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Steve Waugh 15th batsman dismissed hit-wicket against India

By Rajneesh Gupta
December 05, 2003 21:56 IST
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When Steve Waugh treaded on his own wicket off a short ball from Zaheer Khan in his 165th Test, it was the first time he got out "hit-wicket".

Waugh also provided the 15th instance of a batsman getting out in this fashion against India. The list comprises seven West Indians, five Australians, two Englishmen and a Pakistani.

Interestingly, the last time a batsman got out in this peculiar way against India was way back in 1987-88 when Arshad Ayub induced Desmond Haynes to walk on to his wicket in the Delhi Test.

Waugh may take some solace from the fact that he is not the only one to suffer the ultimate ignominy of getting out "hit-wicket" without opening his account.

West Indians Vanburn Holder and David Murray also suffered similar fate. On the other end of the scale, another West Indian, Faoud Bacchus, knocked his own bails after scoring 250 runs.

Vinoo Mankad and Kapil Dev hold the honour of dismissing three batsmen apiece this way.

The complete list of "hit-wicket" dismissals against India:

Batsman Score For Test Venue Season Bowler
Arthur Morris 47 Aus 1st Brisbane 1947-48 Chandu Sarwate
Don Bradman 185 Aus 1st Brisbane 1947-48 Lala Amarnath
Reginald Spooner 11 Eng 1st Delhi 1951-52 Sadashiv Shinde
Frank Lowson 26 Eng 4th Kanpur 1951-52 Vinoo Mankad
Wazir Mohammad 34 Pak 4th Peshawar 1954-55 Vinoo Mankad
Ken Mackay 27 Aus 3rd Kolkata 1956-57 Vinoo Mankad
Easton McMorris 42 WI 5th Kingston 1961-62 Chandu Borde
Vanburn Holder 0 WI 4th Chennai 1974-75 Bishan Singh Bedi
David Murray 0 WI 4th Chennai 1978-79 Kapil Dev
Herbert Chang 2 WI 4th Chennai 1978-79 Karsan Ghavri
Faoud Bacchus 250 WI 6th Kanpur 1978-79 S Venkataraghavan
Graham Yallop 89 Aus 3rd Kanpur 1979-80 Kapil Dev
Gus Logie 1 WI 5th St. John's 1982-83 Kapil Dev
Desmond Haynes 27 WI 1st Delhi 1987-88 Arshad Ayub
Steve Waugh 0 Aus 1st Brisbane 2003-04 Zaheer Khan

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