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  Earth Calling BCCI: Anyone Home?
Prem Panicker

  The how & why of the contract dispute
Faisal Shariff

Malcolm Gray
  ICC takes its eye off the ball
Daniel Laidlaw

Jagmohan Dalmiya
  Ambush contracting
Prem Panicker

Jagmohan Dalmiya
  What's your take on the whole controversy?

Malcolm Speed
  Question of contracts
Faisal Shariff

Tim May
  The ICC must renegotiate:
Tim May

  The ICC contract form

ICC downplays Dalmiya's threat
ICC Communications Manager Brendan McClements said the GCC is yet to respond to ICC's letters written in July.

BCCI sets IDI deadline to release guarantee money
The BCCI also decided to implement the contract system and graded payments for its players.

BCCI asks ICC for World Cup money
BCCI has demanded the $6.5 million World Cup appearance money withheld due to a player contracts dispute.

ICC to resist GCC claim
ICC's investigations identified that many of the allegations made by GCC's marketing agent World Sport Nimbus lacked substance.

BCCI may pursue GCC probe
Companies which have sought damages for breach of contract by Indian cricketers during the World Cup may be blacklisted.

Order on Kapil's contracts PIL reserved
The Delhi high court asked all the ICC, BCCI and sponsors to file affidavits on the maintainability of the petition.

BCCI won't act against GCC, claims Mani
The ICC president said he had discussed the issue with BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya and it was agreed that no action would be initiated by the BCCI at this time.

Dalmiya promises amicable end to contracts row
But the BCCI is setting up its own inquiry into the alleged failure of the GCC to market the World Cup.

World Cup not properly marketed: BCCI
BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya said as a result of the GCC's laxity substantial revenue losses were incurred.

ICC lashes out at FICA
It told the players' body to desist from making 'clumsy attempts to threaten or undermine' the game.

BCCI contemplating filing counter-claim against ICC
Dalmiya said India's counter-claim would be based on the contention that marketing of the World Cup by GCC was not proper.

ICC to withhold India's W'Cup payment
The ICC could not assess the likely maximum claims from the Global Cricket Corporation for violation of the ambush marketing clause.

Mani blames India for contract row
The new ICC chief said India had agreed to the contract with the GCC.

ICC to discuss World Cup compensation claim
The ICC is expected to contest the claim, which could lead to long-running legal action.

ICC faces 50m pound GCC claim
GCC have asked for a ninth of the 550-million dollars they paid, citing breach of contract by teams at the World Cup.

Money matters top BCCI agenda at ICC meet
BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya will surely stake claim for the World Cup guarantee money due to India.

Cricket World Cup sponsors ask for damages
Pepsi, LG and Hero Honda have approached the GCC, asking for compensation alleging the Indian cricketers refused to play in the tournament under the originally agreed terms.

ICC releases India's World Cup prize money
The world body has released over $900,000 but said the Indian board should keep 30 per cent of the amount as cover for any tax demand from South African taxmen.

No claim yet from ICC: Dalmiya
'I think no sponsor has made any claim so far,' BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya said.

India's participation fees to be withheld
The money will be held back pending the resolution of the BCCI's case with the ICC.

WC sponsors allowed to remit money in forex
The Supreme Court said the remittances made by the sponsors would be subject to the final orders passed by it.

BCCI welcomes ICC's World Cup truce
Dalmiya said the Indian board would argue that it was not bound by the agreement it had signed with IDI, the world body's commercial arm.

BCCI, ICC truce may be short-lived
BCCI is planning to 'raise its argument concerning the grant of unreasonable excessive rights to the GCC by IDI', Jagmohan Dalmiya said.

ICC accepts India's altered contracts
The Indian team will play in the World Cup under an agreement endorsed by the ICC Executive Board.

Dalmiya denies receiving new ICC offer
LG is challenging the Delhi HC order which blocks the release of foreign exchange to the ICC.

Dalmiya denies receiving new ICC offer
The BCCI chief said only a notice that IDI would hold a teleconference on Friday has been received.

Court puts price tag on ICC action against India
The Delhi high court directed the government to stop foreign exchange transactions by Indian sponsors of the World Cup to the ICC if the Indian team is disqualified.

ICC offers to end contract row
A specially convened World Cup contracts committee of the ICC agreed by teleconference at the weekend to clear the way for India's participation.

