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Rediff News  All News  » News » Anupam Kher laughs off protests by BJP workers against wife Kirron

Anupam Kher laughs off protests by BJP workers against wife Kirron

March 19, 2014 12:04 IST

When Kirron Kher, Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, landed in her constituency Chandigarh on Tuesday, she was greeted by disgruntled BJP workers who chanted slogans against her and even pelted eggs.

The BJP workers were reportedly unhappy about Kirron, an ‘outsider’, being given a ticket from Chandigarh.

But Kirron’s husband and veteran actor Anupam Kher, who was with her in Chandigarh, dismissed the protests.

“There were maybe 7-8 protesters, a very negligible number of people. Everyone has the right to protest in a democracy. Neither Kirron nor I minded the protest,” he said.

Speaking about why his wife was greeted with protests, Anupam said, “The protesters probably felt there were others who were more qualified for the poll ticket. But they must understand that if the party high command thinks a particular candidate is eligible then we must all respect that decision and not throw tantrums like a child who has been denied a toy.”

The actor also laughed off the media coverage accorded to the protests.

“It was nothing. A hue and cry is being made about a handful of protesters. What about the 500 supporters who came to support and cheer Kirron at the airport? As for reports that eggs were thrown at her, please show me those eggs. I would like to make omelettes from them,” he said.

His wife is not the least shaken by the protests, claimed Anupam.

“She is a strong woman. She is getting ready for a long innings in politics,” he said.

On whether he had any plans of following in his wife’s footsteps, Anupam said, “I have no plans of ever getting into active politics. One politician in the family is enough”.

Incidentally, Anupam was in Chandigarh to promote his film Gang Of Ghosts.

“What a beautiful coincidence. I am glad I could be here to see my wife take her initial steps in the new phase of her life,” he said.

Image: Actor Anupam Kher with wife Kirron

Subhash K Jha