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Kangana's shower trouble

August 22, 2007 16:29 IST

She's been called a lot of things in her short career. But this new name was not something she was angling for.

So Kangana is a real exercise freak. Not a hard thing to guess -- the girl is pretty fit. But she's not the brightest penny in the stack... if you know what I mean!

Recently, Kangana was earning her keep in Bollywood aka keeping in ship shape at a gym. And as we all know, horses sweat, men perspire and women glow... sometimes a little too much.

She had worked up quite a 'glow' and stepped into the gym shower, right after which she got a call on her cell phone. So, she promptly stepped out and went yakity-yak, discussing the next big small film she'd be a part of.

Once she was done, she walked back into the shower cubicle... but it was the wrong one. Kangana had barged into some poor hapless woman showering! The woman was obviously more dumbstruck than star struck and surprisingly for Kangana, didn't even ask her for an autograph. How rude! Once she got the soap out of her eyes, she screamed bloody murder and hurled some innovative abuses at Kangana, who stood there paralysed and speechless.

All the other women in the changing room were mighty amused though. My heart goes out to the 'shower-chick' though. Life sure is unfair... you haul your ass to a gym to burn all that flab and then some skanky chick makes you the butt of jokes.

Kangana is reportedly looking for a new gym. So is the shower chick.