HC ruling on contracts on Wednesday
The ICC alleged that through the Public Interest Litigation on the contracts row a proxy war is being fought on behalf of the BCCI.

Indians' interests should be protected: Kapil
He dismissed suggestions that he was provoked into filing the petition challenging the ICC players' contract.

ICC contracts challenged in Delhi High Court
Former BCCI president N K P Salve and Kapil Dev have challenged the contracts on grounds that they impose unreasonable conditions.

ICC gets 'altered' contracts from India
The International Cricket Council has said that it received signed but 'altered' World Cup contracts from India on Tuesday.

Conditionally signed Player Terms sent to ICC
"We have sent all the duly signed Player Terms to the ICC in order to comply with the January 14 deadline," BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya said in Kolkata.

Dalmiya ridicules ICC sponsors' 'love for cricket'
Board of Control for Cricket in India president Jagmohan Dalmiya, said two of the three principal ICC sponsors had sounded him out about extending certain concessions to the Indian players.

Players reject 2 clauses in ICC contract
The Indian cricketers have rejected the two most contentious clauses while signing the player terms, Board of Control for Cricket in India president Jagmohan Dalmiya confirmed in Kolkata on Saturday.

Common sense has prevailed: Gray
Lauding the Indian players for "honouring the ICC and its sponsors" by signing the ICC Players' Terms contract, Gray declared that it is the best piece of news he received in a long time.

Bacher delighted over signing of contracts
Dr Ali Bacher, executive director of the 2003 World Cup organising committee, has welcomed the Indian cricketers' decision to sign the ICC Players' Terms contract for the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa next month.

Ball in BCCI's Court: Hero Honda
The tournament's official sponsors Hero Honda said "the ball is in Board of Control for Cricket in India's court".

Dalmiya Quits ICC Contracts Committee
Board of Control for Cricket in India president Jagmohan Dalmiya resigned from the World Cup Contract Committee on Monday.

'We are fighting battle of nerves with ICC'
The battle between the International Cricket Council and Board of Control for Cricket in India will enter a decisive stage with the announcement of the Indian team for the World Cup on Monday.

BCCI should adopt a practical approach on contract: ICC
Gray said while the ICC was always prepared to listen and to try and find a practical solution to the matter, it was now up to BCCI to honour its commitments.

ICC releases details of deal signed by BCCI
The International Cricket Council on Saturday released the details of the contract signed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Contract row: ICC threatens to penalise BCCI
"The BCCI has willingly committed itself to delivering its best team to the ICC cricket World Cup and to ensuring that this team will agree to the conditions accepted by the BCCI," ICC's chief executive Malcolm Speed said in London.

ICC hits back at BCCI
The ICC said the questions raised by the BCCI over the terms of player contracts are 'out of date and irrelevant'.

BCCI rejects ICC offer, calls EGM
The BCCI said it is "shocked" at the ICC's public disclosure of the on-going discussions on the contentious players' contracts for the World Cup.

BCCI to decide its stand today
A hurriedly convened meeting of the Board of Control for Cricket in India in Kolkata on Friday is in the process of deliberating its next course of action as the controversial ICC contract issue reached a flash point after months of negotiations failed.

ICC makes final offer on contracts to BCCI
The ICC incorporated a series of concessions, and threatened the BCCI with penalties if it fails to ensure the participation of its best available team in the next year's World Cup.

Dravid hopeful of contract issue being resolved
Dravid said he wants to concentrate more on the current tour rather than anything else.

Contracts row close to being resolved
India's cricket chief Jagmohan Dalmiya says his board and the International Cricket Council (ICC) are close to resolving a players' contract row threatening to affect the 2003 World Cup.

ICC-BCCI meeting inconclusive
Monday's meeting dwelt on the contentious question of Indian cricketers abiding by an ICC contract that will regulate their own business endorsements during the World Cup.

ICC, BCCI to discuss contract row
The ICC will be represented by Zimbabwe's Justice Ahmed Ebrahim, who is a member of the World Cup contracts committee and Dave Richardson, the world body's general manager.

Speed hopes to sort out contract issues
Speed told the media, in New Delhi, that he had no plans of meeting Indian players during his current trip.

Sahara India pulls out of sponsorship deal
The company withdrew its sponsorship of the India team after the players took the field for the Champions Trophy match without the company's logo.

