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Xcuse Me: Total timepass!

Last updated on: September 27, 2003 15:48 IST

Remember Style, 2002's unexpected teenybopper hit? The film clicked despite the absence of known faces and despite its corny jokes and juvenile humour.

A still from Xcuse MeProducer-director N Chandra has once again teamed up with Sahil Khan (as Chantu), Sharmaan Joshi (as Bantu) and music directors Sanjeev-Darshan for a stand-up sequel, Xcuse Me, named after a popular song in the earlier movie.

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doesn't have much of a 'story'. The film opens with a ear-blasting song Boom boom suggesting the end of Chantu and Bantu's college life.

Now begins their hunt for a job. They manage to obtain admission as hotel management trainees in a five star resort in Goa, after tricking its corrupt manager Gill (Saurabh Shukla). The rest of the movie is all about their fun-filled adventures -- how they hoodwink the baddies, expose a fake maharani, etc.

Jaya Seal and Sonali Joshi play the leading ladies and provide for the romantic angle.

As far as the music is concerned, Sanjeev-Darshan fail to re-create Style's magic. The tapori number Yeh tu kya kar reli hai, is very much like Excuse Me from Style. Boom boom, as mentioned earlier, is hard on the ear. Ditto for Ladki ladki. In fact, the songs, which are barely passable, are best forgotten.

Over all, though, the movie is a fun experience. If you are not laughing at the leading men's jokes and antics, you are laughing at their stupidity. Whichever way, your jawbones are always working. Watching XCuse Me would not be a bad idea this weekend.

Last heard, director N Chandra is already working on Style Part III. Apparently, the film is titled Kyonki Dil Bolrela Hai! Err...excuse me?

Cast: Sahil Khan, Sharmaan Joshi, Jaya Seal, Sonali Joshi
Production, direction: N Chandra
Music: Sanjeev-Darshan
Lyrics: Abbas Katka

Vidya Srinivasa Rao