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Diet for participants in the longest dance party

December 14, 2004 10:04 IST
Last Updated: December 14, 2004 10:50 IST

  • Diet: Aims and objectives during the training period
  1. Emphasis will be paid on improved glycogen stores and improving a general increase in storage capacity of glycogen by incorporating enough complex carbohydrates and strict monitoring of timing of carbohydrate intake.
  2. Emphasis on the protein content in the diet to ensure optimal recuperation of skeletal muscle ensuring increase in first class protein sources.
  3. Emphasis will be on the healthy fat composition in the diet such as increased omega3 and omega 6 fatty acids replacing un required saturated fat from the diet.
  4. Pre workout and post workout meals will be given due importance with regards to composition and timings.
  5. Optimal recovery and free radical damage etc will be addressed with a proper anti oxidant and multi vitamin and mineral dose as per individual requirements.
  6. Hydration therapies will be taught to all clients to ensure maximal potential workouts by each client.
  7. Special supplement strategies will be chalked out according to individual client requirements and lifestyle as well as training programs.
  • Dietary guidelines during the training period
  1. Complex carbohydrate sources such as whole grains and vegetables should be consumed maximally at strategic times such as an hour pre workout and immediately post workouts without which maximal oxidation of fat will not be achieved.
  2. First class protein such as chicken, seafood, eggs, milk and its products will form an important part of the diet and should be emphasized during every meal. As endurance work involves maximal amount of skeletal muscle turnover and requires good quality protein for repair, maintenance and increase of skeletal muscle.
  3. Incorporate unsaturated fat sources such as fish oils and flaxseed for omega 3 and nuts and cereals for omega6 fatty acids and saturated fats mostly occurring in animal products should be avoided.
  4. Water intake should be well monitored according to the individual urine output (acceptable urine color being pale yellow to transparent). At the least of 4-5 liters of fluids per day should be a minimum target.
  5. Vitamins such as B complex should be consumed in supplemental form due to increased requirements and poor supply through dietary methods.
  6. Minerals such as calcium and iron should be given due importance considering their importance in an endurance training program. Both can be given in supplemental forms; however a check has to be maintained especially on iron supplements.
  7. A basic anti oxidant complex tablet can be given daily post workout to combat increased free radical production and repair and enzyme and hormone production and function. This will also ensure against overtraining symptoms and speed recuperation.
  8. Ergogenic aids should be recommended in cases that see a beneficial use towards their training goals, such as caffeine and electrolyte drinks.
  9. Meal timing and frequency should be strictly monitored. An increased frequency of meals of perhaps every 3-4 hours will ensure proper absorption of nutrients as well as improved glycogen status and stable insulin response, all parameters which are of utmost importance during an endurance event.
  10. Proper rest is highly important and should at any cost be achieved to an optimum of about 6-8 hours at a stretch of the night.
  11. A consistent change in diet composition should take place to allow for the improved training status so as to accommodate tougher workouts with ease and maximize its benefit.
  12. Client dietary preferences should be respected and will be accommodated.
  13. Psychological parameters of dietary habits and preferences will be studied and explored for the benefit of the client and to help him/her reach their potential in training with proper nutritional support.

(This is a press releaseprovided by the organisers OGL Interactive)

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