BCCI to pay stand-by ICC Trophy team
A BCCI spokesperson said everyone who had signed the contract for the tournament will be presented a cheque of Rs 200,000.

India to play without sponsor's logo
A BCCI official said the team manager has been instructed to have the logo on the players' jerseys covered for the Zimbabwe match.

'Integrity was the issue, not money'
Anil Kumble told a media conference that the Indian players did not sign the ICC contract because they did not want to breach their existing contracts.

Player contract issue could cloud W'Cup: ICC
Leading officials of the ICC have admitted there is "still work to be done" to avoid a repeat of the dispute.

'BCCI would have faced huge damages'
ICC president Malcolm Gray said had India not sent its full team to the Champions Trophy the penalty would have been 'ten-fold'.

'Subrata' to replace 'Sahara'
The Indian team will now wear the logo 'Subrata', named after Sahara group chairman Subrata Roy, at the Champions Trophy.

Dalmiya signed disputed contract: Speed
The ICC CEO clarified that former BCCI president A C Muthiah was right when he said the document he signed did not have the 30-day before and after blockade clause.

Fiat, TVS will not air Tendulkar ads
The two major sponsors of the batting maestro said they will adhere to the ICC directive during the Champions Trophy.

ICC-BCCI agreement formalised
The redrafted version of the controversial sponsorship agreement has already been sent by the ICC to BCCI.

Full-strength India for Champions Trophy
The BCCI agreed to send its best team after the ICC said it would not be liable if sued later by sponsors linked to the tournament.

Players reject BCCI offer
BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya said that the selection committee would meet only after six in the evening. The meeting was originally scheduled for 2 pm.

Kapil endorses players' stand
The former India captain said if he was in the same situation he too would have refused to sign the ICC contract.

Players will have to abide by 30-day clause
BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya gave the Indian players till September 9 to sign the contract.

ICC denies seeking compensation from BCCI
The ICC clarified that it had sought indemnities from all countries against damages it may suffer.

ICC asks BCCI to pay hefty damages
BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya has called a working committee meeting on Saturday to discuss the demand.

ICC, Indian players fail to break deadlock
The ICC CEO Malcolm Speed said the world governing body would consult a 'few more people' and announce its decision on Thursday.

Speak to Indian players: BCCI to ICC
'We do not have any negotiating power. So it is the best option that the ICC speaks directly to the players', BCCI president J Dalmiya said.

SA Cricketers Agree to Sign Contract
UCBSA CEO Gerald Majola said an agreement was reached with the players and South Africa will send its best team to the Champions Trophy.

India's players seek clarification
The players have refused to sign unless the BCCI assures them that certain "unacceptable" terms will be deleted.

Players awaiting BCCI's 'official response'
A senior player was reacting to the ICC's decision to reject the offer to play in the Champions Trophy without signing the Players' Terms agreement

BCCI asks players to agree to ICC's terms
'Since your viewpoints have been well received by the ICC, it would be befitting to respond positively,' president Jagmohan Dalmiya wrote.

ICC rejects Indian players' offer
ICC chairman Malcolm Gray said he will be in touch with the BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya to help find an 'acceptable solution' to the sponsorship row.

Pak, Bangla players sign ICC contract
A report in The News said the Pakistan team, presently in Nairobi, signed the contract and submitted it to team manager Yawar Saeed.

ICC wants to end contract row by weekend
ICC's CEO Malcolm Speed wants boards to confirm by Friday that players have signed the contracts and that the best team will be sent to Sri Lanka.

Pak, Bangla players sign ICC contract
A report in The News said the Pakistan team, presently in Nairobi, signed the contract and submitted it to team manager Yawar Saeed.

Indian players agree to sign contract
Players' spokesman Ravi Shastri said the cricketers made the decision in the "interest of the game".

Ambush advertising is new term: Muthiah
The former BCCI president accused Jagmohan Dalmiya of deviating from the sponsorship issue by casting aspersions on others.

India risks being isolated: Dalmiya
The BCCI president said the board will deal directly with the players in the contract row and not with their spokesman, Ravi Shastri.

Lankans put demands before signing
The Sir Lanka players want a 30 per cent share of the money the ICC pays the Sri Lankan board.

England agree to play in Champions Trophy
The ECB said the players agreed to play as long as the ICC agrees to meet them before signing future sponsorship deals.

