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Fast and Furious 7 will be completed: Director

December 09, 2013 17:59 IST

Fast and Furious 7 will be completed: Director



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The director of the upcoming Fast and Furious 7, James Wan, has confirmed that the filming will continue despite being halted after Paul Walker’s death.

Wan told a gossip website that there are no plans to abandon the project and that the cast and crew will finish the film, Us Magazine reported.

A source has also revealed that there is no change and the crew is still dealing with Walker’s sudden death.

The insider added that the studio will do the right thing, and is going to keep the franchise going.

It was earlier reported that Universal Pictures had announced that they would temporarily shut down the production of the franchise following the 40-year-old actor’s tragic death.

Walker died in a fatal car accident, when the Porsche Carrera GT he was traveling in with a friend crashed into a poll and tree, before bursting into flames.

Image: James Wan
Photographs: Mario Anzuoni/ REUTERS


Ben Stiller: No drive for acting any more

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Actor Ben Stiller doesn't think he has a 'drive' for acting any more, but hasn't ruled out ever going back to it after he's finished directing.

The 48-year-old enjoyed making his latest film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in which he plays the titular lead character, and he wonders if his passion behind the camera has taken over, reported Contactmusic.

'I don't want to ever be dismissive of it. To be a really great actor takes as much commitment as anything. But I do wonder sometimes, for me, if I have as much drive for that these days as I do to direct, because that I don't even question. But then it's also about finding the projects, and it's much more of a commitment.

'But you're not limited by being cast in something, what type you are, what roles you can play, because you are who you are, which is fine, but directing to me is so many possibilities, so many worlds to explore,' he said.

The star admits he's becoming obsessed with directing because it forces him to focus on something.

'Directing is about obsession. Where it can start to hinder you is when you obsess on something you shouldn't be obsessing on. Or obsessing on something because you're avoiding something else. It's all about that anyway. It's like that line from Manhattan: We're all just keeping busy because we're all going to die and we don't want to think about it.'

Image: Ben Stiller
Photographs: Carlo Allegri/ REUTERS

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