is that the Indian does better.

I wish you the very best. You have entertained as thoroughly. May be after some years i look forward for your return.


With regards,



John Wright instilled team spirit & passion, within the Indian Players, which was never there, even when Kapil Dev or any other Indian coach, marshaled the team. What John has brought into this team, is what on we are sustaining as an outfit now. His workout with the boys, strategic planning was good enough.

The team lacked in execution of the strategies decided, which cannot be blamed on the coach. John, by nature being soft-spoken, has done a marvelous job behind the screen.

John Wright & Sourav Ganguly have the build the foundation for the future Indian team in terms of Discipline, Passion, Team spirit, Strategies, but then As the captain need not be the best player in the team, but he has to keep his place in the team, which is same for the coach also.

Thanks John & Sourav, let Kaif, Yuvraj, Mongia, Pathan, Dhoni, Harbhajan, Nehra, Zaheer, Balaji (almost a new Indian outfit!!!) carry forward on the foundation you guys have built.



John Wright was the BEST thing to have happened to Indian cricket thus far,one has to look into the stats which your site had comeout with vis a vis other coaches.And Stats don't LIE.
This man has done a fine job towards improving indian cricket alongwith lets not forget,Andrew Leipus.
Wishing John every success in his future life.

Narendran Sjith:

  You ahve done an excellent work to the Indian Team. Thanx a  lot for
your valuable effort and make our team a  competitive one.


Libin John:

Hello John,
You have proved that hard work, dedication and discipline on staying the course outlives all short term success strategies and big talk.

Good luck to you in all your future endeavours.



I think John did his best and hardly anybody can reach that level. He is master coach and one of the very best.

It's Indian team who need to do something on their own. That can not be taught by any coach.

Or it's BCCI who need some coaching to understand who is right to play on field on international matches. Indian team lacks something from inside and that has been part of their framework since they were very young. They need to fix those problems themselves or BCCI should be able to identify those problems and get right players who can survive in this competitive world.
John Wright has done his best and I would like to say him thanks for his best efforts.

Better things is that John Wright can give some feedback about Indian cricket team and BCCI to help Indian cricket progress in long run, not just winning few matches.

You can only lead the horse to the trough, you cannot make it drink. You have done your best, its' your work horses who have let you down.



So, finally the most successful coach for Indian Cricket Team has bid aideu, let us all stand and applaud the man who worked with an adhoc system, but still managed to produce results.

John, your contribution to the Indian cricket team is invaluable, counting that the team grew from strength to strength to where it is today. Let me first think what went right:

1. Your statement "Gentlemen, I have not come here to talk money but vision for this team" you were absolutely right, you had a vision for this team and you have acheived 70% of this vision

2. The support of the senior team members and your efforts to bring a good backroom staff is the most commendable aspect of your reign. The confidence it instilled on players who had average or below average fitness clearly started a new phase for Indian Cricket

3. Your calm, unassuming nature off the pitch and a hard task master on the pitch really indicated that you are ready to whip if required, the perfect tonic for a few players who I believe are to be over confident about their place in the team

4. Finally, professionalism an unheard aspect for us diehard fans before. Your reign has indicated that a professional team can achieve great heights if given the right ammunination

Now, coming to the negatives:

1. You had a group of individuals who posed as selectors and played musical chairs year on year to bring in their own thoughts and ideas. Little did they understand that players need sufficient time to mature and develop into fine quality players. You don't get the likes of Sachin, Rahul or Shewag overnight. you need to build them over 18 months time

2. You had a board that was running a party inside a democratic unit. Though I have great respect for Dalmiya for making this board and the game a global money spinner, his jealously for holding the post in Indian Cricket really ruined all the good initiatives that he had introduced. One of the foremost points to remember in this issue was the Accountability factor

3. You never had any say in the selection of the team nor were you involved in the First class and junior cricket programmes. It would have been good if you had passed on some of your expectations as a future Indian player to the hopefulls as it may have acted as a confidence booster to acheive greater things

4. Yourself and Sourav formed an alliance that will go into history as one of the best. But when the captain was going through a very bad patch where his scores resembled a telephone number, it would have been prudent to drop him or rest him to send a message across the team that nobody is indispensible. But you chose to go with him or rather the team chose to go with him and the results are there to see.

