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Longest dance party: The rules

Patcy N in Mumbai | December 15, 2004 17:48 IST
Last Updated: December 15, 2004 17:56 IST

Part I: How long can you dance? 65 hours?

On December 28, about 30 persons will begin an attempt to break the record for the longest party. The existing record of 52-odd hours was set by a group from Delhi earlier this year.

The attempt will be made in the run-up to the New Year celebrations in Varca, Goa. The participants will try to dace for 65 hours.

But is it possible for any person to dance non-stop for that many hours? No.

Part II: Longest dance party: Selection process | Details about diet plan

Dancers can take breaks to have food, catch up on sleep – but there are certain rules governing these breaks.

The following points act as guidelines to the specific considerations and undertakings, in addition to the general requirements, for those attempting a dance party marathon.


1.      Apart from pauses lasting no more than 30 seconds between tracks, dancing must be continuous.

2.      The dance is to be accompanied by recorded music that can be from any appropriate source (video, CD, vinyl, etc.).  If a DJ is used to mix, introduce and play the music, they cannot accompany the dancers for more than four hours at a stretch, after which they must take a break of at least four hours.

3.      Each piece of music must last at least two minutes but there is no maximum time.

4.      No piece of music may be repeated in the party within four hours.  A play list of all the music performed must be maintained.

5.      To constitute a party, the number of dancers at the start of the attempt must be at least 30. At no time must there be less than 10 'dancers' on the floor.

6.      No contestant may dance more than one hour at a single time. After each hourly dance session, an individual must rest for a maximium of 10 minutes. (apart of every eighth hour where the break is 15 minutes – see general rule).

7.      If any member of the group retires, the end of their participation must be recorded immediately in the logbook. If the retirement of an individual brings the number of persons still participating in the attempt to less than 75 % of the original starting number, the attempt is ended. For example, if the starting number of participants was 40, if a retirement meant there were just 29 'dancers' left the attempt ends.

8.      No individual who was not present at the beginning of the attempt may participate at any time in the proceedings, therefore, no substitutes or replacements are allowed. All participants must be at the venue of the record attempt when it commences.


·         A 15 minute break MUST be taken after EVERY eight completed hours of activity.
·         These 15 minutes CANNOT be accumulated to allow, for example, a full hour's break after 32 hours.


·         Before competing, a contestant must be in possession of a document signed by a medical practitioner stating that the contestant is fit to participate in the marathon event.  This document must be added to the log book and witnessed before the attempt has started.

·         No person under the age of 14 may compete.

·         Persons aged between 14 and 18 must be in possession of a document signed by their parent or legal guardian, giving them permission to compete. This must be added to the log book and witnessed before the attempt has started.

·         A fully-qualified practising member of the medical profession must be present at all times watching the attempt.  Each doctor or nurse should not be in attendance for more than four hours at a time: the medical personnel should alternate or rotate in four hour shifts.

·         If at any time during the proceedings the doctor or nurse says that, in their opinion a contestant should end the attempt, the event must stop immediately.



1.      The attempt should be overseen by suitable stewards who should, like the medical personnel, rotate on duty in four hour sessions. The duties of the stewards should include:

·         the provision of a constant supply of water, or some other suitable healthy beverage, beside the attempt area;

·         maintaining log books throughout the attempt;

·         registering of the medical personnel;

·         obtaining the signatures and addresses of the witnesses (see below);

2.       Two independent witnesses must be present at all times throughout the attempt. The witnesses should also rotate in four hour shifts: any number of witnesses may participate on the rota. Witnesses must sign the log book at the beginning and end of each shift confirming the details entered into the log book for the period during which they are on duty.  No one related to any 'contestant' can act as a witness. No one aged under 18 may serve as a witness.

Mumbai-based fitness expert Kaizad Kapadia is shortlisting candidates in Mumbai. Asked about the response from potential candidates, Kapadia told, "Very good but we are being very choosy. As it is a party during New Year's eve, lots of people are interested. Even if they do not match our fitness requirements, they want to go to Goa. Secondly, if a person is shortlisted, but refuses to dance after five hours, we can't force him/her to continue. Hence, it is important that we shortlist serious participants."

The selection process comes to an end on December 18. Selected candidates will undergo a specific training programme and follow a diet plan. They will reach Goa on December 26. The party begins two days later at 2000 IST.

Party Venue: Radisson White Sands Resort, Varca beach, Salcette (Goa)
Fitness Expert: Kaizad Kapadia
Date: December 28
Event Managers: OGL Interactive, Goa

(The details were provided by the organizers OGL Interactive in a press release)

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