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Aamir on Lagaan's Oscar nomination
'I knew Lagaan would work its magic'

Gracy Singh
'It's a dream come true'

Lagaan's Official site
Screensavers, audio, video and more on this site

Lagaan: The Movie
For Lagaan and Aamir Khan freaks, the unofficial site

Lagaan: A ready reckoner
What you should know about Aamir's production.

'While shooting for Lagaan, I have learnt a lot about filmmaking
Aamir Khan on his first home production

'Aamir's the only star in Lagaan'
Box office nitty gritties.

'Aamir is a taskmaster'
Gracy Singh Speaks Out

Gadar Vs Lagaan
The two movies open together on Friday

Depressed? Listen to mitwah!
Aamir Khan on the melody of Laagan

Curtain Raiser
'Lagaan' Nominated for Oscars

Third Time Lucky?
This is the third Indian film at the Oscars

Aamir has NY in a jam
The Countdown to Lagaan begins

'A true actor can play any role'
Aamir on the sets of Lagaan

`Aamir wants to make an International film'
Tahir Hussain's first person account

`The apartment I used in Bhuj is reduced to rubble'
Aamir Khan on the devastating earthquake in Bhuj

'Aamir made me cry'
Lead actress Rachel Shelly's witty diary on the sets of Lagaan

For more on Lagaan

For more on Aamir Khan

          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
- Tips for good results
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