My objective of this entire exercise was to find out where you had been lacking, probably if you have a good competent board like NZ or Australia, you do have the qualities of becoming a great coach, you definetely have all the credentials.

Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.




John has done only Right things and nothing Wrong for the Indian Cricket team.

He has been the backbone for the creation of Team India and the entire cricket fraternity owes a lot to him for bringing the team to the status that they are enjoying today.

He has definitely inculcated TEAM SPIRIT, the desire to look beyond individual /personal records and to play for the country.

It is a bit hurting, at the same time, to note that the Indian Team needed a foreigner to tell them that they are to play for the country's pride and not for creation and / or betterment of personal records / achievements.

A sense of discipline has been injected into the team whch was very much absent in the Indian team. The team under John Wright developed into a well knit unit and learnt to fight against all odds and come out successful.

It is really sad that John is leaving us. Definitely his young sons would need him all the more.

I would personally like to wish him all the best in his life and it is definite that his sons also would grow up to be great fighters in real life under John's guidance.

All the best...................John.

Adieu !!!!


Dinesh Kovuri:

Dear Mr John,
It was a privilege for the indian cricket team to be coached by you..and learn a lot things..I think the best thing you taught the team was to beleive in themselves..division of responsibity(unlike in the past one flash in a pan performance would have done)..You made people stand and notice the players not only in india but also around the world..The victory at the lords(natwest cup) redefined the ability of the indian cricket team..the kick ass performances in australia and pakistan..made the world respect indian cricketrs even more..
however towards the end..u making the team  performace..i dont know whether it was because of ur much increased intimacy with the players that you hesitated to correct them or that u lacked interest..You must have been a fatherly figure to the boys in blue
You should have given our peice of mind to the Indian captian(probably the best ever)to perform better..
What ever till date...The indiam cricket team has acheived a lot under you..not to forget the achievements  of the world cup..
Dear Mr an avid indian cricket fan I am throughly grateful to you for what ever you have done for the team in the last five golden years under you..I pray God to give you health,wealth and happiness..
may ur next assignments give you as much fun as you had durng your stint with the Indian cricket team
With Regards


Prakash Nathan Seshadri:

Dear John:
We will miss you in India. Here is why!
When you came in, the Indian team had talent but no direction. No sense of purpose. No discipline. Players cared more about individual glory than collective performance. And there was no strategy, it was all instict. Some you win some you loose attitude. And fitness levels! It was pathetic to say the least. A TATA truck would survive the distance better!
Your tenure changed all that. Now there is purpose and more passion. A desire to win. And perform. There is a method and planning. And the boys do not break down and take even off seasons seriously. Thanks to you and the team you brought in we could hold our head high against Australia and reached the World Cup finals.
We undertand your compulsions to return home and be with the family. However, the Board could have been more careful in planning your succession. THey should have provided for a period of overlap (perhaps the Pak series) so that the new coach can take over properly from you and you can exchange notes! (Probably the BCCI needs a coach as well!)
I am sure you would keep in touch with your wards and give them encouragement as and when needed. All th best to you John. You have made a stellar contribution to the cause of Indian cricket. Now is upto the new coach to take us higher!

Prabhakar Komaravolu:

The now famous opening remark of John Wright's interview summed up it all.

He has done all that to Team India what nobody could do. We did have our own greats as coaches of Team India, but none mattered in performance.

Single handedly John has contributed to:

- Self belief
- Positive thinking
- zeal to fight to make a match
- fitness improvement
- Strategic thinking.
- Professional approach to the game
It is these inputs which have made Sourav the most successful India captain and Team India a force to reckon with. While KAPIL'S DEVILS were vintage and passionate, SOURAV'S MEN were professional, fighting, positive men. This has been amply on display during India-Australia matches whether at home or away.

