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Want to direct a film? Read this!

November 18, 2005 12:58 IST

Suparn VermaDebutant director Suparn Verma's con flick Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena is all set for release on November 18.

Not many know that Suparn worked with as a journalist before he became a scriptwriter (Chhal, Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, Qayamat, Jaanasheen, Zameen, Karam), and now, director.

In an interesting chat with readers, Suparn talked about his first movie, and gave great tips to future film writers and directors.

Koena: Nobody can copy Mallika!

busyking : making of a movie ought to be the job of the passionate ones n hear workers n not just pipe dreamers..what say you folks?
Suparn Verma : Hi everyone, great to be here, after my first chat which was when I was making my debut as a writer and now once again as a director with Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, hoping the rediff luck continues to rub off on me.

gomathi :  i want to make a small film on environment , how do i do? i have a computer, videocamera.
Suparn Verma : Hi Gomathi, start by making home films, a lot of filmmakers in the west started off that way. Its a good way to wet your feet and start telling stories

paddic : Hello If I ask you to name one reason of making movie. what is it?
Suparn Verma : I'm a born joker or atleast try to be one, so its better I entertain people on the the big screen than make a fool of myself in real life

Princess : bring on the king, folks! hey sups, tell us your own such a long journey... from chatjock to famous director
Suparn Verma : Princess!!!!!!!!!!! is it you pal? Journey was a fun one with lots of luck, guiding hands and some hard work

jk : What are the ingredients required for a successful film?
Suparn Verma : STORY the engages the audience and LOTS OF LUCK to make it successful coz I have no clue what makes a successful film, one can only try ones best

davvy : Hi Suparn..this is dev..You remember srihari rao from rediff..he is my colleague here in Montreal. I have heard a lot about you from him. Greetings from both of us
Suparn Verma : Hi to both of you watch Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and mail me your comments

redrad : like u i m a journo. how do i get into film direction
Suparn Verma : You could start by assisting someone, write your script of have it written and get it approved by a producer or an actor. Basically to start off you need a script, without that its like wanting to drive without a car

abdullah : hello sir, iam a media mgmt and film production student, i want to tell u a concept for a short film iam of say 5 min which iam currently scripting
Suparn Verma : Sure go ahead

On the sets with Fardeen, Koena

busyking : Suparn, what category of films would appeal to the box-office as of date ?
Suparn Verma : Current flavour of the season are marital comedies, early this year and late last year it was skin flicks. Sex is here to stay, but I guess as time progresses its gonna get grosses with comedy, steameir with skin flicks, and more mature with emotional flicks. Hopefully it shouldnt be tabboo to talk about anymore or depict anymore at the same time become more tasteful in its presentation

hellraiserz : Hi this is Anshul.Am planning to watch the movie pretty soon now. Hope it excedes even ur wildest expectations. best of luck. :)
Suparn Verma : Thanks so much Anshul

hardik : hello supern sir,i want to be a scriptwriter in films.i had some good and suresuccess storeys with me,i had written it.i want to know about the further steps. and i also want to know how can i get a sample screenplay of any film so that i can know how to write the screenplay. can i get it on any site or are there any books related to this? please help.
Suparn Verma : There are a lot of websites you can download scripts from. There is a oftware sophocles which formats scripts as you write them which you can use. The net has a huge recourse of scripts and scriptwriting tips which you can browse through

ankit : hi suparn, i would really appreciate a reply from you, i am curios to know about your views on the film making course offered at new york film academy as well as the importance of a formal education in film making
Suparn Verma : Its a very good course if you can afford it and anyone who does get admitted should go in for a formal course. There will be many people who tell you pros abd cons, but in my opinion its like getting your fundas clear and straight, after that its your talent

davvy : Thanks Suparn. I have a feeling that it's more challenging to find a distribution house to release your movie than finding a producer to finance your project. I mean lots of movies never get released. Am I right? I have a wonderful script which I want to direct myself in near future. Who among yash raj films, bobby bedi, boney kapoor etc will be more open to releasing a newcomer's low budget movie
Suparn Verma : All the names you mentioned are in the A1 list. But when you make a film, a lot depends on the subject matter, actors, the budget you make it in which goes in deciding when it gets released. Most films which end up having a first copy do get released because there are various modes on working out a deal

kesavconsulting : Hello Suparn, I have a desire to produce a movie. Can u tell me some quick steps to learn before I enter?
Suparn Verma : Do a course or join a production house and work on a serial or film becaue production is about handling 100 logistical details at one time with 1001 catastrophies happening all around u and you smiling away and making sure you deliver

busyking : thx Suparn..but don't you think cultural changes ought to be brought in by mature film makersin a subtler manner than tending to the footpathwaalaahs n the fronbenchers n the 'have-no-hang-ups' crreatures of the film going masses ?
Suparn Verma : I dont think we should create slots and exclusive tags for who can do what and who cannot do what. When Murder promos hit out everyone was like 'another sex flick!!!' the film worked and everyone was trying to ape it. The best thing about the film industry is that no topic is anyones domain, everyone is free to make what they want. Besides the audience decides what it wants to see or not, so let them decide whther they wanna see 'mature' filmmakers or footpathwaalahs.

