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The Gulf War II

April 30, 2003

Rumsfeld visits Iraq
Daily says it got letter from Saddam

April 29, 2003

US bends its own rules, cuts deal with 'terrorist group'
US troops kill at least 13 Iraqis
Former Iraqi oil minister in custody: US
Iraqis take a step towards democracy
Saddam alive in early April, Tariq Aziz to US

April 28, 2003

Bush to discuss Iraq with Arabs
US to convene meet of Iraqi leaders
US removes Baghdad 'mayor'

April 27, 2003

Rumsfeld in Gulf, Iraqi liaison officer captured

April 25, 2003

Occupation may last 2 years: Bush
Former Iraqi spy chief, Hijazi, in US custody

April 24, 2003

Tariq Aziz in US custody
Annan for improvement in Iraq's food-for-oil programme

April 23, 2003

Saddam turned down MP for money
France proposes suspending sanctions against Iraq

April 22, 2003

US discredited my team: Blix
Shiites pour into Karbala for pilgrimage
Tank unit commander unaware hotel was a media base
US list of wanted Iraqis shrinks

April 21, 2003

Air strike in Karbala may have killed political prisoners
Jailed Indian in Iraq to return soon
Jay Garner in Baghdad
Chalabi denies being contender for top job
'US desperate for a smoking gun'
US troops kill four escaped lions of Baghdad zoo

April 20, 2003

First UN food convoy reaches Baghdad
Freed American PoWs arrive in Texas

April 19, 2003

Saddam's finance minister held in Baghdad
TV channel beams pictures of Saddam in Baghdad

April 17, 2003

US captures another Saddam relative
Iraq under occupation, says UN envoy to Afghanistan
Saddam joins Osama bin Laden in US' most wanted list
Bush calls upon UN to lift sanctions on Iraq
Here, there, everywhere

April 16, 2003

Armless child of war taken to Kuwait
Looking for the living dead
To the victor go the war spoils
US hopes Iraqi scientist will sing
US wants West Asia free of WMDs
US arrests wanted Palestinian in Iraq

April 15, 2003

Protests greet US talks in Iraq
UK increases pressure on Syria
Talks on new Iraqi government start
Major fighting over: Pentagon
Stay indoors, US advises Baghdad residents
Sikh shrine escapes war ravages
But for Raj Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan...

April 14, 2003

The mystery of Saddam remains
Military operations nearing end: US
Top Iraqi scientist surrenders: Report
Saddam's half-brother in US custody
Report of ceasefire talks in Tikrit

April 13, 2003

No resistance in Tikrit: US
No WMDs found as yet: US commander

April 12, 2003

Bush warns Syria against providing Saddam backers safe haven
US leaning toward view that Saddam is dead
US, Britain train guns on Tikrit
US takes steps to restore order in Iraq
The man with the golden gun
Uday loved Indian curry, scotch
Iraq's missile man surrenders

April 11, 2003

US plane bombs home of Saddam's half-brother
Iraq rulers dead or fleeing: US
Meeting on new Iraq leadership soon: US
Mosul falls as northern Iraq crumbles
Saddam's half-brother killed: Report
Baghdad sinks into anarchy
Baghdadis drive off with Uday's cars

April 10, 2003

US hawks hint at more pre-emptive strikes
Free for all in Baghdad
Shiite leader assassinated in Najaf
After bombs, a media blitz in Iraq
Kirkuk falls to Kurdish troops
US forces encounter pockets of resistance
Likely Saddam successor has controversial past
Iraq's UN ambassador says 'game is over'

April 9, 2003

US holds 7,300 Prisoners of war
Iraqis fought bravely, but without direction
Saddam's archives could be in Moscow: Report
Escape for Indian scribes
Saddam's fall shocks Arabs
Iraqi diplomats to stay in India
US army pull down Saddam statue
US tanks in heart of Baghdad
Iraqis ask who is in charge here
Iraqis joyously welcome US troops
Saddam may have survived: British intelligence
CIA thinks it got Saddam: report
Satellites tracked Saddam
UN not sure of role in post-war Iraq
British trying to set up panel to govern Basra
Iraqi forces continue to resist Americans
Arab nations want a ceasefire in Iraq
Pentagon sends in successor to Saddam
Two US airmen listed as missing; 96 soldiers killed

April 8, 2003

Chirac, Annan to join Russia-Germany talks on Iraq
Protestors fail to stop Aussie warship
Vital role for UN in post-war Iraq: US, UK
Bin Laden's silence is deafening
British appoint tribal leader for Basra area
War: Human cost for international media mounts
US bombs building targeting Saddam, sons, Iraqi leaders
Al Jazeera office hit by missile
Reuters staff injured in Baghdad hotel blast
Conditions in Baghdad hospital bad: Red Cross
US, UK fail to prove WMD 'discoveries'
'Occupying powers must pay for relief in Iraq'

April 7, 2003

US forces launch attacks inside Baghdad
'Chemical Ali' may be dead
We are in control, insists Iraqi minister
Iraqi forces fight back in Baghdad
Iraqi missile kills soldiers, scribes
British troops confident of securing Basra by weekend
Aid agencies wary of entering southern Iraq
US troops face kids, and hard calls
British medic takes fear out of Iraqi POWs' minds
Opposition stalls LS on Iraq issue
Anti-war resolution gets stuck in words
Americans fear radicals in post-Saddam Iraq

April 6, 2003

Baghdad fully encircled: US
Saddam has fled Baghdad: Ex-aide
US bombs Kurdish convoy in Iraq
Russian envoys attacked outside Baghdad
British troops storm Basra
Human remains found near Basra
'Liberators' face hostility in Iraq
US begins process of 'regime change'
Fresh pics of Saddam, sons on Iraqi TV
US airlifts Iraqi opposition fighters
British continue efforts to win over Iraqis

April 5, 2003

US forces enter Baghdad
Indians flee lawless Umm Qasr
Iraqi generals may be in US payroll: Syrian scribe

April 4, 2003

TV channels show Saddam moving around in Baghdad
It was Saddam: Lt Gen (retd) K S Randhawa
Iraqi minister warns of non-conventional attack
CNN correspondent performs neurosurgery on Iraqi boy
Shia spiritual leader asks his men to remain neutral
Coalition forces take over 2 palaces
Indian American to fight for 'Hindu cause'
Baghdad airport in control: US officials

April 3, 2003

US forces may have captured Baghdad airport
US forces use Daisy Cutters
British troops drop leaflets over Basra
US troops close in on Baghdad
Hans Blix doubts Iraq has WMDs
BBC cameraman killed in Iraq
Al-Jazeera stops reporting from Iraq
Two US aircraft go down, seven killed

April 2, 2003

US troops battle Republican Guard units near Baghdad
US troops labour to subdue Republican Guard units
Weapons inspectors will go back to Iraq: Annan
UK troops in Basra risk contracting malaria
Daisy Paul is safe and well
UN marks over $1bn worth of goods for Iraq
Saddam calls for jihad; US says Baghdad is now in sight

April 1, 2003

US soldiers gun down 7 women, kids
'Rumsfeld wanted to fight a cheap war'
Allied troops hunt for Chemical Ali
Red Cross team visits Iraqi POWs
Unique antiwar campaign in Kerala
Daily Mirror hires Peter Arnett
Saddam is evil: American Shiites
'Iraqis won't welcome new rulers'
No contact with Indian embassy in Baghdad


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