I think the above sums up John's contribution and performance. Thank you John for every thing you have contributed and HOPE OUR BCCI BUFFS have compensated you properly



He is the man one whoz contributing lot in the Team India.His records speaks about his qualities as a coach.he is a man one whoz doesn'need publicity when Team India reached some milestones(2003 worldcup final,England Champion Traphy,Srilanka miniworldcup).

His great attidues helps lot in the team will do better in future.Its nice to felt that we had good coach in last 5 days. I wish my best for his future.and also I requested him to give some good tips to the Team India when team requires..thanks to rediff to gave such a opportunity to give my comments abt Wright.



No doubt it was one of the golden periods of Indian cricket. Not only India reached the final of World cup in 2003 but also claimed its stake as one of the great cricketing nations in the earth. As a coach surely John had a long hand in it. Coaching a national team is not about developing technical skill but more of a man management. John made the indian cricket team believe that "Yes We can do it".

Combination of John Wright and Sourav Ganguly made on of the most successful pair in this country's cricket history.  In this tenure India has won most of the matches, fought bravely while losing and established itself as a great fighter to the others.

Though India has lost few games but that does not take the credit away from John who was a great manager. He brought the cohesiveness among players and made them think as one body,one soul named "Team India" or "Men in Blue". At the end it is fair to say "Kudos to you John. You will become a part of India's glorious cricket history always".




The service rendered by John Wright to India has been remarkable over the years. In his five year tenure, the cool man from the Kiwi has shaped up the team well and motivated them. Unfortunately, his last assignment ended up with bitter experience. But that would be soon forgotten by all as he has led the team from the back.

If he had been given the rights to participate in the team selection, then I am sure that he would have made up a good bunch which would be ready to beat any team in the world. Unfortunately, due to the politics in the Indian Cricket selection Committee, this never happened and hence the great man was satisfied with the role that was given to him.

Overall, his tenure with India was a great one and hope that his successor would be able to match him in his abilities.



Mr.Amar S. Patel:

Really he has done a wonderful job to uplift the performance of indian cricket team. And we need such type of Neutral coach, who is more concern about the performance rather than politics for favouring the player of their zone.because of him, we had been to final in world cup request is to search for such good foreign coach for INDIA team.



Narasimhan T S:

Just the right man

Hope he is replaced by level-headed people like him aggressive person like Vivan Richards

Viv is a genius all right but genius and evel-headedness normally do not go together(exception: Sachin)




Good work john,good luck for ur future,


DR Banerjee:

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the excellent topic you decided to discuss at an appropriate time. The itriductory part on his interview was not
known to many which otherwisw describes  Mr Wright's personal attitude as professional.This proves his standing as a perfect gentleman what he is.Mr John Wright gave basic ethos to the players who could feel proud to be an Indian.

He gave Indian Cricket TEAM INDIA along with Saurav Gangully.Success and failure is part of normal life so is in sports.He tried to blend science of professional cricket in  self cobnfidence and national pride.

His advantage was being a foreigner not in linguistic tussle or sectorial mindset could judge merit above individual.He saw fire in Saurav Ganguly and transformed him as a captain who is not willing to give away an inch without a fight.

If it was not his last series Mr Wright might have seen  Saurav gaining his past batting form as he did with Sachin. Indian Cricket should remember Mr John Wright as the man who gave it a new lease of life.

To get these gifted bunch of good crickters back in better module it will require Mr Sunil Gavaskar,Tiger Pataudi ,Kapil Dev or Mr Gerg Chappel who commang  great respect by their own performance and have ability to delever.

It is unfortunate Mr Tiger Pataudi is not keeping well and Mr Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev are loaded with other responsibilities and it looks Indian Cricket authorities have to fall back on the able shoulder of Mr Graig Chappel who I am sure will be able to reach India a the winning post in 2007 world cup final.

I hope BCCI will act and move in right direction.Let not the good work done by Mr John Wright get wasted.

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