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Is this government paralysed?

November 08, 2011 16:02 IST

Many people think that the present government is paralaysed. On one hand, we have a prime minister who does not think his first duty is to the people of the country but to the Congress president. 

If anything positive happens then Sonia Gandhi takes the credit.  And when something goes wrong (which is most of the time), the blame is taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has the same expression on his face come hale or fire or any thing else. 

Inflation is going through the roof and while the people are busy trying to make both ends meet, the government is shifting the ends. This it does by regularly increasing the price of petrol and diesel adding further to the common man woes. 

Looks they have decided to lose the elections in all the 5 states that are going to the polls in February, 2012. 

Manipur was blockaded by Kuki tribals for three months. Only last week, the government conceded their modest demand for a separate district for them. Now the Nagas are blockading the same state and the government is not taking any action.

Why can't they either talk to the Nagas to remove the blockade or remove them by force? The people of the state have suffered enough and if the situation is not brought under control, there may be violence.

Twenty-five protestors are holding up a nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu and the government is going out of the way to do nothing. The government, it seems, is in a paralysis mode.

It is surprising that for five years, during the Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam rule there was no protest to the KNPP project and then the Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam government comes and the church sponsored protests start.

Dal mein kuch kala hai -- but the government is in paralysis mode -- so it won't do anything. 

The Telengana issue is burning for the past one year. It all started with Finance Minister P Chidambaram declaring that they are going to form Telengana.  But then, he had a memory loss. Then chaos broke out.

The Congress, which was already shaky in Andhra Pradesh after the sudden death of YSR, seems to be in a suicidal mood and doesn't know what to do to either rein in Jagan or stop the Telengana agitators from paralysing the state at regular intervals. 

The bone of the Telengana issue rests with who gets Hyderabad. The solution is simple but the moronic government will not be able to see it.

All they have to do is to make Hyderabad a Union Territory and allow both Andhra and Telengana to have their capital, just like Chandigarh in the North is capital to two states -- Haryana and Punjab. 

The 2G scam has claimed former Telecom Minister A Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and a host of bureaucrats and businessmen. But why are they not taking action against Dayanidhi Maran and his ilk?

The Congress definitely got its share of the loot in the 2G scam. Otherwise, why should Chidambaram reverse his decision of going for an auction, and why was the PM watching silently while this happened? Because the government is not working; it is in a paralysis mode

Sri Lanka must be half the size of Tamil Nadu, but it makes up for its size by sheer arrogance. Their Navy thinks nothing of beating up Indian fishermen. Sometimes they destroy their nets and confiscate their fish.

 Sometimes they arrest them and sometimes they even shoot them. Apart from issuing press statements, the Indian government just twiddles its thumbs. 

Terror attacks occur regularly all over the country and our cops are none the wiser. We have a state intelligence unit, we have the Central Bureau of Investigation we have the National Investigating Agency, we have the Anti-Terrorism Squad and various Special Investigation Teams appointed at the drop of a hat and the government is done with it.

One more example, to enhance my paralysed government theory.

Air India goes from bad to worse. Flights are cancelled at whim putting thousands of passengers into un avoidable problems. They don't have money to pay for fuel. They don't have money to pay salaries. Why the hell are they running an airline? They should pack up and go. The only solution for Air India is to hand it back to the Tatas from whom the government snatched it in the first place. But they won't do it. They are paralysed. 

Train accidents occur at an alarming rate and the Railway Ministry announces compensation. That's it. They are not going to do anything to prevent further accidents. Paralysis incorporated. 

While in Tamil Nadu the State government is following the footsteps of the Central government and has gone into paralysis mode. They only thing the Tamil Nadu Chief Minster J Jayalalithaa is interested in is undoing everything the previous government did and also putting all the DMK party leaders in jail for one reason or the other.

The Central government looks away as it is in paralysis mode. 

God save our country!

A Ganesh Nadar