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Telangana Cong MPs, ministers planning to quit en masse

September 30, 2012 22:08 IST

The repression let loose by the government and the police against the Telangana supporters to stop them from participating in "Sagara Haaram" program has left the Telangana Congress ministers and MPs very angry and upset and some of them have started talking in terms of tendering their resignations.

The situation arising out of the arrest of the Telangana Congress MPs was also discussed at a meeting at the residence of senior Congress leader K Keshav Rao and question of tendering their resignations also came up there, sources said.

Even before the meeting Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha and K Jana Reddy, another senior minister from the region, said that they were seriously considering the question of quitting the cabinet.

Keshav Rao said that the state government had cheated the people of Telangana by going back on its promises that no body will be arrested while coming to attend the march and no obstacles will be created.

He said in open violation of this agreement, the police arrested people throughout the day and many trains were cancelled.

"When we asked the railway minister for the reasons for cancellation, he said that the government had asked for it".

Keshav Rao said that he was aghast that the government was asking for the cancellation of trains.

He was also angry that despite promising to allow the march on Necklace Road, the government restricted it only up to PV Ghat.

He said that all the Telangana MPs were very disturbed and not able to take any immediate decision on their next course of action.

"We are now in a very serious stage of our discussions. We need some time to take our final decision", he said grimly.

Mohammed Siddique in Hyderabad