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Hanif Mohammad hospitalised

March 08, 2006 13:00 IST

Former Pakistan captain Hanif Mohammad was hospitalised in a critical condition after his knees, that were operated nearly 44 years ago, were locked and temporarily paralysed his lower half of the body in Karachi on Tuesday.

Hanif, known as the Little Master for his 970-minute knock of 337 against West Indies in 1958 at the Kensington Oval that was followed up with another big innings of 499 in a domestic first-class game at Karachi, underwent a series of tests in a local hospital for a suspect "stroke".

"The tests are so far clear and there are no signs of a stroke," a family spokesman said.

Dr Wajid Ali, a leading orthopedic surgeon, said Hanif Mohammad is a patient of arthritis and the knees are possibly locked because of spasm or strain in lower back.

"It could have been serious but luckily there is nothing to worry about. Of course, he will undergo a series of tests so that he takes a better care of himself in future," he said.

Hanif, 71, toured India in 1952 as a schoolboy before hanging his boots in 1969 after the first Test against New Zealand in Karachi.

Ironically, it was the debut Test of Hanif's youngest brother Sadiq and the only time in the history when alongside Mushtaq, three brothers played together in a Test.

Hanif, said he was feeling pain in both the knees for the last few days.

"The pain was there and I also consulted my family physician. But the pain aggravated on Friday and I consulted a surgeon who prescribed me medicines," he said.

Hanif feared that the knees might have locked because of tension after his dog bit his younger brother Mushtaq.

"It was a shattering experience for me as my dog bit my dear brother. Naturally I was very upset and later took out my frustration and anger on the dog. The incident might be one of the reasons because later I regretted the avoidable incident."

Hanif said his knees were operated upon in 1962 in England, but insisted he had played cricket after that.

"I mean earlier on Tuesday, I could barely stand. I had to come to the hospital on a wheelchair.

"I am feeling better at the moment and I can move my right leg. But there is still pain in my left leg," said Hanif.

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