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3 new slogans Modi raised at Red Fort

August 15, 2014 15:35 IST

3 new slogans Modi raised at Red Fort


Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined some new slogans on Friday in his 65-minute maiden speech from the ramparts of Red Fort to drive home his point.

Here they are:

Slogan # 1: Make in India

To strengthen the manufacturing sector of the country, the Prime Minister raised the slogan of "Make in India" as he asked domestic and foreign stakeholders to manufacture more and more products in India and sell them across the globe.

"We will have to give stress on manufacturing sector. I want to urge all the countries, come, make in India," he said, adding that the message of "Made in India" should reach all corners of world.

Slogan # 2: Zero Defect, Zero Effect

Modi coined the "zero defect, zero effect" slogan as he spoke of participation of youth in boosting the sector critical to India's economic success.

"When you (youth) decide that you will make at least one thing so that the country does not have to import it. Your policy should be 'zero defect, zero effect'. It means there would be no defect in the products you manufacture and it causes zero or no ill effect to the environment," he said. 

Slogan # 3: Mera Kya, Mujhe Kya

Criticising the tendency of people to keep out of a task if it does not give them any personal benefit, Modi said when somebody is approached for a work he asks mera kya (What is in it for me?)". When they find out, there is nothing for them in it, then say mujhe kya (Why should I be involved)."

Modi said if we have to strengthen our national character, then we will have to get rid of this attitude of mera kya, mujhe kya and do things for the benefit of the country.

Photographs: PTI Photo