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Quentin Tarantino being sued over Kill Bill

March 09, 2010 17:29 IST

A man is suing Quentin Tarantino claiming that the director ripped-off his concept to create Kill Bill.

In a lawsuit on Tuesday, Dannez Hunter claims that he sent in a treatment to Miramax back in 1999, about a fictional character named Ren, which was turned into Kill Bill, reports TMZ.

Essentially, the suit alleges that Miramax, Harvey Weinstein and Tarantino stole his idea, including the "concept/character

name Ren."


even specifically mentions 'Ren' witnessing his mother's gruesome murder, knife in the gut and all.


who is from the "inner city," also alleges that he applied for a job at Miramax but "was never given a return phone call, as numerous similar situated less qualified Jewish and White people were bestowed job after job after job."


wants over a million dollars in payments.

Source: ANI