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Tablets touched by Windows 8

Last updated on: January 28, 2013 13:47 IST

Image: Dell Latitude 10 tablet.
Abhik Sen

Dell Latitude 10 tablet
PRICE: Rs 35,990 + taxes for essential configuration

The very fact that the tablet is branded Latitude means it's targeted squarely at business users.

Powered by an Intel Atom processor running at 1.80 Ghz, the review unit, which had the essential configuration, came with 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD.

No wonder boot-up times are fast!

The review unit was running on a 32-bit version of Windows 8, and you'll have to shell out more if you go in for Windows 8 Pro.

. . .

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Tablets touched by Windows 8

Keeping in mind the needs of the workforce in the field, the 10-inch capacitive multi-touch display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass to survive the rugged roads.

And the IPS display is just right for watching a movie on the road.


Just plug in your own pen drive into the full-size USB port.

The more expensive version runs the 32-bit version of Windows 8 Pro and comes with a Wacom touch stylus, which you can use to sign on digital receipts.

It also comes with a user-swappable battery and a microSIM slot for added connectivity. And a microUSB port for charging your phone on the go.

. . .

Tablets touched by Windows 8

Connect the tablet to a dock and it transforms into an office PC capable of running productivity applications. Using a USB keyboard, I was able to type away to glory using OpenOffice.

The tablet supports most enterprise-level security protocols and can be managed like a PC on any office asset management system.

Weighing less than a kilogram, it's easy to carry this device. And it has a security lock slot as well.

The 10-point touchscreen is great for games such as "Cut the Rope", and is just the device you'd like to cosy up in bed with the aim to catch a movie, surf the Internet or check out the presentation for the next day.

. . .


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Tablets touched by Windows 8

It's also a great tool for video calls -- the front 2-megapixel camera was good for Skype calls and I'm sure should be great for video-conferences as well.

The camera on the back is an 8-megapixel one and the more expensive version also features an LED flash.

This can be a perfect device if your office supports bring your own device.

If you've always wanted an iPad but weren't too comfortable typing on a touch screen, the Latitude 10 is meant for you, albeit with a USB keyboard.

That is, till the Surface arrives.

. . .

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Tablets touched by Windows 8

Photographs: Courtesy, the mobile indian

PRICE: Rs 75,490

The first thing you notice about the device is the weight.

At about 1.6 kg, it feels as heavy as a netbook.

But once you get rid of the magnetic docked keyboard, the tablet weighs nearly 900 gm. Okay, there are tablets which run Windows 8 64-bit, much lighter than this one.

But then those won't be powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor, running at 1.7 Ghz. Boot-ups are fast, thanks to 4GB of RAM and the 128GB SSD.

At first glance, this device can pass off as a netbook.

By dimensions, it's a netbook all right, but one running on steroids.

. . .

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Tablets touched by Windows 8

Image: A Microsoft Surface tablet PC is displayed on a stand.
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The hardware is also capable of running old games decently; in fact, you'll forget that it's a tablet when you're playing these games.

Like its younger sibling, this device also incorporates Samsung's popular S-Pen, and its suite of applications.

And, people who aren't artistically challenged like me can make full use of the pen's capabilities.

The device seemed peppy and very responsive when compared to its younger sibling, thanks to its beefier hardware.

. . .

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Tablets touched by Windows 8

Image: Samsung ATIV Smart PC.
Photographs: Courtesy, Samsung

The 11.6-inch Full HD display is great to watch movies on and for games.

The speakers are decent enough but won't satisfy those who want to listen to their music on full blast.

But then, this is a tablet, remember?

The Samsung loses out to the Dell in terms of the primary camera -- one gets a 5 megapixel snapper with flash instead of the 8-megapixel one on Dell.

The secondary camera, for video chatting, is decent enough.

The sticker price does make you gasp but then, this device sports the same hardware specifications as does the more pricier Sony hybrid.

A very capable tablet-cum-laptop, it would have been nice if the device was cheaper. And lighter.

. . .

Tags: Dell , Samsung , Sony

Tablets touched by Windows 8

PRICE: Rs 89,900
Smooth and sexy.

That's what the Vaio name signifies, not just because Kareena Kapoor plugs the brand. The Vaio Duo 11, a hybrid PC, is no different.

At 1.3 kg and with a thickness of 18mm, the device looks every inch a tablet till you decide to slide out the 11.6-inch Full HD screen.

Nestled just below the screen is a back-lit keyboard, which is a pleasure to type on.

But you can't but help notice that the keyboard lacks a trackpad. Instead, a trackpoint is provided, which works out fine while you're using the hybrid as a laptop with two hands. While using the laptop with one hand, the trackpoint is difficult to use. But then, you can always use the touchscreen.

How Sony has kept the form-factor thin is apparent when once checks out the back of the device.

The LAN port is collapsible.

. . .

Tablets touched by Windows 8

Power it up and four lights on the edge of the keyboard greet you.

Deep green for power, red for charging, amber for hard drive activity and green for wi-fi. Featuring identical hardware as the Samsung device -- a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.7 Ghz, with 4GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD -- boot-ups are super fast.

Running on Windows 8, the device also features a single 'assist' button to bring the system back to factory defaults.

. . .

Tablets touched by Windows 8

The multimedia capabilities of the device, too, are excellent.

The device also features a super-fast USB charging port.

Both the cameras on the device are HD ones and are good for video-chatting and photos, if you use this to click, that is.

Gaming is good on the device, but since you won't find a palmrest, it can be a painful proposition after some time.

But what this device comes with are a pair of digital noise-cancelling earphones, a boon for audiophiles.

If you can afford the sticker price and want a device which is good to flaunt and a pleasure to work with, this is it.

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