Suparn Vermaankit : thanks suparn, one more question, i have registered for the june session for the one year course, after the course, what should be my course of action, i want to work in the Indian film industry, so how do i go about getting work in it?
Suparn Verma : During your course, network a lot, with everyone and any technician of any rank you can find, so that you have a network which is resourseful, which can enable you to meet other people. Its al about six degrees of seperation. No one is too small or too big and be unshamed to ask for help

busyking : What's your considered view on Guru Dutt as a filmmaker & the current ones (without singling anybody in recent past ) ? would you label him as a 'pioneer'in filmmakers of our country?
Suparn Verma : Absolutely. He was a genius

jackal : Hi Suparn.. what do you think about scripwriting and plagiarism? I have written a script, but what if I take it to some director/actor and they take ideas from it?
Suparn Verma : Register your script with the writers association before you narrate it to anyone

manya : sir,plase tell what is importance of dialogues in our film,cause in foreigh films they speak too less.
Suparn Verma : It depends on the subject. Horror films have less dialogues, emotional films have more. Dialogues are necessary as we meed to reach a varied audience with diff mindsets all over the country. English films or European films have their own langiage of cinema. Though Trantino films are very dialogue heavy!!!

Fardeen, Feroz, Koena & crime

sachuu : Hi Sir, I really want to see your film, it is looking like a hollywood thriller, absolutely sleek and the songs are great, cheers for making a good film
Suparn Verma : Thanks, pls see the film and mail me your comments at

superstar : hiii!i m doing theatres on rangshankarahere in bangalore.i want to be a film actor.are the doors really closed for outsiders but still only an outsider becomes a superstar in mumbai.
Suparn Verma : I dont think doors are closed, and as an actor there is a lot of work in films and television. ONe you realise ones core competency. Some can be an SRK some can be a Manoj Bajpai or a Kay Kay or a Boman Irani or a Paresh Rawal. It should be about acting not about becoming a star

Jogaiah : Hi Mr.Supern,Shall we consider as another verma! in Indiain movies.Jogaiah,Hyderabad
Suparn Verma : I am a Verma, I dont think you can consider me otherwise;-)

metoo : Do you think there is more style and less substance in Hindi films these days? I am scared to see your film actually. Dus left me shocked! Lots of skin stylised action without any logic. Is that the mantra these days?
Suparn Verma : It does happen at times. And style for me is a way you tell you story, its not about having shots that look like an ad film or a black book. As for the mantra in any day an age it will always be story! Bollywood needs to give writers their due and respect them more. The trend is changing slowly, as a lot of new directors write their own film or collaborate with other writers.

Princess : so tell us king. how has your life changed now that you are a hotshot director? do you go for the page 3 dos etc?
Suparn Verma : Life is still the same, expect that I dont use a comb as much or visit my barber as regularly as I use to:-)

vj_007_83 : Why did u cast KOENA oppasite Fardeen in ur film?
Suparn Verma : Fardeen and Koena fit the bill perfectly of the two characters and when you see EKEH you will completely agree that non one could have played it better

raj : hello Mr this ur first venture as a director..if not which r the other movies u have directed
Suparn Verma : This is my first film as a director so pls wish me all the luck, watch then film and let me know your opinion

sjsayjay : My name is Jai Krishna Saya, right now in singapore for the past 1.5 years...+65-94786444, I'm an upcoming music composer, and soon I would get into music composing, as a profession. I would like to know if I could forward you some of my compositions or mixes...and if you could give it an ear...Who knows i might be the greatest music director and the one you'd like to work with... :)....
Suparn Verma : Sure you can mail me on

dongdong :  says, coolguy says, best of luck for your movie, i believe it is premiering at inox todayabd317 says, sir is thirller the genre u have penchant for or do we see u penning romance, comedy and drama also.Quotehari says, why the SILENCE??? which are ur fav. movies...Hindi and English?vj_007_83 says, Why did u cast KOENA oppasite Fardeen in ur film? Mini says, verma ji answer me where r u?sjsayjay says, Hi Suparn. I'm a highly imaginative guy and I'd like to know if i'm very good at building stories with lots of twists especially the suspense, thriller and horror do i go about presenting, promoting and marketting my interest...santoshghosh says, Hi Suparn, the script of my full leangth film is ready. I want to take it forward. Have spoken to so may producers but they say that if I have a list of big stars they will be open to the idea. I'm not from the industry. This will be my debut project. I have not seen a bollywood film set ever and i still become a film make. pls let me
Suparn Verma : Dude will u pls stop spamming the chat page

Majja : congrats reall got me fixed on to the film EKEH with the sign off in one of the promos...."F$%* the LAW"good one...all the best
Suparn Verma : Well its a slogan of our times where every kid wants to be Harshad Mehta. People do operate outside the law and make fortunes and they live within this society which is governed by a rotting system

hardik : ok sir, i dont think you find time from lots of questions, if you get time plz answer my question i previously asked, but if you can not i will not mind, but best of luck for the film, what i believe that it will be a big hit if the content is strong, and from the theatrical promo i think it has the points. i will definitely watch the movie first day first show.
Suparn Verma : Thank you so much

busyking : Suparn, scriptwriting..directing..what next for you ?
Suparn Verma : skydiving

raj : How wud u rate ur film on a scsle of 1 to 10
Suparn Verma : 8

abby : why couldny u take a better actress than koena ??? i mean she is hot but really not an actress , more like an item girl ... at least we the public presume so... u might say that this is her chance to prove herself as an actress but the odds are agaisnt her is that issue..
Suparn Verma : She has worked hard, and I have spent a lot of time making sure that she plays the part the way it was meant to be and am happy with the final result and I'm confident that the audience will accept her in a big way

babu : i just waited for long time to talk you, how are you sir?
Suparn Verma : I'm anxious and impatient for the verdict of my film:-)

Princess : suparn, if you were to play critic on ekeh, what will you say? honest?
Suparn Verma : A film review is a discussion of a film and not the verdict of a film. And I cannot tell you what I would have written without giving away the story and surprises, so maybe we will do that later

Suparn Verma : Thank you everyone, it was wonderful being back here in a space which feels like home. Do watch Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena and I promise you that you will be entertained. Mail me your comments at

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda