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Blame US for climate change, boycott dollar: Osama

January 29, 2010 18:16 IST

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden on Friday blamed the United States and other 'industrialised nations' for climate change.

In an audiotape obtained by Al Jazeera, Osama criticised former US President George W Bush for rejecting the Kyoto pact and condemned global corporations.

'This is a message to the whole world about those responsible for climate change and its repercussions -- whether intentionally or unintentionally -- and about the action we must take,' the Al Qaeda chief said.

Osama flayed the 'industrialised nations' for inaction despite a 'majority of them having signed the Kyoto Protocol and agreeing to curb the emission of harmful gases'.

'George Bush junior, preceded by the US Congress, dismissed the agreement to placate giant corporations. And they are themselves standing behind speculation, monopoly and soaring living costs. They are also behind globalisation and its tragic implications. And whenever the perpetrators are found guilty, the heads of state rush to rescue them using public money,' he added.

This is the second tape issued by Osama this week. In the first tape, the Al Qaeda chief praised a Nigerian man accused of a failed attempt to blow up an airliner heading for Detroit on Christmas Day.

Get rid of the dollar

In the tape issued on Friday, Osama has called for a halt on dealings in dollars.

'Noam Chomsky (US academic and political commentator) was correct when he compared the US policies to those of the Mafia. They are the true terrorists and therefore we should refrain from dealing in the US dollar and should try to get rid of this currency as early as possible. I am certain that such actions will have grave repercussions and huge impact,' he was quoted as saying in the tape by Al Jazeera.

The veracity of the tape is yet unknown.