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'Munjaane is a unique love story'

Last updated on: March 1, 2012 11:47 IST

'Munjaane is a unique love story'


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Director S Narayan's last film, Shyloo, a remake of Tamil film Mynaa was a hit. His new film Munjaane (meaning dawn or early morning) is ready to hit the screens this Friday.

Actor Ganesh who is playing the lead has teamed up with S Narayan for the third time. Their first film Cheluvina Chittara, a remake of the Tamil film Kadhal, was a huge success at the box-office.

In this interview with Srikanth Srinivasa, director S Narayan talks about his forthcoming release Munjaane and his last film Shyloo.

What is Munjaane all about?

Munjaane signifies freshness. Whatever the season, there is some freshness in the air early in the morning.

Munjaane is a unique love story. The idea germinated in my mind one morning. The script is fresh and it will be a unique experience to watch the film.

How different or unique is it?

Though it is a simple story it's a difficult script that unfolds through the screenplay as it was difficult to execute it because the script that I penned posed a challenge to me as a director. It would have been difficult for me to convince a producer because the script is difficult to narrate. But, since it is our own home production, we could balance these challenges and shortcomings.

I have tried to break the monotony while providing the actors enough scope to perform and also break the convention of a hero and a heroine.

Image: A scene from Munjaane. Inset: Director S Narayan


'Cine-goers should not walk into a theatre with expectations'

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How did you convince your actors to come on board?

When I signed on Ganesh, all that I told him was that Munjaane will be a directorial film that runs on screenplay. He reposed all his faith in me and the subject, and was ready to go the extra mile to make the script convincing.

I zeroed in on Manjari Phadnis who suited this role as it required some maturity

What can audiences expect from Munjaane?

Cine-goers should not walk into a theatre with expectations or pre-conceived notions about a film. I believe that audiences can enjoy a movie better if they do not have expectations. You are bound to be disappointed if you go to a theatre with expectations.

Having said this, the film will be engaging from the beginning; it will be a new viewing experience. There will be a lot of curiosity about what could happen in the following scene.

Image: A scene from Munjaane

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Shyloo's climax was disappointing for the audience


Can you throw some light on those associated with the film?

The film has Ganesh and Manjari Phadnis in the lead roles. It also stars Malavika as Ganesh's mother, veteran actress M N Lakshmi Devi and Seetharam Karanth, among others.

Well-known television actor Joshi is making his cinematic debut in this film. I have donned greasepaint after a three-year gap although I have never created roles for myself in my earlier films.

J S Waali, who worked with me in films such as Shyloo, Cheluvina Chilipili and Chanda among others, is the cinematographer. I have penned the lyrics and composed the music myself. I am happy that people are beginning to like the songs.

Why do you think your last film Shyloo did not become a big hit though Ganesh and Bhamaa performed quite well?

I think the climax of the film was disappointing for the audience.

I rate Shyloo as one of Ganesh's best films so far as an actor. Ganesh has proved himself to be a good actor.

People do not like to watch tragedies.    

Image: A scene from Munjaane