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Phone of gang rape victim recovered from accused: Witness

April 29, 2013 19:42 IST

The mobile phone said to be belonging to the December 16 gang-rape victim was recovered from the house of one of the accused in the case, a prosecution witness on Monday told a fast track court.

The witness, a Delhi Police sub inspector who was part of the police team that had accompanied accused Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta to their residences, also said a pair of bloodstained trousers and undergarments allegedly belonging to Pawan were recovered from his home.

The officer made the statement during is examination by the prosecution in the gang rape case being heard on a day-to-day basis by Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna.

The officer also told the court that a pair of leather shoes allegedly belonging to the victim's male friend was also recovered from Vinay's home.

"...he (Vinay) took out a polythene from a portion of the jhuggi..and from this polythene, accused took out one Nokia mobile phone model 3110. The IMEI of this mobile was checked.

This IMEI was tallying with the IMEI number of the victim.

".. accused Pawan led the police party to his jhuggi and from this jhuggi he took out his clothes which he was wearing at the time of the incident i.e. ... a coca cola colour pant having bloodstains, one brown underwear having bloodstains..," he said.

Meanwhile, Special Public Prosecutor Dayan Krishnan told the court that lie detector test, even if volunteered by an accused, is inadmissible as evidence and added that he would on Tuesday show a Supreme Court judgement in support of his contention.

Pawan, Vinay and four others, including a juvenile, had allegedly gang-raped the 23-year-old victim in a moving bus here and the girl later died in a SingaporeHospital on December 29, 2012.

Akshay submitted medical records of his ailing mother as part of an interim bail application filed earlier.

He had sought interim bail to go to Aurangabad, Bihar, to meet his mother who is undergoing treatment there.

During the proceedings, Mukesh and Pawan were allowed to meet their family members.

Mukesh met his family to discuss whether he should be shifted to another prison from Tihar jail, with his counsel saying that currently he does not wish to be moved.

Pawan also met his family members.

Apart from the police officer, whose deposition will continue on Tuesday, the prosecution also examined two other witnesses.

One was a photographer, who took photos of the injuries on the victim's body, and the other an employee of the hotel whose CCTV cameras had recorded the bus, in which the crime allegedly took place, passing in front of it two times that night.

The photographs as well as the CCTV footage were produced in court and shown to the witnesses, the judge and the counsel.

The advocates, appearing for the accused Pawan, Akshay Thakur, Vinay and Mukesh alleged the photographs as well as the video were manufactured and tampered with by the police, which was denied by the witnesses.

The photographer refuted the allegation that the photos shown in court are different from the ones he had taken at the hospital on December 20, 2012, at the request of Delhi Police.

The hotel employee who had handed over the CCTV footage to the police denied the allegation that the video was manufactured or tampered with.

He said the victim's male friend, who had accompanied the police to the hotel on the day after the incident, identified the bus from the footage.

After watching the video, the judge noted that a white bus appears twice in the footage but the defence counsel argued it is not same bus in which the crime had taken place.

The court is at present conducting proceedings against four accused in the case in which it has recorded statements of 68 prosecution witnesses so far.

With the proceedings against the main accused Ram Singh having abated after his death on March 11, the remaining four adult accused Mukesh, Vinay, Akshay and Pawan Gupta are facing trial in the case for rape and murder of the girl.

The sixth is a juvenile and is facing proceedings before the Juvenile Justice Board.

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