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Indian cricketers at Pegasus

July 26, 2006 20:17 IST

After toying with the Edward De Bono lateral thinking theory, the Indian cricketers are now experimenting with a structured Outward Bound Learning programme at the Pegasus Institute of Excellence near Bangalore.

The latest programme, involving dynamic obstacle course like rappelling, water activities and building a tent blindfold, is aimed at increasing the tolerance levels of persons in a fun filled environment.

The programme is already popular among corporates but is a first as far as the Indian cricketers are concerned.

The concept itself has been borrowed from the ancient 'gurukula' system of education. It heightens the ability to push oneself beyond perceived boundaries of tolerance and patience, increases sensitivity and brings about harmony.

Credit for this concept should go to German educational psychologist Kurt Hahn, who was commissioned by the Blue Line Shipping Company in 1941 to create a module to help merchant sailors learn how to survive when encountered by natural or man-made crisis.

After a study, he created a training programme that ran for a month and was found successful in meeting the objective.

This programme was called "Outward Bound," symbolising the fact that the sailors lifted anchor from the safety of the harbour and sailed into the high seas with renewed confidence to handle tough situations.

The objectives of this programme fit nicely with the Indian cricket team which sets out for a tri-series in Sri Lanka next month and plays the World Cup in less than eight months.

Pegasus has a unique methodology, which combines best practices from defence, behavioural science, psychology, outdoor skills and process facilitation techniques.

It uses David Kolb's "Action Learning Cycle" as its platform alongside an environment conducive to learning.

These programmes seek to address a variety of organisational needs such as Strategic Thinking, Visioning, Leadership, Team Building, Effective Communication, Mentoring, and Conflict Management.

Essentially, the idea is to learn various management concepts differently through physical activity in an atmosphere away from the workplace, with an element of fun thrown in.

In the bargain, one also learns how physically fit (or unfit) he or she is.

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