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Vande Mataram Controversy
'No wrong in Vande Mataram if it doesn't amount to worship'
Many Muslims may choose to sing Vande Mataram

The full circle
Nationalism vs Secularism
'India can head for new high in secularist-iconoclasm'
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'Religion and nationalism are made for each other'
Fatwa against Idea of India
RSS indoctrinating children?
Saare Jahan Se Achcha?

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A salute to national song

Message Board
What does Vande Mataram mean to you?

November 04, 2009
No controversy should be raised over Vande Mataram
Not present at Vande Mataram resolution: PC
PC must apologise on Vande Mataram issue: VHP
November 03, 2009
BJP slams Chidambaram over Vande Mataram issue
Muslim body supports fatwa against Vande Mataram
September 11, 2006
Vande Mataram controversy refuses to die down
September 10, 2006
Sept 7 not Vande Mataram centenary: Congress
September 07, 2006
Vande Mataram - A rendition
Most of India sings Vande Mataram
UP madrassa sings Saare jahaan se accha
BJP fine-tunes its Vande Mataram strategy
September 06, 2006
Delhi govt instructs officials to sing Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram to be sung in Punjab, Haryana, HP
'Muslims shouldn't sing Vande Mataram'
'Patriotism doesn't come from gun's barrel'
Vande Mataram optional in most states
Sikhs will not sing Vande Mataram
Tamil Nadu: Vande Mataram not compulsory
September 05, 2006
Vande Mataram was never announced as national song: Scholar
September 04, 2006
Did not issue Vande Mataram fatwa: Darul Uloom
Septmeber 03, 2006
Vande Mataram should be sung in its entirety: BJP
Assam govt goes soft on Vande Mataram
September 02, 2006
BJP leader hits out at Vande Mataram fatwa
Vande Mataram mandatory in Assam
September 01, 2006
No compromise on respect to national symbols: Advani
'Muslims ignorant about meaning of Vande Mataram'
Karnataka makes Vande Mataram compulsory
August 31, 2006
Jharkhand makes Vande Mataram compulsory
RSS, BJP lock horns on Vande Mataram
August 28, 2006
Chhattisgarh makes Vande Mataram compulsory
August 22, 2006
Vande Mataram debate rocks Lok Sabha
August 20, 2006
'Vande Mataram against Islamic beliefs'
June 27, 2005
VHP, Muslim scholars lock horns over Vande Mataram
June 22, 2005
Row over Vande Mataram recital rocks Madhya Pradesh
April 10, 2004
Can Sonia Gandhi sing 'Vande Mataram'?
March 10, 2004
BJP condemns fatwa against 54 Muslims
When Muslims paid for supporting Vande Mataram
August 22, 2002
'Vande Mataram recital must not be compulsory for Muslims'
December 17, 1998
Vande Mataram row still resonates within BJP
December 05, 1998
Why 'misled' Vajpayee's fury cost UP minister dear
November 23, 1998
'Denial of mother tongue amounts to cultural genocide'
November 21, 1998
Vande Mataram-Saraswati Vandana controversy in UP
Advani against 'mandatory' singing of Vande Matram
'Compulsory recitation sharpening Hindu-Muslim divide'
November 19, 1998
Muslims, UP government on the path of confrontation
November 14, 1998
UP government introduces Vande Mataram in curriculum
October 22, 1998
HRD ministry withdraws RSS paper on education
Educational reforms only through consensus
August 18, 1998
Kerala Muslims rise against Vande Mataram
September 13, 1997
'Muslims can sing Vande Mataram, but without Thackeray's condition'
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