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Don't miss Neenyaare

December 19, 2008 18:59 IST

Neenyaare comes as a breath of fresh air at a time when the Kannada film industry is facing a serious dearth of good films. Though it was released with no publicity and little expectation, Neenyaare is a fast-paced love story with good dialogue, brilliant photography and excellent musical composition.

Sure, there are some loopholes in the plot; but kudos to debutant director Sindesh for demostrating the ability to weave an interesting narrative, complete with exciting, unexpected twists and turns.

In fact, the film has numerous tantalising moments, coming one after the after, that will leave you at the edge of your seat throughout. But where it really shines is in the second half, when the film truly takes off, moves at a rapid pace and ends with a well crafted climax.

It's important to mention the impressive performances of Sambhrama and Ramya Barna. Because they're both debutants, their strong acting abilities will surely surprise the audience.

As for the director, Sindesh, he's done very well for himself here. The dialogue is crisp, commecial elements are effortlessly introduced and the two songs are well timed and well shot.

Cinematographer Vishnuvardhan and music director V Manohar have done their respected parts to enhance the quality of the film. V Manohar, in his hundredth film as a music director, delivers another admirable performance and certainly does not disappoint. In particular, his treatment of the lyrics is downright jawdropping .

To come to the story, Surya, an orphan, is looked after by a good hearted couple. Megha, the daughter of the couple, quarrels with Surya all the time. But, when Surya saves her from a huge embarrassment, Megha changes her ways.

Meanwhile, Surya is in search of Sinchana, who sends him messages constantly. She in fact plays hide and seek with him. What happens to Sinchana is revealed in the climax.

Suraj, who had earlier acted as a hero in the unforgettable Shivani, proves his mettle once more. The two heroines have also performed very well. Sharath Babu, Thulasi Shivamani and many young artists have added strength to the film. In fact, the whole cast contributes. 

Watch Neenyaare for its novel presentation, fantastic visuals, good music and fine performances.

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R G Vijayasarathy