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Missing MH370: The final 54 minutes

March 22, 2014 16:42 IST

Missing MH370: The final 54 minutes


Full transcript of the communication in the cockpit of missing Malaysia Airline passenger jet has been reportedly obtained by a British newspaper, The Telegraph.

The transcript lasts just 54 minutes, from its taxi on the runway to its final message at 1.07am.

According to, the communication between the pilots of flight MH370 and control tower has been transcribed from Mandarin to English.

Analysts stated that the communications were 'routine,' but several messages stood out as being unusual, although not necessarily suspicious.

The report said the unusual messages included one when the cockpit reported that the aircraft was flying at 35,000 feet; that fact had been communicated six minutes earlier.

Another unusual part was that communication had been reportedly cut off and the aircraft's sharp turn westward occurred at the a time when air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur were about to handover control to those in Ho Chi Minh City.

British Airways pilot Stephen Buzdygan said that stealing the aeroplane was possible when there might be a bit of dead space between the air traffic controllers, as it is the only time during the flight they might not be seen from the ground.

The report added that the transcript ends with the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid signing off saying "All right, good night," which was the last piece of communication heard from the jet before it went off radar and is yet to be found after 14 days of mysterious disappearance.

The transcript is as follows:

KL Control Tower

00:36:30 MH370: ATC, this is MH370, good morning

ATC: Good morning, MH370, This is KL control tower, please remain in A10 32R

00:36:50 MH370: A10, MH370 copies that

00:38:43 ATC: MH370, please get on the runway from 32R A10

MH370: runway from 32R A10, copy that

00:40:38 ATC: MH370, position 32R, runway ready, permitted to take off. Good night

MH370: position 32R, runway ready, permitted to take off. MH370 copies that. Thank you, goodbye.

KL Airport

00:42:05 MH370: MH370 has left the port

00:42:10 ATC: MH370 position confirmed, flight altitude 180, follow the command and turn right, target IGARI waypoint.

00:42:40 MH370: Alright, altitude 180, direction IGARI waypoint, MH370 copies that

00:42:52 ATC: MH370, you've entered KL Radar 132.6, good night

MH370: 132.6, MH370 copies that

KL Radar

00:46:51 MH370: KL ATC, This is MH370

ATC: MH370, please climb to flight altitude 250

00:46:54 MH370: MH370 is climbing to flight altitude 250

00:50:06 ATC: MH370 climb to flight altitude 350

00:50:06 MH370: This is MH370, flight altitude 350

01:01:14 MH370: MH370 remaining in flight altitude 350

01:01:19 ATC: MH370

01:07:55 MH370: MH370 remaining in flight altitude 350

01:08:00 ATC: MH370

01:19:24 ATC: MH370, please contact Hu Chi Minh City 120.9, good night

01:19:29 MH370: All right, good night

Source: The Telegraph