Aussie players to sign ICC contract
However, the players will only sign subject to the ICC consulting with them on sponsorship deals.

'ICC will retain "ambush marketing" clause'
Malcolm Speed told reporters in Bombay during his trip to India on commercial ICC business.

Ponting hopes boycott can be averted
"I don't think any of the (Australian) players want a boycott, that's not what we are all about," said the Australia ODI captain.

ICC row brings focus on player earnings
Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid corner a huge chunk of the endorsements in India.

England players back ICC rebels
Only one England player, who has not been named, has signed the ICC contract, said the newspaper reports.

No more talks with players: BCCI
Board Secretary Niranjan Shah said BCCI would not make any further attempts to persuade the players to sign the controversial agreement.

Shastri dares BCCI to send second-rung team
But the first-choice players will not budge on the ICC contracts row, the former captain and player spokesman said.

Big 3 likely to be left out
BCCI treasurer and working committee member Kishore Rungta said Ganguly, Dravid, Tendulkar and Sehwag have been allowed the option to drop out.

BCCI hoping for the best
Selection committee chairman Chandu Borde said it is just a question of the players understanding the terms of the contract.

Those refusing to sign will not be picked
The BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya said India will field a team for the tournament whether the leading players sign the contract or not.

We need to have clarity, say players
The transcript of the letter that the Indian team sent to BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya.

Corporates amend contracts with cricketers
Samsung, among others, have amended its contract with seven Indian players after LG entered into a contract with the ICC.

Everyone's interest, but players' taken care of: Ravi Shastri
The Indian players' spokesperson in the contract row with the ICC said the BCCI should have had a dialogue with the players before signing the contract.

'Muthiah's statement is intriguing': Tim May
May, who is fronting the players in the showdown with the ICC, also quotes the ACB as claiming that it had not seen the contract in its entirety.

Indian players refuse to sign ICC contract
The players in a letter to the Board of Control for Cricket in India accused the International Cricket Council of 'boycotting them'.

Malcolm Speed in Mumbai on Tuesday
Though it's not an official visit, the ICC chief executive is likely to hold discussions with Indian cricket administrators on the sponsorship tangle.

Dalmiya says he 'supports' the players
The BCCI president has, however, urged the Indian players to sign the contract for the Champions Trophy as a one-off measure.

Players may name Ravi Shastri spokesman
With the third Test against England starting on Thursday, the Indians are keen to keep their focus on the game.

We are in constant touch with ICC: Dalmiya
The Indian cricket board chief hoped that there would be a breakthrough soon on the sponsorship row.

Off-field cricket spat may end
The official sponsors of the Champions Trophy and the World Cup 2003 could re-negotiate their deal with the International Cricket Council.

Squad for SL delayed over sponsors row
The controversy threatens to mar the September 12-29 event, seen as a major build-up for the World Cup starting in February.

Lankan players say crisis will fizzle out
Sri Lanka's cricketers expressed hope that the sponsorship row will be resolved and the Champions Trophy will to go ahead as planned.

Windies players advised not to sign contract
Roland Holder, secretary of the West Indies Players Association, said his organisation was following the recommendation of the FICA.

Sponsorship dispute needs more time
Ricky Ponting is confident that all parties will do their best to settle the dispute between players and the ICC.

Players refuse to sign contracts
They have en masse opposed the marketing clause in the player contracts that have to be signed ahead of the Champions' Trophy.
Muthiah Repudiates Contract

SA players join row over ICC contracts
Tony Irish, chief executive of the South African Cricketers' Association said the ICC did not have the right to control players' image rights.

SA chief backs players in ICC dispute
"Personally I really sympathise with them (the players) and I can see where they are coming from," said Gerald Majola.

Players must choose cash or country: ICC
The ICC, though, is determined to protect its sponsors if competing firms try to cash in on the event through 'ambush marketing'.

Aussie players reject ICC Trophy contracts
ICC contracts preventing players from endorsing products conflicting with official sponsors were illegal, said ACA chief executive Tim May.

ICC says marketing protections will stay
Chief Executive Malcolm Speed appealed to all boards to meet their obligation to send their best teams to the Champions Trophy.

Team for ICC Champions Trophy withheld
The BCCI said the team would be announced after an ICC communication, stating its stand on players endorsements, is received.